Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 11

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Came With Ill Intentions Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation In a forest.

A few fist-sized mutated grasshoppers were resting on a branch.

On the other side of the forest, under the cover of the grass, a figure slowly approached.

When Ye Feng was still dozens of centimeters away from one of the mutated grasshoppers, a wave of spiritual power was instantly released.

A huge Slime was instantly released.

1 Crack– That soft body was now like chewing gum, firmly sticking to the grasshopper’s body.

“Ji!” Before the grasshopper could struggle, it was instantly swallowed by the Slime that stuck to it! [Eating… Agility +1!] After swallowing this mutated grasshopper, Ye Feng obtained some improvements.

He looked around and saw that there were still many grasshoppers and crickets.

In the next moment, Ye Feng’s figure disappeared again and moved towards the second grasshopper.

“Ji!” “Ji! Ji!” read on/ Myb0 x n 0v e l.

com , pls! Before the grasshoppers could regain their senses, another seven or eight small Slimes jumped out from all directions and accurately hit their bodies.

One by one, the mutated grasshoppers fused into the Slimes’ bodies.

Seeing this, Ye Feng smiled.

“Not bad.

According to this, it won’t be long before I can sweep this area clean!” 1 Seeing the effective sneak attack method, Ye Feng was very satisfied.

He devoured these few mutated grasshoppers.

Ye Feng spread out more small Slimes and took down the few mutated crickets that passed by nearby.

[Eating… Agility +1!] [Eating… Agility +1!] [Eating… Agility +3!] [Congratulations, Host, you have obtained the special attribute [Swift Walk]!] After devouring, Ye Feng immediately felt a warm current rush up to his four limbs, and his body became extremely light.

While his body was undergoing changes, Ye Feng also noticed that every time he obtained a special attribute, he could synchronize it with the little Slimes.

Ye Feng was surprised to find that the little Slimes that had just spread out to eat had grown a small transparent wing on their back.

The increase in the main body’s speed made Ye Feng clearly feel that the little Slimes were becoming faster and faster.

[Ye Feng] [Symbiosis Body]: Slime [Body Size]: 9% 6 [Subsidiary bodies ] : 30 [Attributes]: Strength 5, Agility 40, Vitality 40, Spirit 25 2 [Special Attributes]: Poison Immunity, Venom, Swift Walk [Sequence]: Perception, Split, Regeneration 4 [Skill]: Goddess Scattering Flowers “My agility has indeed increased by quite a bit!” 1 Ye Feng was secretly delighted when he saw the huge gain this time.

Not only had his attributes increased, but he had also obtained a new special attribute.

At this moment, a strong smell of blood drifted over with the wind.

1 Ye Feng’s expression changed as he looked in that direction.

There was a strong smell of blood, which meant that there were corpses over there.

Having corpses meant that there was a chance to devour all of them.

And there were enough of them.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to smell such a strong smell.

While Ye Feng was puzzled, with a thought, he shared the vision over there.

Although it was very blurry, it was enough for Ye Feng now.

It turned out that the students had killed too much and too heavily on the grassland here.

This led to the extermination of many creatures here.

There were a lot of low-level creatures in this area.

This place naturally became a slaughterhouse for them to try out.

The scene kept getting closer and closer, and a large number of rotting corpses and the smell of blood seeped into the soil.

1 A large area was dyed red with blood.

This place not only attracted the attention of the other students, but also attracted the attention of many creatures.

Ye Feng used [Swift Walk], and his speed greatly increased.

1 He originally needed to walk for half an hour, but he arrived in five minutes.

After arriving here, Ye Feng confirmed that there was no one nearby.

Being more cautious, he only released 15 of the remaining 20 small Slimes in his body to devour them.

The remaining five small Slimes were used for his own defense.

After all, he was not very strong now.

1 He wanted to leave himself an escape route.

Looking at the boiling blood energy nearby, Ye Feng did not dare to stay any longer, because other creatures could appear in the vicinity at any time.

Surrounded by a jungle, if some monsters are good at hiding… 4 He would not be able to notice.

1 Soon, 15 tiny Slimes frantically devoured a large number of corpses nearby.

“Not good, someone is close.

” Not waiting to finish digesting, Ye Feng then sensed someone was close.

“I have to hide, but there’s only a small slope!” Ye Feng saw not far from the slope, and will all the small Slimes back.

The best strategy was to leave! Ye Feng was just about to hide.

A sharp voice sounded.

A man in a shirt pointed in Ye Feng’s direction and shouted, “Stop! Who are you!” Ye Feng turned around, and a group of five appeared in front of him.

“I’m just passing by,” Ye Feng said softly.

“Passing by? What a coincidence!” A bulky man with a fat head and big ears stood out and deliberately exposed his spiritual energy to put pressure on Ye Feng.

Obviously, this man was their big brother.

Compared to his followers, who were all crooked and as thin as monkeys, the moment the man’s spiritual energy was released, it was immediately caught by Ye Feng’s sharp senses.

‘This guy’s symbiotic body is [Brain-Hunting Demon],’ Ye Feng muttered in his heart.

This symbiotic body had a kind of ability that relied on absorbing the brain of a creature to control its mind.

It was extremely terrifying.

As for these four underlings, Ye Feng did not discover how strong their spirit energy was.

It was very obvious that it was because their symbiotes were very weak, so they sought refuge with this big brother.

“Kid, I did not feel any strong spirit energy fluctuations from your body.

I presume that your symbiote is not strong?” Brother Dachui sneered.

Ye Feng didn’t respond because he knew that the Slime on the ground had already exposed his symbiosis.

“Trash Slime, hahaha!” When the underlings heard Ye Feng’s symbiote, they all laughed loudly.

2 After all, the Slime had always been regarded as the food of all kinds of symbiotes.

It was also at the lowest end of the food chain.

To say that it was the endorsement of trash was still considered a compliment.

“Such a trash symbiote, in this forest, you don’t even have the ability to protect yourself.

Since we’re fated, I’ll give you a chance!” “Join my team, and I’ll protect you!” Brother Dachui rubbed his belly and spoke arrogantly.

Brother Dachui thought for a moment and said.

” But… you have to help me collect the insect brains on the grass.

Consider it as my protection fee.

” Ye Feng was speechless when he heard that.

When did he say he wanted to join them?! Looking at the corpses on the ground, it would be a ridiculous amount of work if all the heads were opened and collected.

“And…” “I’m not interested.

” Ye Feng interrupted Brother Dachui’s words and spoke coldly before leaving.

He did not have time to talk nonsense with them here.

Since his whereabouts had been exposed, then he would just do his own thing.

1 Moreover, Ye Feng liked to act alone.

2 There were many things that he could not tell others.

He could not say it either.

If his strength was exposed too early, it might cause some trouble.

Seeing Ye Feng turn around and leave, Brother Dachui immediately became angry and shouted, “F*ck your grandpa, you don’t want to take the easy way out!” 1 “Come on, beat him up!” 3