Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 44

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 44

It was noon.

Han Jin came out from the wooden shed in good spirit.

Thanks to the completion of his intermediate stage of basis construction, he could restore energy after resting for a short time even though he didn’t sleep at all last night.

“Come here!” Sunier waved to him:”Can you help it again?” “It’s wound has healed, hasn’t it?” Han Jin said reluctantly.

He went to Sunier and squatted down.

The calf on the hay opened its eyes and stared at him quietly, a feeling of attachment and curiousness was shown in its eyes.

Han Jin knew it was due to the sacrificial materials for holy animals.

Anyway, he was not interested in Iron Bull at all.

It was too ugly and too dirty.

Except the legendaryold men, no one would like to stroll around riding on a bull.

“You…” Sunier shook her head slightly and said in a helpless voice: “Believe me, if we can obtain trust from Iron Bulls, it will be of great benefit for us.

” “But what if we can’t? Or if the Iron Bulls are hostile to us from beginning to end?” “Why can’t you think something better?” “I am used to this.

” Han Jin smiled:”Consider the worst result at first, and strive to achieve the best.

” Sunier was somewhat astonished.

She cast a glance at Han Jin seriously.

Just then,Cessacioun strode toward them with excitement all over his face:”Give me your hand, Raphael!” Hearing this, Han Jin’s heart beat heavily suddenly.

“He made it?” Han Jin thought to himself and reached out his right hand.

The next moment a quaint ring appeared into his palm.




“Wear it.

” Said Cessaciounsmilingly.

Han Jin put the ring on his index finger slowly.

All of a sudden, he felt himself closely connected to it as if it had flesh and blood, or it was an extension of his own body.

Then Cessacioun started chanting incantations.

A puff of white light wrapped up Han Jin’s left hand.


” Cessacioun said:”Can you open the space now?” Han Jin focused his will on the ring.

A weird and pure space suddenly appeared in front of him, in fact, to describe the space via the words ‘in front of him’ was not exact, for that he didn’t see the specific position of it at all.

When his attention was focused on the front, the space would appear in the front, and when he focused on the back, the space would shift to the back.

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COM “It’s marvelous…” Han Jin muttered.

“You’ve already opened the space?”Cessacioun said:”I spent a great deal of perseverance to resist its temptation just now.

” A sense of jealousy appeared in his face.

“He has been waiting for this for a whole month, and if you really… Believe it or not, he willfight with you desperately.

” Said Sunier, she could not help laughing.

“Ha ha…” Cessacioun laughed it off.

But in fact he was not joking.

If it was not the friendship between them, or the unknown future and the other factors, what he’d said would have become reality.

Han Jin didn’t pay attention to their dialogues at all.

“Bring the black raven magic crystals here, Steelberg!” He turned around and ordered.

“Yes, young master.

”Steelberg replied immediately and ran to Han Jin with a bag in his hand.

Han Jin poured out all the magic crystals onto the ground.

He hesitated for a while and asked: “Do I need to spell any incantation, Cessacioun?” He’d never seen Sunier spelling any incantation, nor did he see George doing this.

He didn’t know what he shall do.

“No, just use your mental strength, you understand what mental strength is?” Cessaciounsaid.

Han Jin nodded.

He transferred his will to those magic crystals and felt the location of the space also changed.

When his will and the space overlapped, all the magic crystals disappeared and transferred into the space of the ring.

He didn’t know why he could ‘see’ inside the space ring, but he was sure it was notseen by his eyes.

When the magic crystals were piled up with the lower ones covered by the upper ones, he still could ‘see’ clearly the shape of each of them.

“And then? How to take out the magic crystals?” “Just focus your mental strength on the one that you want to take out.

” Han Jinhesitated for a while.

Then a magic crystal appeared out of nowhere and rolled onto the grass.

He was confused.

“Something’s wrong!” He shouted: “The guy named George could take out all the things inside the space ring at one time.

” “It’s easy, as long as you close the space, all things insidewill come outautomatically.

” Cessacioun laughed:”It’s the first time you use the space ring.

You will get used to it later.

Controlling the space is different from releasing magic.

In fact, all you need to do is to concentrate your mental strength.

Even an ordinary person can do this.

” Crash!Hundreds of magic crystalsdropped down onto the grass.

A smile crept on Han Jin’s face: “Interesting…” Moxinke came back with his exhausted body.

What he saw in front of him surprised him.

Han Jin was playing with the ring excitedly without rest.

Swish! The magic crystals were gone.

Swish! They appeared again.

“You made it,Cessacioun?”Moxinke asked and raised his thumb up.

“What I did counts for nothing.

”Cessacioun glanced at Han Jin:”See?! If it were me, I would have been whacked already.

” Sunier fold her hands upon her forehead and said helplessly:”I was also very excited when I got my space ring for the first time.

But I only played with it for a short time and felt exhausted.

He is really…” Moxinke diverted his attention to Han Jin.

He stared at him in astonishment:”How long has he been playing with it?” he asked.

“A long time.

I’ve seen countless magic crystals this noon.

”Cessacioun shook his head:”I need to have a rest.

It makes me feel dizzy!” Swish! Swish! The speed of Han Jin to put and take out of the magic crystals was faster and faster, and at last the magic crystals would be put into the space ring the moment it appeared before it even dropping down, and then they appeared in the same place again, shining like stars.

Sunier’s face turned pale slightly.

Among them, only she had used a space ring before, thus she was more clear than anyone else how hard it was to use it like this.

“My lord, time for lunch.

” Michelle shouted after half a day’s busy work.

Han Jin came back to himself.

He put all the magic crystals into his space ring and stood up: “You guys eat first, I still have something to do.

” He said.

“Don’t you eat with us?”Moxinke was extremely shocked.

For him, it was nothing even if the sky fell and the earth opened up, but if Han Jin refused toeat…Is this world going to be destroyed? “No.

” Han Jinshook his head and strode into the wooden shed.

He put all the pieces of animal skininto his space ring and walked out, ran into the depth of the woods, leaving the others gapemouthed behind him.