Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 33

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Exhaust the Fire-Breathing Lizard to Death! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL This was the only way Su Chen could use his speed to exhaust the fire-breathing lizard king to death.

A huge fireball flew out from the fire-breathing lizard king’s mouth.

The fireball exploded in mid-air and turned into a sea of fire, pressing toward Su Chen.

Facing such a large-scale attack, Su Chen naturally couldn’t avoid it.

But he didn’t plan to dodge it and chose to ignore it.

Facing the impact of the flames, Su Chen rushed to the front of the fire-breathing lizard king.

Su Chen attacked at an astonishing speed.

The short black blade in his hand slashed toward the opponent’s head at an astonishing speed.

Three times the speed, coupled with his medium innate saber technique, made the power of this saber strike terrifying.

If it was an ordinary elite martial artist, they wouldn’t be able to face it at all.

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COM However, the fire-breathing lizard king had hard scales all over its body, forcefully blocking this attack.

After taking a few steps back, the fire-breathing lizard king let out an angry roar.

A wound more than half a meter long appeared on its body and fresh blood flowed out.

Following his furious roar, Su Chen measured its strength.

Strength was 50,000 jin.

Then, after adding the amplification of its fire innate talent, its strength would reach 150,000 jin! As for Su Chen himself, he only had 30,000 jin of strength.

Adding the amplification of origin energy, he could reach 60,000 jin.

Counting as the amplification of his saber technique, he could reach 120,000 jin.

Even so, there was still a huge gap between him and the fire-breathing lizard king.

Su Chen looked at his body.

The flames had burned his entire body.

Such a heavy injury, if it was another person, they would have already died without a doubt.

But Su Chen had the talent of healing.

The burns on his body only took an instant to completely recover.

But the fire-breathing lizard king was different.

With his injuries, his strength had decreased by a lot.

Su Chen had the top-tier talent of healing.

If he continued to fight, it would be very beneficial to him.

Su Chen recklessly came to the fire-breathing lizard king’s side and attacked crazily.

More and more wounds appeared on the lizard king’s body.

As blood continued to flow out, its movements became slower.

However, Su Chen was able to heal continuously.

Just like that, he fought against the lizard king for three minutes.

The lizard king’s roar was filled with despair and sorrow.

Its eight-meter-long body crashed heavily onto the ground and its life force had completely dissipated.

Su Chen took a few deep breaths.

In reality, even without his healing talent, Su Chen could still win this battle.

However, the process would be more troublesome.

Su Chen could only use his speed talent to launch a sneak attack and hide in the shadows so that the fire-breathing lizard wouldn’t notice him.

He might even have a chance to kill it in one hit.

In order to hurry, Su Chen chose the most rigid method.

After dealing with the fierce beast, Su Chen began to dispose of the corpse.

The first thing was to bleed.

This was an intermediate fierce beast, and his fierce beast blood was very precious.

Especially since the fire-breathing lizard king had the fire talent, and there was fire energy in its blood, it had a high effect on the body’s refinement.

“Su Chen, you actually killed this intermediate beast?” The Wind Dragon heard the commotion and came over to take a look.

To his astonishment, he discovered that the intermediate beast fire-breathing lizard king was already dead.

He looked at Su Chen and discovered that there wasn’t a single wound on Su Chen’s body.

He was secretly shocked.

It seemed that Su Chen’s strength was even more terrifying than he had imagined.

He probably had other trump cards.

The Wind Dragon did not continue to ask.

After Su Chen agreed, he divided the fierce beast meat on the ground and took it away.

Su Chen did not think much of this thing.

In a day, after clearing the entire mission area, Su Chen suggested that he leave for a while.

“What? You’re going to look for power ants?” The Wind Dragon was shocked.