Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 47

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 47

In fact, high grade holy animals were rarely seen in the edge of the forest, that’s why Sunier would go sofar to search for them, thus direct conflicts between Treefolks and Iron Bulls were also rare.

What guide their actions now was just intuition and instinct.

Iron Bulls felt nervous when faced with Treefolks, for that the latter ranked higher than the former.

Treefolks dared not to move forward, because the Iron Bulls in front of them were in greater number.

If there were only two or three Iron Bulls, the two Treefolks would, undoubtedly, have swaggered down from the hillside.

But now, seeing the blast of electric-blue torrent with overwhelming momentum rushing toward them, the two Treefolks were almost scared out of wits.

They stretched out their arms and twisted their sticks like peacocks spreading their tails.

They intended to threaten their enemies away by this.

But Iron Bulls were the most stubborn holy animals in the world,once irritated, nothing could block away their attacking,the end for them was either success or death.

The two Treefolks were a bit flurried when they found their intention was failed.

They kept waving their arms and moving back in extremely slow speed.

Soon, they were nearly caught by the leader of the Iron Bulls, the sharp horns of which thrust towards one of them.

Instead of awaiting its doom by doing nothing, the Treefolkhit the Iron Bull by one of its claw first and wrapped the Bull into its countless sticks.

However, the force of inertance generated from the high moving speed of an object thousands of pounds in weight was so strong that with a burst of loud sound of snaps, the Iron Bull had already dashed out with its sharp horns piercing through the body of the Treefolk.

It trembled fiercely due to extreme pain,and another claw of it hit the Iron Bull at the same time.

But the other Iron Bulls had also arrived and crashed into the Treefolk heavily.

Boom! Boom! The Treefolk swung violently like a lonesome boat in terrifying waves.

It inserted its lower limbs deeply into the ground to stable itself.

No matter how hard the crashing of the Iron Bulls was, only a few roots of the Treefolk were broken.

It was a hard work for the Iron Bulls to knock the Treefolk down or into the air.

A wild warfare was broken out between several Iron Bulls and two Treefolks.

Judged by attacking capability, Treefolks were much weaker compared with the bear of Earth.

The former relied on their large amount of sticks to enwind and kill their opponents.

However, Iron Bulls had extremely tough skin.

They didn’t fear thorns at all.

Without impulsion force, they couldn’t move anymore due to twining of the sticks.

But if the Treefolk wanted to kill them via this, it would be no quicker than starving them to death.

A Treefolk has two claws, but the number of Iron Bulls was six.

Thus every minute there would be two Iron Bulls free to launch attacks, and the two Treefolks could only withstandtheir attacksbut not fightback.

The wrapped Iron Bulls were still struggling crazily.

The situation of the war was clear at the beginning of it.

The Treefolks were at an absolutely disadvantageous position.

They couldn’t kill their coming enemies, nor escape themselves.

They would not be thrown into such passivity like this even when they were faced with the bears of Earth, in which case they could drag their enemies via all of their sticks and wait until one part ran out of energy.

Moxinke and Han Jin rushed to the battlefield in tandem.

The restless calf struggled to get up suddenly and roared to Han Jin as if seeking his help.

But Han Jin didn’t even look at it.

He run passed it from the distance three meters away without stopping.

The calf lay down helplessly and looked at the leaving back of Han Jin.

A short time later, they have arrived to Sunier.

They watched the battle in front of them.

“It seems that we don’t need to do it by ourselves.

” Han Jin said with smile.




“What a lazy guy you are.

”Sunier tittered.

Treefolks were also rough skinned holy animals, although they were not as strong as Iron Bulls in terms of defensive ability.

Without the help of inertance, the horns of those Iron Bulls couldn’t pierce into the bodies of the Treefolks at all, but only wound the skin of the trunks slightly.

But constant dropping wears away a stone.

Hundreds of times stabbing by the sharp horns had caused serious wounds to the Treefolks.

The skin of the trunks fell off in pieces as if being scraped by knives.

Green juice flew out from inside continuously.

Wounds of the Treefolksached.

They grabbed their attackers furiously, but the released Iron Bulls launched another attacks immediately, only their attacking points were changed.

The result of this battle was obvious.

The three bystanders seemed leisure and carefree.

Han Jin even sat down on the grass as if he was watching a war movie.

He was really lazyto some extent.

If he could gain the benefit without effort, he would not bother to spend any of his own energy.

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COM A long time passed.

The Treefolks turned weaker and weaker.

Moxinkeunsheathed his sword and yelled: “It’s time for me to show my skill!”.

Han Jin rolled his eyes to him.

Moxinke developed a tendency of self-admiration since he mastered the technique of fighting.

He would utter words like ‘Let me end this!’ or ‘What a dirty guy, take my technique of fighting!’ from time to time.

“Go! Go!” Han Jin said helplessly.

Moxinke chuckled.

He had been used to Han Jin’s sarcasm and mockery, just as Han Jin had been used to his conceit and arrogance.

A ray of cold light as sharp as the point of blade showed in his eyes and targeted on one of the Treefolks.

After a quick movement of his body, he had rushed to it.

A puff of hazy strength of fighting appeared around Moxinke.

The next moment he had been in the midair, the sword in his hand cut down with bright light flowing like shining clouds, among which countless luminous spots sparkled, like a river of stars falling down to the earth.

The upper body of the Treefolkflied ten-odd meters away soundlessly.

The other half of it withered in quick speed.

Moxinke dropped down onto ground stably before he turned around his head and stared at the other Treefolk.

The Treefolkwas panicked.

It threw away the two Iron Bulls trapped by it with its last force and retreated in fear.

But the moment it pulled out its roots, it lost its balance instantly due to exhaustion and serious wounds, and was knocked down by an Iron Bull immediately.

The other Iron Bulls rushed up in a crowd and kicked at it like playing a toy, they didn’t stop until it rolled down from the hillside.

Moxinke jumped into midair again.

Underneath the bright stars, the remaining Treefolk was also cut into two parts.

The strength of fighting scattered down to the grass like flowing cloud and disappeared in a flash.

All leaves, stems and roots covered by the fighting strength withered in the blink of an eye.

But only the lynx-eyed would notice this.