Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 32

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 32

In the morning, Han Jin and the others left the town quietly.

Cessacioun mentioned that he had uttered some hard words to the security team and the garrison members.

These words made him teased by them, and laid a danger for himself.

Han Jin just ‘reproached’ him by judging his behavior as immature.

Michelle was a timid guy, he cried for such suffering.

He knew that George was a petty and brutal person who liked to exterminate all his enemies.

What they shall do if George came to find them? Han Jin made the decision at last that they should leave the town for the West City for a few days.

On one hand, they could get rid of George, on the other hand, they could help Miss Keeley to find the branch of Morgan Commercial Corp in the West City.

At this time when the upper class of Morgan Commercial Corp was suffering serious crisis, whether it could still have control over its branches and whether its internal structure could stand the test would be clear after this trip to the west city.

They were all in good spirits except Michelle.

Moxinke was an impatient guy, but he was adaptable to circumstances.

Cessacioun was an experienced man who was very good at self-regulation.

Nobody mentioned yesterday’s things.

But even though, the thorn had been buried deep in their hearts, avoidance was by no means forgotten.

They didn’t stop until noon.

Han Jin felt a bit tired.

He slept late last night and absorbed the energy from two second grade magic crystals, and he had made a fire charm and a thunder charm by using pure elements respectively.

He still had only one fire charm made of wood because he couldn’t afford the six hundred yuan’s energy to make another one.

Before them there was an open-air tavern.

After consulting the opinions of them all, Han Jin went directly to the tavern followed by the others.

It was in fact a refreshment place ran by the villagers nearby, no tables, no chairs, only a few stones around the tree stumps.

The food they served was coarse-grain bread and river water held by some broken bowls.

Such shoddy food should cost them over ten copper coins.

But they didn’t argue with the owners of the tavern for that none of them intended to eat and drink a lot here.

They just wanted a place to have a rest.

Just a few seconds after they sitting down, the dust in the distance was kicked up by horses.

A group of knights were riding towards them at an extremely fast speed.

Cessacioun took a look at the group, his expression changed immediately.

Seeing this, Han Jin asked in a low voice: “What’s wrong?” “Those guys were there at the Bazaar yesterday…” .



“What?” Michelle exclaimed in panic: “We shall leave instantly!” “What are you afraid of?!” Moxinke gave Michelle a look of discontent.

Han Jin mused for a while.

Before he could speak, the knights had already arrived at the tavern.

They jumped down from their horses and sat by some tree stumps.

They didn’t notice the persons beside them at all.

Obviously they just wanted to have a rest here, the same as Han Jin and his friends.

One of the knights turned around and saw Cessacioun.

He blinked his eyes and whispered something to a man beside him.

Then they all looked at Cessacioun and burst out laughter.

Seemed that not only Cessacioun had remembered them, but also they had remembered him, or his hard words.

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COM Han Jin didn’t change his expression, only lowered his voice and asked: “Do you think you can handle them, Sunier?” Sunier was stunned at first and then answered: “They have a magician beside their leader.

If you can deal with the magician first, then the rest are easy for me.

” “Gonna to do it?” Moxinke showed an excited look.

“No, just in case.

It’s better if we can avoid the fight.

” Han Jin shook his head slightly: “Take some more rest and we will set off.

” The knight have no intention to get into trouble, either.

They forgot about Cessacioun a few minutes later and started their own chatting.

The topic of men talking while drinking was always about women and sex.

Soon dirty and filthy words were blurted out.

One of them even tried to imitate the sexual moans of woman.

They laughed more loudly.

Sunier knitted her brows and tried her best to control her emotion.

But Miss Keeley couldn’t stand them anymore and shot them a distasteful glance.

The knights didn’t notice Miss Keeley just now because she was sitting back to them.

But now her glance made them dumbfounded immediately.

One of the knight whispered something to his leader and then strode towards her.

“Dear Miss, our general wants to make friends with you.

May I have the honor to invite you to have a drink with us?” The Knight said with polite words, but his actions were rude, his hand stretched to grab Miss Keeley’s arm.

Rudeness had been one of their habits.

As knights from the army group directly subordinate to the West City, they represented their country and power, and were even the embodiment of justice.

No one dared to resist them, unless a superior from another group.

“What are you doing? Out of my sight?” Miss Keeley screamed.

Moxinke stretched his hand to grab the handle of his sword, but stopped by Han Jin.

He made a wink to him, hinted him not to act rashly.

The knight felt himself being offended after hearing the laughter from his companions.

A cold light flashed across his eyes.

He backed his hand and intended to draw out his whip.

“My lord, my sister is young and ignorant.

Could you please forgive her?” Han Jin stood up in a hurry and implored: “Let me persuade her and then send her to you a few minutes later, will you?” The knight looked at Han Jin.

He felt something’s missing about this young man, but he didn’t know what on earth it was.

Since his face had been saved, he didn’t want to make things worse, either.

He snorted and turned back.

He never knew that what’s missing on Han Jin was in fact the respect to a superior.

Han Jin sat down again.

He put his hand on the shoulder of Miss Keeley as if he was persuading her.

“Get ready.

” He said to them.

“I knew it.

” Moxinke grinned.

“You… Are you out of your minds?” Michelle said in a quavering voice.

“You mean we should hand over Miss Keeley to them?” Han Jin sneered.

“They only want her to have a drink with them, nothing dangerous…Calm down!” “Actually, one need only one reason to march forward, but a hundred reasons to retreat.

” Han Jin gave Michelle a meaningful look: “I am curious why people would rather find a hundred reasons for the whole day to prove himself a coward than find only one reason to prove his courage!” Han Jin was not an aggressive man in nature.

But he was a man with strong elasticity, that was, never try to oppress him! Once he was raged, he would definitely return like for like.

In his dictionary there were no words of ‘be lenient wherever it is possible’, the end of any of his fights must be life or death.

They all stared at him.

He didn’t utter any brave words such as ‘rather die than surrender’ or ‘as long as I am still alive’.

In fact, what he said was very rational, but it’s precisely these rational words that stimulated their morale.

A spirit called ‘brave’ was rising in their flowing blood.

“Can you do that? Or let me do it?” Cessacioun said lightly, he was clear what Han Jin planned to do: kill that magician first for Sunier.

“Rest assured.

” Han Jin smiled and then whispered something to Miss Keeley.