Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 46

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 46

Autumn had come in the rapid passing of time.

Emerald forests gradually turned into yellow.

A feeling of bleak and chilly filled between the earth and sky.

Han Jin stood on the top of a hill and looked down in silence.

Four months had passed since they left the Eleventh Town.

During this period, he’d achieved stable progress in his cultivation, and his energy had nearly reached thirty Jia.

Judged by the criterion of this world, he was equal to a fourth grade professional now.

His rapid progress startled Moxinke, Sunier and the others.

Certainly, the gap between Han Jinand Moxinke was still very large.

But Han Jin was confident in himself.

Since the day Cessacioun gave the recovered space ring to him, he’d become a collector.

He’d collected more than ten charms of fire and thunder, over forty five Wraiths Carrying Charms, and seven wooden army calling charms, which were enough for him to deal with an ordinary fight.

Beside Han Jin stood Moxinke.

He was big, tall and sturdy, like an unshakable big mountain.

Since he mastered the fighting technique ‘River of Stars’, he’d become much more composure than before and looked like a “master-hand”.

But of course this was only a false appearance of him.

In time of leisure, he would still act something both funny and annoying.

At the foot of the hill, some Iron Bulls were browsing the grassroots leisurely.

They were going to move southward in a few days for that they were only interested in green grass and leaves, and those in this woods were turning yellow.

The calf saved by Han Jin grew up quickly.

Within three months, it had been nearly one meter in height.

At this moment, it was entertaining itself by rushingto the top of the hill, and then running back to the foot of the hill again,chasing the butterflies and trampling the beetles crawling on the ground.

What a naughty little thing.

The Iron Bulls had made great contributions during the past months.

With the help of them, Sunier and the others even dared to hunt or provoke gregarious holy animals.

They often wounded one or two of the holy animals, and then lead their raging companions to the territory of the Iron Bulls.

This little calf also played a very important role in those fights.

It might be that this little thing was saved by the sacrificial materials for Holy animals, or it was nearly killed by the bear of Earth, it despised and hated the other holy animals deep in its heart.

As long as it saw other holy animals going to invade its territory, it would be the first to rush out and fight against them, and then the whole group of Iron Bulls would come to help it.

Giant Lizards, Flash Leopards, even the wolf pack composed of over thirty Gale Wolves were defeated opponents of the Iron Bulls.

Certainly, Sunier and Moxinkewould neverstand by indifferently when they were in danger.

The fact was, the Iron Bulls had been used to cooperate with their human partners, although they couldn’t figure out why there were enemies came to them every day… “Why haven’t Suniercomeback yet? Will anythinghappen to her?”Han Jin asked with his eyebrows frowned.




“She said there had no high grade holy animals nearby and she wanted to go somewhere farther today.

” Moxinke scratched his head and said: “May be…she goes too far away.

” “No matter how far she has gone, she should be back now.

”Han Jin looked up at the sky, it’s already afternoon.

Just then, a loud sound came from distance.

A moment later, Sunier jumped out from the hillside opposite to them.

She drew her long bow, shot an arrow, and then ran towards the footof the hillside again.

Two tall figures appeared.

They looked very weird, like two walking tree trunks.

Their stretching limbs and the bark covered their bodies were all extremely rugged and jagged.

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COM Treefolks, the eighth grade holy animals! Two of them! Han Jin was startled.

But compared with Sunier, the movement of theTreefolks were much slower.

Sunier ran with ease and would stopped from time to time to shot out one or two arrows.

The bodies of the two Treefolks were full of arrows, just like two giant targets.

The Iron Bulls gathered together anxiously.

Their leadergave out a dull growl, warning the Treefolks to go away.

Hearing the roar of the Iron Bull, the two Treefolks stopped moving immediately.

Though Iron Bulls were vegetarians, they had very tough skin, strong impulse force, sharp horns, and they always fight in large groups, which made most of other holy animals feel dreaded.

Sunier stopped there, drawing her bow slowly with lazy expression, as if she was mocking, or provoking the two Treefolks, then her finger loosed, an arrow flied out as fast as lightning and shot the body of one of the Treefolks.

The Treefolk trembled and strode up to her.

In fact, both the hunting skill and moving speed of Treefolks were very poor.

Usually they would only wait in one place and disguise themselves by their special appearance to relax enemies’ vigilance.

When their preys came close to them, they would launchattacks suddenly and caught their preys off guard.

The claws of Treefolks were made of countless sticks, soft and tenacious, and full of thorns, which could pierce the bodies of holy animals and allow Treefolks to suck their blood.

Claws were the deadly weapons of Treefolks, once being grabbed by them, one could not move a step more till death.

The little calf breathed heavier and heavier, and ran faster and faster.

It dashed to the two Treefolks fiercely.

The other Iron Bulls also pressed forward to the hillside when they saw their warning being ignored and their territory being invaded.

Suddenly, one of the Iron Bulls deviated from the team and caught up with the calf.

It shoved the calf by leaning its body and made the calf’s body roll over like a ball.

The little calf groaned with discontent and tried to get up.

But the Iron Bull just bent over and pressed the belly of the calf under its body.

The calf was so angry and impatient, it kicked randomly with grass, leaves and detritus splashing all around, but still, it couldn’t get up.

Sunier had long been familiar with the procedure of battles here.

She made a way for the Iron Bulls before she continued to retreat and lead the two Treefolks down from the hillside.

The two Treefolks had already been provoked, theyran after her without thinking.

The Iron Bulls would never put up with others invading their territory no matter how gentle they were in usual.

They’ve already been irritated and broke out dauntless morale.

The leader of them ran faster and faster, and the whole group turned into a blast of electric-blue torrent with overwhelming momentum.

The heavy bodies, nearly thousands of pounds in weight each, thrilled the ground heavily.

The horns of them were shining with cold light and thrustingto the Treefolks in front.

Unlike wolves, Iron Bulls didn’t know flanking tactics at all.

They were not carnivorous holy animals and they didn’t know the skills of hunting.

All they would do during fighting was to burst out all their wild force within the shortest distance!