Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 33

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 33

Han Jin went to those knights smiling after a pull at the corner of Miss Keeley’s sleeve, indicating her to follow him.

But Miss Keeley only moved a few steps and stood still with her head lowered down.

Han Jin waved to her after he had gone to the stump where the knights sat by: “Come on! What are you thinking about? Don’t displease the lord!” Miss Keeley bit her lips with tears rolling in her eyes.

Her face was full of grievance and fear, giving people a feeling of innocence and easy to arouse others’ compassion.

She was a well-known beauty born in a large wealthy family in the Holy Crown City.

People took delight in talking about her appearance and her family’s wealth and power.

The Holy Crown City was much more prosperous than the West City of Beitman.

The former was a capital, while the latter was just an acropolis.

Those knights had never seen such a beautiful girl before, thus they were all gapemouthed when they saw Miss Keeley.

“Come here!” Han Jin seemed a bit angry and fawned on the leader of the knights: “Please forgive me, my Lord, my sister’s a little obstinate…” The leader didn’t get angry, on the contrary he just nodded to Han Jin friendly.

In fact he really wanted to promote this well-advised young man as reward, but unfortunately Han Jin had no strength of fighting, nor fluctuation of magic, he was, in the eyes of others, a crap good-for-nothing.

Miss Keeley stamped her feet and twisted her slim waist reluctantly before she moved towards them with tears running out of her eyes.

Although she got herself into trouble due to her inexperience, she was definitely not a stupid girl.

She couldn’t control her disgust to those knights because she was a Miss from a big family and she was used to easy and comfortable environment.

But now her acting skill was not inferior to a real actress.

Her movements and expressions best demonstrated the helplessness and sadness of a girl under bully and oppress.

All the knights, including their leader, laughed from ear to mouth.

They’ve forgot there was a ‘crap’ still standing behind them.

Han Jin seized this opportunity and turned over his wrist.

A piece of fire charm slipped out of his hand and formed a ball of flame.

The distance between him and the magician was too short that as soon as the flame was noticed, the fire charm had been put on the head of the magician by Han Jin.

With a loud boom, countless sparks mingled with flesh and blood splashed into all directions.

The headless corpse jerked a few times and thudded down.

Before they could react, Han Jin had run away with his fastest speed and threw out the wooden army calling charm.

With a flash of blue light, a giant around ten meters in length appeared from air and wielded its fist down to the head of the knights.

Over there Moxinke had unsheathed his sword and dashed to the knights after a roar.

With a swoosh, a black arrow passed by his neck and shot the nose of the knight in front of him before he could understand what had happened.

The feather on the arrow was still trembling.




Sunier was standing there with her smooth blond hair waving in the wind.

Her green eyes were shining with sharp lights.

Then the second and the third arrows were shot.

Each time she pulled the bow with her long arms, a knight would fell down.

Cessacioun had also released his magic power to accelerate the speed of Han Jin and Moxinke.

It was their first time to fight together and their cooperation was very tacit.

In this case, Han Jin’s situation was the most dangerous, thus Cessacioun was right to speed up Han Jin first and then Moxinke.

The leader had drawn out his sword from waistband and blocked off the fist of the giant.

After a loud sound, a succession of explosive sounds were heard.

The giant shook fiercely with the flames caused by explosions covered its body.

Without stop the leader had waved his sword again towards the giant and stoke it to fly away like a bundle of straw and roll backwards ten meters or more.

“Technique of fighting!” Moxinke let out a roar, he was warning Han Jin to be careful.

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COM The leader run closely after Han Jin in spite of the death of his subordinates and the threat from the magician and archer in front of him.

Obviously his hatred to Han Jin had been deep-seated to the bone.

Even with the help of magic power released by Cessacioun, Han Jin’s speed was still far behind that of the leader.

He dared not to run in an arc route because he need the assistance from his teammates.

The distance between him and the leader was shortening.

Han Jin turned over his right hand, a puff of dark light shot out against the face of his chaser.

The leader didn’t care about such attacks at all, he let out a cold snort and stretched the radiance of his sword over two meters towards Han Jin.

Suddenly, a loud thunder came and a black light curtain covered the leader fully.

His feet were slightly staggered, but just after a few seconds he had rushed out from the light curtain.

Han Jin had to rotated his body and changed the direction of running.

His wrist twisted again and another puff of dark light was thrown out from his hand.

The leader knew he couldn’t neglect it this time.

He inclined the edge of his sword and stabbed it into that dark light.

“Boom!” An explosion sound was let out when the tip of the sword hit the light.

In this interval, Han Jin ran a few steps forward with his arm swung again.

Another three streaks of light shot to the leader.

The Classification of Art of Tao was very complicated with strict limits.

An Internal Art practitioner couldn’t practice External Art simultaneously for that these two arts had lots of conflicts.

But Han Jin was a weirdo, a master of miscellaneous knowledge.

His cultivation involved all the three arts, namely: the Internal Art, the External Art and the Art of Tao.

Even the most difficult thirty six special arts were not unacquainted to him.

But of course he just knew a little about them, not very skilled at them, because what he actually cultivated was energy.

There were no conflicts among those arts in terms of energy.

After all, all those arts were, to some extent, ways to accumulate or to consume energy for some certain purposes.

No matter how the other friars thought of Han Jin, he always thought himself possessed with the qualification that could make him distinguished from the others.

In other words, he was stronger than those Internal Art practitioners, more intellectual than those External Art practitioner, and deeper concerning cultivation stage than those Art of Tao practitioners.

He had practiced all kinds of arts, including those despised by others such as Da Cheng Fist, Tai Ji, and the using of hidden weapons.

Though most of which were only practiced by him for a short time, some even less than two weeks, he had already mastered the basics of them.

His teacher never interfered him.

He once said: All arts can be traced back to the same origin! When one’s cultivation is near the highest stage, there’s no difference among all the arts for him.

The leader of the knights swayed his sword violently with the radiance of sword swept across the sky like waves.

Han Jin threw out three magic crystals by special techniques, but all ground into powder in the blink of an eye and the exploded black light curtain was cut into pieces.

But their distance was widened several meters again.

While Han Jin was on his way running, Moxinke and the others have laid down lots of the knights.

Among the remaining, only two could be called as knights, the others were all just high grade warriors.

Moxinke wielded his sword at them fiercely and Cessacioun kept on releasing his magic power.

Sunier was holding her bow with cold expression, not a single arrow of her missed its target.

Within a short time the three had killed most of their enemies, only two knights narrowly escaped their attacks.

The leader of the knights held his sword towards the sky when he realized they were almost annihilated.

The tip of the sword suddenly shone strong dazzling light, which turned brighter and brighter, as if a shining pearl was inlaid on it.

“The thunderstorm!” With a loud roar, a mass of white light about one meter in diameter was shot out to Han Jin.

Just when the white light was going to swallow him, a Giant rushed out from beside and stand in front of him with its arms open.

“Bang!” The giant flied backwards as if being hit by a bomb.

Han Jin was also knocked off by it seven or eight meters away.

He thudded down on the ground heavily.

His throat was filled with sweet blood and his eyes could see nothing but shining sparks.

He tried to stand up with his numb arms and legs, but failed after some struggle.