Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 34

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 34

The opponent in front of Moxinke had been wounded seriously, and this fight could be ended as long Moxinke continued his hitting out for several times.

But seeing Han Jin was in danger, he didn’t have the mood to deal with his opponent any more.

He roared and rushed towards the leader.

Sunier also changed her target.

However, her action seemed much slower as if she had nearly run out of her energy.

The bow in her hand was drew slowly, and the green jade ring on her index finger showed many tiny cracks.

The air around her getting heavy and leaden.

The leader of the knights was going to kill Han Jin, but he gave up his plan suddenly and turned around to stare at Sunier.

His sword was held in front of his chest, and his expression solemn and cold.

Moxinke stabled himself before he got close to the leader with a skip step .

The giant sword in his hand chopped down with all his strength.

The leader just made a grim smile.

He didn’t care about Moxinke, a mere swordman, at all.

Only the archer in front of him made him feel a little scrupled.

“Technique of fighting…” Moxinke roared: ” The River of Stars!” The leader raised his hand and stabbed his sword with its radiance two meters in diameter spreading to Moxinke on his chest.

The roar of Moxinke could only fool those nonprofessionals.

As a fighter, the leader of the knights could easily find out whether his opponent could release fighting technique or not even if with his eyes closed.

Moxinke wielded his giant sword in a rush to block away the attack.

A successive sounds of explosion echoed in midair when the edge of Moxinke’s sword colliding with the sword radiance.

His body trembled along with the explosions.

Just at this moment, a black arrow passed by him silently and shot directly to the leader of the knights.

After a cold snort, the sword radiance was swept around fiercely.

With a loud sound, the arrow was minced into pieces by the radiance, leaving the leader staggered back seven or eight steps before he could finally stable himself.




But suddenly, rays of golden light glowed on the ground and turned into a vortex of sand.

This time, the expression on the leader’s face changed.

He struggled to move his legs and tried to get out the vortex.

But each time he pulled out one of his legs, the other one would just sunk deeper.

No matter how hard he tried to stir up the sand of vortex, his movement was still getting slower and slower, only the wave of sand was spreading to the surrounding.

A fifth grade magic had costed Cessacioun lots of energy, but he still managed to keep up his spirit and muttered incantations again.

Magic was always the decisive factor in both skirmishes and large-scale battles, that’s also why Sunier required to kill the magician of the enemies first.

Moxinle grinned, if it was not that he didn’t want his sword swallowed by the vortex, he would have throw it out to the leader of the knights.

But unlike him, Sunier had nothing to scruple.

She shot her arrows to the leader one after one.

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COM No one would just wait to be killed under a critical situation, neither would the leader.

He roared loudly and wielded his sword with all his strength to block away the arrows coming to him.

“The Art of Cobweb!” Cessacioun released another fifth grade magic, which slowed down the speed of the leader’s struggle immediately.

His legs had been submerged by sand.

Ah…He let out a mournful cry.

His last sense was deprived by desperation and panic.

He threw away the sword and fluttered his arms aimlessly.

The jade ring on Sunier’s index finger was broken at last.

But the last arrow had been shot out at an extremely fast speed to the leader and disappeared on the chest of him.

The body of the leader stiffed and swallowed by the vortex of quicksand.

Han Jin had regained some strength.

He stood up hardlyh and looked at Cessacioun with his eyes flickering.

Undoubtedly, the contribution that Cessacioun had made in this fight was irreplaceable.

Magician was always the key to success.

Han Jin knew clearly that his sneak attack could succeed just because his enemies were not prepared, and if it was not Cessacioun’s magic to accelerate his running speed, he would likely had been killed by the leader of the knights.

Learn some magics? An idea flashed in Han Jin head while he blinking his eyes.

Just then, a low moan attracted the attention of them.

The battle was finished too quickly that they only beat down their opponents, but not sure if they had killed them or not.

The moan was let out by a seriously wounded knight.

Han Jin turned around and picked up a sword from the ground.

The knight showed appealing expression in his eyes when he saw the coming person.

But Han Jin didn’t even notice it and raised his arms.

Blood spattered out from the neck of the knight.

Even he still could be alive for some time, he couldn’t let out sound any more.

Then Han Jin walked around the battlefield and stabbed the body of each of the knights.

His movements were so crafty as if he were a tourist swinging his paper fan.

“Moxinke, you said… he had never been out of the Radon Town?” Sunier asked in a low voice.


” She cast a glance at Moxinke and didn’t want to speak to him anymore.

This dumm big fellow didn’t understand what she meant at all! While they were still looking, Han Jin had started his favorite work, to gather their trophies.

He ordered Steelberg to help him.

Sunier walked to him with slow steps and asked: “My prophet, what shall we do next?” “It’s a mountain over there, we can hide into it and no one can find us.

” Han Jin hesitated for a while and shouted: “What are you looking at? Go!” The villagers had been scared silly, they didn’t dare to move a single step until Han Jin shouted at them.

They rushed into the village in a flurry.

“So we will not go the West City? What about Miss Keeley?” Moxinke asked.

“If you can kill them all, we will go to the West City.

” Han Jin said coldly with his finger pointing to the running villagers.

Moxinke scratched his head with embarrassment.

He could kill any of his enemies who insulted him or hurt him, but as for those innocent villagers, he couldn’t.

“In fact… there’s no need for us to go to the West City.

They know I am here and they leave….


It’s no use even if I find them.

” Miss Keeley said hesitatingly.

Her face was pale.

She had never seen such a bloody scene before, thus it was not easy for her not to vomit.

The trophies Han Jin had gathered were beyond the expectation of everyone.

The money they’d collected worth at least seventy golden coins.

Cessacioun got his own magic wand for the first time in his life.

His face reddened all over due to joy.

Various kinds of magic crystals were put on the ground, nearly twenty of them, most are fourth and fifth grade, and the largest water blue magic crystal was right there among them.

The feeling of getting things back made all of them particularly excited.

“What about the horses? Leave them here?” Sunier asked with her lips curled up.

The others laughed too.

They had such a heavy eater among them, would he leave the horses here? Although the meat of horses was not that delicious, food was always food.

“Any way, we can ride them.

Their speed is faster.

” “Didn’t you say that we are going to hide in the mountain? How can we ride them?” “No, we are going back to the Eleventh Town.

” “Going back to do what?” Cessacioun asked in surprise.

“Since we have done it, we must do it thoroughly.

” Han Jin smiled: “What about you, Michelle? Come with us? Or you will go alone?” Han Jin snorted.

He didn’t like this timid guy at all, who just stood there like a fool while the others were fighting desperately.

“Do I still have a choice now?” Michelle smiled bitterly.

“Come with us.

” Cessacioun said.

He had sensed the disdain in Han Jin’s tone.

Anyway, Michelle was his friend: “You haven’t told us clearly what are we going to do, what thoroughly??” “You will know.

” Han Jin looked at the magic crystals on the ground and laughed: “Don’t you think, it’s a very promising profession?”