Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 10

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Start a New Plan Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation On the big screen, in front of Ye Feng, there was a corpse that had been torn to pieces.

“This is?!” Li Ruyan looked at Ye Feng on the screen.

Her face was full of disbelief.

The corpse had been torn to pieces.

Based on the situation shown on the screen, it was impossible to tell what kind of creature it was.

But just killing such a creature was able to increase his points by so much.

That could only mean that this wasn’t some low-level creature! In her memories, Ye Feng had always been a very cautious person.

It was absolutely impossible for him to take the initiative to attack.

Unless he encountered something dangerous, it was impossible for him to fight the King Cobra with his bare hands.

But fortunately, the winner was Ye Feng.

The bald leader raised his glasses and said, “This is an E- grade King Cobra…” 2 Hearing the leader’s words, everyone was stunned.

One had to know that this batch of students who entered the training hall were all newcomers.

If they could face such a creature, keep calm, and work together to kill an E- grade creature, that would be considered a talent.

Obviously, Ye Feng was more than that.

read on/ Myb0 x n 0v e l.

com , pls! He killed it with his own strength.

Genius! Freak!! “Ye Feng, very impressive.

Who brought this student?” A look of surprise flashed across the school leader’s face.

“Principal, this is my student.

” Hearing the school leader’s question, Li Ruyan stood up and a smile was written on her face.

“Not bad.

Pay attention to him.

I want to know what other surprises he can bring us next!” The bald leader looked at Li Ruyan and spoke with great interest.

While Li Ruyan was secretly surprised, she was also happy for Ye Feng getting the attention of the school leader.

That also meant that he had a better chance of entering the higher education institution than the other students.



In the cave.

Ye Feng stood among the pieces of meat and picked up a palm-sized purple thing.

“Good lord, this snake gall is so big.

” Ye Feng weighed it and found that it was not small.

In Ye Feng’s knowledge, the King Cobra’s snake gall was not only very effective in medicine, it was also a rare good medicine for recuperating the body.

3 At the same time, it was also a very rare medicinal herb.

2 If one were to buy it in a pharmacy, it wouldn’t be cheap either.

Moreover, under the nourishment of the E- grade spirit energy, it made this snake gall look even more full.

Putting away the snake gall, Ye Feng walked to the snake’s head, opened its mouth, and pulled forcefully.

1 Two poisonous fangs the size of an arm were broken off by Ye Feng.

This was also a pretty good medicinal herb.

3 As long as it could be taken away, Ye Feng would not let it go.

Even the snake meat was devoured by the little Slimes that Ye Feng released.

A moment later, as his body moved, the Slime’s size increased again! With a thought, the attribute panel opened.

[Ye Feng] [Symbiotic Body]: Slime [Body Size]: 15% 3 [Subsidiary Bodies]: 30 [Attributes]: Strength 5, Agility 30, Vitality 40, Spirit 25 3 [Special Attributes]: Poison Immunity, Poison 1 [Sequence]: Perception, Split, Regeneration 2 [Skill]: Goddess Scattering Flowers 1 “Not bad, my body size has grown a lot!” Ye Feng smiled.

Now, he could split more little Slimes.

1 Through [Perception] and the 10 little Slimes that were doing exploration outside, a small-scale intelligence network was formed in Ye Feng’s mind.

With him as the center, one-tenth of the entire map was under his surveillance.

He was sure.

He had already finished exploring this area.

“In this area, the most powerful creature, apart from the King Cobra that I killed just now, is the Giant Saber Mantis.

” “There are also many other creatures of lower levels.

” “Although my ability has broken through to F+, my symbiotic body’s combat ability is almost non-existent.

So, if I were to face a Giant Saber Mantis of the same level, I definitely wouldn’t be able to defeat it.

” 2 “But I have completely grasped the vision of this area.

As long as I find a weaker creature, I can directly attack!” Ye Feng looked at the view shared by the little Slimes and slowly analyzed.

Now, he already had a certain degree of defensive ability and offensive power.

Although he could kill an E- type creature, it was only by outwitting it.

Moreover, because the terrain had successfully restricted the King Cobra, he had a chance to counterattack.

In the wild, in such a vast area, if he were to face a Giant Saber Mantis of the same level, his chances of winning were extremely low.

However, he did not have to face it head-on.

He only needed to increase his speed to ensure his advantage.

“So, now I only need to devour fast creatures to increase my speed!” “This way, if I meet a relatively low-level creature, I can chase after it.

” “Even if I meet a creature with a higher level, I’m not afraid.

I can use my speed to escape.

” “At least I won’t fall into a sorry state.

” Ye Feng continued to analyze.

The little Slimes could not only provide him with vision, but also give him a rough understanding of the creature’s aura.

In addition to Ye Feng’s excellent results in school, he could easily identify what kind of creature it was.

As for what level it was, it was also clear at a glance through his perception.

“This area… There are actually more than 30 students.

” Ye Feng sensed that although the area he focused on exploring only accounted for one-tenth of the entire map.

But there were as many as 30 people moving in this area.

“Including myself, there were more than 100 people participating in this training competition at the beginning.

” 2 “But most of them are still relatively conservative and only act in the vicinity.

” Ye Feng did not know how many people were injured and how many died after so much time had passed in the training competition of 100 people.

At least, from the looks of it, the area he explored did not have any casualties.

However, the entire map was so vast.

Many people had gone out to explore.

Ye Feng did not know what had happened there.

But Ye Feng believed that he would soon be able to upgrade to the ability to see the entire map.

“In short, it’s always good to be careful!” “Otherwise, if I run around, I won’t even know how I died!” Ye Feng could vaguely feel that in this forest, there were countless pairs of eyes staring at them.

But Ye Feng’s level was not enough to know.

Just as Ye Feng was considering which direction to head in, he suddenly thought of the large grassland near his starting place.

The resources there were relatively rich.

1 Through the little Slimes’ vision, he could also see that the Giant Saber Mantis was still confronting his classmates.

1 This large grassland was also one of the places that many students had chosen to explore first.

Many creatures were strolling here.

Besides the Giant Saber Mantis, there was no fatal threat here.

“Then let’s go and take a look!” “In order to grow and improve, the necessary battles are inevitable!” Ye Feng got up and walked in the direction of the little Slimes’ vision.