Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 32

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Intermediate Fierce Beast Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL “Okay!” Wind Dragon said straightforwardly, “I will call you Su Chen from now on.

I will not reveal that you are an elite martial artist.

” He turned around and looked at his brothers behind him.

The other members nodded repeatedly.

Su Chen had just saved their lives.

They were not people who would be ungrateful.

Not far away, a scream suddenly came.

Wind Dragon looked in that direction.

Zheng Yuan was the middle-stage martial artist who had escaped from the team.

This scream was also from him.

Wind Dragon wanted to save him.

After all, they were all on the same team.

However, Su Chen stood in front of him.




“There’s no need to save this person.

” “Why?” Feng Long was stunned.

“I trust your character but he is different.

If I save him, I suspect that he will leak my secret.

” Feng Long was silent.

He looked at the expressions of the people around him, then nodded.

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COM The screams in the distance suddenly stopped.

Zheng Yuan was dead.

“Let’s continue moving forward.

” With the help of an elite martial artist like Su Chen, they were more than enough to deal with the fire-breathing lizards.

After walking for some distance into the valley, they found Zheng Yuan’s body.

His body was in tatters and was being eaten by a group of fire-breathing lizards.

Su Chen led the group and quickly killed these fire-breathing lizards.

Along the way, whenever they encountered fire-breathing lizards, Su Chen would instantly kill them.

Thus, they advanced very quickly.

Soon, they arrived at the depths of the valley.

Standing on a huge rock, they looked into the distance.

In front of them should be the nest of the fire-breathing lizards.

There were a total of thirty fire-breathing lizards gathered there.

In the middle of them, there was an incomparably huge fire-breathing lizard.

This should be a mid-level fierce beast with an attack talent.

This kind of fierce beast was already very difficult to deal with.

If it was an ordinary mid-level fierce beast, Su Chen wouldn’t care at all.

But after having an attack talent, the power of this fire-breathing lizard was three times that of an ordinary mid-level fierce beast! “This is a bit troublesome.

where there is an intermediate fire-breathing lizard and thirty ordinary fire-breathing lizards.

” After Su Chen told them what he had seen, the expressions of Wind Dragon and the others changed.

Even if Su Chen was an elite martial artist, it would not be easy to deal with an intermediate fierce beast with special talent.

“Let’s retreat first.

” Wind Dragon gritted his teeth and said.

He was also very reluctant, but facing such a powerful fierce beast, he felt that Su Chen would only die if he went up.

His life was more important.

Su Chen smiled, “Wind Dragon, I’m not as weak as you think.

Although the fire-breathing lizard has fire talent, I also have a special talent.

” A martial artist with a special talent completely suppressed a martial artist without a special talent.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, an elite martial artist with special talent had an extremely high status.

Even a great martial artist would not dare to underestimate him.

“I have the talent of speed, which can increase my speed by three times.

Moreover, my saber technique is also very good.

It should not be a big problem for me to kill this medium-sized fierce beast.

” “However, when I make my move, you guys should not participate to prevent accidental injuries.

” “If I am lucky, I will rush in at the fastest speed.

I should have the confidence to directly kill that medium-sized fierce beast.

” He was very clear about their own strength.

If they went up to participate in the battle, they would be creating trouble for Su Chen.

After they had gone far away, Su Chen began to make his move.

Su Chen’s speed immediately soared to the limit, and he used three times his speed to charge towards the group of fire-breathing lizards.

After the fire-breathing lizards sensed the danger, they instantly woke up.

The football-sized eyeball stared at Su Chen and anger appeared in its eyes.

In its eyes, Su Chen was just a small bug and it actually disturbed its rest! The fire-breathing lizard king instantly became furious! With a furious roar, all of its underlings surrounded Su Chen and attacked him.

However, these small lizards couldn’t pose any threat to Su Chen.

Su Chen’s speed was fast but his blade was even faster.

After cultivating to the great success stage of his blade aura, he slashed out with his blade.

The blade aura that tore apart was enough to directly cut a fire-breathing lizard in half.

The blade in Su Chen’s hand turned into an illusion.

The naked eye could only see the blade light flying everywhere.

One fire-breathing lizard after another died on the spot.

These low-level fierce beasts were unable to get close.

They couldn’t even touch the corner of Su Chen’s clothes.

This was the difference between a low-level and a mid-level beast.

Unless hundreds or thousands of fire-breathing lizards attacked at the same time, Su Chen didn’t care at all.

Seeing his little brothers die one by one, the fire-breathing lizard king was furious.

From his mouth, a huge flame shot into the sky.

The eight-meter-long huge body actually stood up slowly.

Its body was covered with sharp long thorns, and each thorn was more than half a meter long.

It looked extremely terrifying.

When the fire-breathing lizard rushed to Su Chen’s side, Su Chen checked his information.

Fierce Beast: Fire-Breathing Lizard Bloodline Talent: Intermediate “It actually has elementary fire talent!” Su Chen was somewhat surprised.

Those ordinary fire-breathing lizards only had inferior fire talent and could double their attacks.

And elementary fire talent could triple their attacks.

If it was an ordinary elite martial artist, they simply wouldn’t be a match for this fire-breathing lizard king by relying on elemental energy amplification.

From a certain point of view, this fire-breathing lizard king’s strength was already above Su Chen’s.