Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 45

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 45

Han Jin absorbed the energy from three black raven magic crystals quickly and drew a charm in the air after hesitation for a moment.

It was still a Five Wraiths Carrying Charm.

Han Jin had hundreds of magic crystals of darkness, but only few with other elements.

The elements of darkness provided by three black raven magic crystals were not many, plus those accumulated before, they were still not enough to make any other charm but a Five Wraiths Carrying Charm or a Soul Catching Charm.

He had no material for him to do experiment for the latter.

Anyway, he couldn’t take Moxinke or any of the others as his target.

What’s more, this world was so different from the one he came from, even the wraiths he summoned were different from expectation.

The Soul Catching Charm took the three souls and seven spirits as its target, but what would it be like in this world? “Go!” Han Jin waved his hand and shouted after targeting on a rock.

Five floating monsters appeared out of nowhere and gathered to the rocks.

They held it up together and floated back to Han Jin.

Plop! The rock was threw down onto the ground.

Han Jin wasgapemouthed.

He let out a sigh of frustration.

It seemed that the Five Wraiths Carrying Charm he’d expected was not useful in this world and all his previous assumptions curdled into desperation.

What about using this charm to catch a living holy animal? Han Jin pondered.

Just then, he felt the air around him turned chilly and cold suddenly.

The five wraiths were emitting thick atmosphere of darkness.

He was upset about this, but the moment this emotion came across his mind, the wraiths receded immediately around twenty meters away and stopped there, floating.

Han Jin was stunned.

A moment later, he waved to the five wraiths tentatively and they all floated over to him again.

He held out his hand and touched the body of one of them with his fingertip, a sticky feeling came from the fingertip whenhe reached his finger inside it slowly.

When he drew out his finger after stirring the sticky body, the wraith recovered to its original shapeinstantly as if nothing had happened to it.

Something popped into Han Jin’s head.

He waved his hand again and again, and the wraiths came and left according to his instructions like well-trained soldiers.

They appeared to be able to see him and feel his feeling, even though they had no eyes on their mist-like bodies at all.

Han Jin fixed his eyesight on an old ancient tree.

In the same instant, all the five wraiths pounced on it and hit it with their own bodies crazily.

Their finger-vague arms wielded randomly without a break, trembling the trunks and making leaves fall down like raindrops.

“Hey… HaveI disturbed you?” Behind the tree came Moxinke’s voice.




A whole morning’s industrious practice had worn him out and he came to Han Jin for “a time”.

He would turn back if Han Jin was busy in cultivation, but the fact was, he came in the wrong time.

When Moxinke went out from the trees, the five wraiths pounced on him aggressively.

“What the hell!” He shouted and stretched out his hand to get his sword, but it was not with him.

Moxinke was somewhat flustered, he bent down, picked up a stone from the ground immediately and threw it to his attackers without hesitation before he running away.

Wraiths were not dangerous creatures, but they were very annoying, especially for soldiers who were unable to release technique of fighting.

It was hard to get rid of wraiths once someone was entangled by them.

What’s worse, every hit on it means a hit back.

If Moxinke still had sword in his hand, he could resist for a while, but now, all he could do was to run away.

However, the flying speed of the wraiths was a bit faster than the running speed of Moxinke.

Only a few seconds later, the distance between them had beenshortened to less than three meters.

Moxinke was indeed a valiant man.

He howled and punched on one of the wraiths when he realized his escape plan was failed.

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COM The fighting strength released by River of Stars which was nearly completed by him was really powerful.

The punch produced a large hole in the body of the wraith.

However, the problem was, the bodies of wraiths were between virtual and real.

When Moxinke’sfist hit it, its body also extended to him and wrapped his head.

The other four wraiths all rushed up in a crowd and wrapped Moxinke in the middle of them.

He roared and struggled to rush out, but all his effort was made in vain.

Sunier and Cessacioun caught up to him.

Seeing this, Cessacioun was shocked and going to chant incantations, but Sunier shook hand to him, indicating him not to be hurried.

“Help me!” Moxinke cried.

Suddenly the five wraiths left him and flied straightly to the top of the branches and stopped there.

From behind the tree walked out Han Jin.

“It’s you!So the ghosts appeared a few days ago were also summoned by you?” Moxinke suddenly understood everything and shouted angrily.

In fact, he was not as angry as he was pretending to be.

He did this just for covering his true feelings.

All in all, Han Jin had brought him too many surprises these days.

“I just wanted to do an experiment, did they hurt you?” Han Jin said embarrassedly.

“It’s not fair!” Moxinke grumbled:”The puppet you made bully me, and now the ghosts you summoned still bully me.

Why don’t you do experiment on him?” This said, his finger almost touched the nose of Cessacioun.

“It’s you that happened to come here just now.

” Han Jin snickered.

“I…” Moxinke was utterly discomfited.

He cast a glance at the wraiths on the tree: “Get one of them down, any one!” He shouted.

Han Jin waved his hand, a wraith flied down from the tree and floated in front of Moxinke.

Moxinke took a step back.

Seeing neither this wraith nor those on the tree moved, his courage got up and he wielded his fist heavily on the chest of it.

The sparkling strength of fighting produced a large hole in the wraith’s body, its profile faded.

Moxinke didn’t stop, he punched another two times successively.

The wraith couldn’t stand the power of fighting strength and disappeared after turning into a wisp of blue smoke.

“Shoo…” Moxinke heaved a long sigh of relief and cracked a smirk.

“Which grade do ghosts belong to?” Han Jin asked.

“You don’t know? Then how can you summon them?” Cessacioun asked back with his eyes wide open.

“Ho ho… I have some special magic.

” Cessaciounopened his mouth and was going to ask if he could learn such magic, but he swallowed his words immediately.

The magic Han Jinused to summon ghoststranscended the limit of grades, it had never occurred on the mainland before.

It must be a secret magic handed down from Han Jin’s ancestors.

Thus, Cessacioun knew he shouldn’t and couldn’t ask that question.

“Third or fourth grade.

” Sunier answered in a low voice.

Han Jin started his calculation in his mind.

To release a Five Wraiths Carrying Charm need the elements from six black raven magic crystals, which means, he could make around forty such charms at present and summon totally two hundred wraiths or more.

“I see.

”Han Jin nodded: “If I can summon more than two hundred ghosts, how powerful they can be?” “More than two hundred ghosts?” Sunier was startled, then she smiled: “If you can do that, you can defeat Moxinke for more than ten times.

” “You think you can deal with more than two hundred ghosts?” Moxinke wasred with anger.


But I can run away.

”Sunier replied coldly.

“Run away…” Moxinkefelt discouraged.

He muttered: “What else do you know other than running away, Commander!”