Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 9

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Kill the King Cobra, The List Appears! 1 Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation Ye Feng let the Slimes into the snake’s belly on purpose.

Snakes don’t usually chew, so the eight Slimes remained intact and entered the belly of the King Cobra.

Inside the belly of the King Cobra, the eight Slimes immediately shared their vision to expand Ye Feng’s field of vision.

1 Although the level was low and he could only see mosaic-like images, it was enough because each Slime sub-body could obtain an equal main body’s ability.

Therefore, Ye Feng could activate his [Perception] ability in these little slime bodies.

In other words, in the King Cobra’s belly… Ye Feng could accurately find the place he wanted to go.

1 And his target was the abdomen.

His [Perception] told him that the Slimes had already entered the King Cobra’s stomach.

At this time, the King Cobra was not different.

It was only panting heavily in its mouth.

It seemed to be exhausted.

Because it had been biting for a long time, its mouth could no longer open.

Its very thick body collapsed on the ground.

It looked very comical.

It was hard to imagine that an E- creature was now lying on the ground obediently like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

But it was still an E- creature after all.

Ye Feng could clearly sense that a large amount of spiritual energy was continuously gathering on the King Cobra’s body, and its physical strength was also rapidly recovering.

He believed that in a short while, the venomous snake would leap up again.

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com , pls! It would launch a second round of attack on him.

Ye Feng did not waste any time and immediately began to test his idea.

After the little Slimes entered the stomach, it was mixed with a large amount of stomach acid.

If it was an ordinary creature, it would have long been corroded into a pile of bones by such a high-intensity stomach acid.

At the very least, it would become a half-dead corpse.

But the little Slimes were different.

Under the effect of regeneration, the little Slimes already had a very strong defensive ability.

In addition, it already had a good physique.

This bit of gastric acid was not enough to corrode its surface.

It was as if the King Cobra could control its own stomach.

After the little Slimes entered its stomach, its stomach obviously accelerated.

An endless stream of acidic substances was being expelled.

[Your subsidiary body is being corroded.

Your poison resistance is increasing!] 8 [Your subsidiary body is being corroded.

Your poison resistance is increasing!] [Your subsidiary body is being corroded.

Your poison resistance is increasing!] […] As the King Cobra continued to wriggle.

Ye Feng’s various resistances once again flooded the screen.

[Ye Feng] [Symbiotic Body]: Slime [Body Size]: 9% [Subsidiary Bodies]: 18 [Attributes]: Strength 5, Agility 30, Vitality 40, Spirit 25 [Special Attributes] : Poison Immunity 6 [Sequence]: Perception, Split, Regeneration [Skill]: Goddess Scattering Flowers 1 “Not bad!” Ye Feng smiled.

He waited for the right moment and immediately thought of something.

Reverse [Split]! The little Slimes in the King Cobra’s stomach continued to condense at an extremely agile speed.

Although a large number of acidic substances hindered the rate of the condensation, with the increase of the main body’s agility, the little Slimes’ polymerization speed was still very fast.

A big Slime made up of eight little Slimes.

It was continuously filling the King Cobra’s stomach.

As the little Slimes gathered, the King Cobra’s stomach also became bigger and bigger.

After a while, the King Cobra realized that something was wrong and immediately started to squirm crazily.

Ye Feng wanted to use the reverse split to fuse the eight small Slimes into a large Slime to explode the King Cobra’s stomach.

5 It seemed to be very effective now.

By the time the King Cobra reacted, it was already too late.

Boom! Finally, there was a loud sound.

A huge Slime appeared and directly opened the King Cobra’s entire stomach.

It exploded! At the instant the King Cobra exploded, a system notification appeared.

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, you have killed an E- grade creature.

Awakened the [Devour] sequence!] 1 [You have obtained two special abilities, [Enhanced Absorption] and [Ability Possession]!] […] “This ability is really awesome!” Sensing his newly awakened sequence, Ye Feng was instantly dumbfounded.

Enhanced absorption could allow him to devour more quickly and obtain a large number of ability upgrades.

This was an extremely good ability for expanding the size of the main body.

And ability possession, this was even more awesome.

It could directly allow him to obtain the ability of the creature being devoured! 1 He could even do nothing.

As long as he devoured the other party, he could obtain a large amount of spiritual energy and the other party’s ability! On top of that, the King Cobra had just been out foraging for food.

There were still dead poisonous toads, venomous spiders, and so on in the stomach of the venomous snake.

There were all sorts of different types of poison, ranging from lethal poison to crippling poison to paralyzing poison… On top of that, there was also the King Cobra’s own poison.

With this, Ye Feng had gathered almost all of the common poisons in the area.

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, you have obtained the special attribute of [Venom]!] 2 “That’s great!” Ye Feng was so happy that he could not close his mouth.

The body of the large Slime that was formed from the small Slimes earlier had undergone a huge change.

Different from the normal transparent magic Slime, the originally transparent white color had turned dark green.

In other words, after Ye Feng split out the small Slime again, it would gain this new special attribute.

From a Slime that was impervious to all poisons, it had become a poisonous Slime! After killing the King Cobra, he had absorbed a large amount of spirit energy.

At this moment, Ye Feng was also surprised to find that his level had also jumped from F- to F+.

2 It was just that he had evolved too many times in the past few hours.

All sorts of impacts had brought him too many changes.

As for the feeling that his level had brought about… It had all been diluted.



“How did this guy suddenly get so many points?!” Wuzhou No.

2 High School, in the school office.

The school’s higher-ups were sitting around with a group of teachers.

Everyone was staring at the countless screens around them.

They were watching the live broadcast of the rookies.

1 In the middle, a large screen was showing the scores of the students in real-time.

It had only been a day since the start of the training competition.

1 There were only a few students on the scoreboard who received points.

Most of them only received a dozen or so points.

And the appearance of the first place directly refreshed their understanding.

Ye Feng, 102 points! What kind of concept was this?! Then look at the second place.

Li He, 12 points.

The score of the first place far exceeded that of the second place by ten times! 4 After all, those who entered the training hall were all people who had just come out of the symbiosis pool on the second day.

How could they achieve such a huge difference in strength? The school leader directly opened Ye Feng’s personal information.

“What?!” “The symbiote is actually a trash Slime?!!” 2 Everyone originally thought that such an outstanding student should be recognized as a relatively powerful symbiote.

However, this fellow was actually able to obtain such a high score just by relying on a Slime! 1 Following that, the school leader who did not believe it clicked on Ye Feng’s live broadcast.

His worldview was refreshed once again!