Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 31

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 31

Chapter 31: I Am an Elite Martial Artist Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL Not long after, they encountered another fire-breathing lizard.

Just as the battle started, another fire-breathing lizard joined the battle.

Ten martial artists fought against two fire-breathing lizards.

In the end, a few of them suffered minor injuries but killed the fire-breathing lizard.

At this time, they had just entered the valley.

No one knew what was in the depths of the valley.

However, with the Wind Dragon’s many years of experience fighting fierce beasts, he could determine that the entire valley should be the nest of fire-breathing lizards.

If they continued fighting, they might very well fall into danger.

Even a martial artist like the Wind Dragon was somewhat tired after experiencing so many battles.

More than half of the yuan Qi in his body had been depleted.

It was already very difficult for him to solo a fire-breathing lizard.




If he were to enter the fire-breathing lizard’s cave, he would definitely die if he were to be besieged.

“Let’s retreat first.

” It did not matter even if he did not complete the Lin family’s mission.

Living was the most important.

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COM They had just retreated a short distance when they saw ten fire-breathing lizards blocking their only exit not far away.

Wind Dragon felt a little hopeless.

It would be difficult for their team to deal with two or three more fire-breathing lizards.

Now, there were ten of them.

How could they deal with them? Wind Dragon immediately took out his communicator from his pocket and pressed the help button on it.

The group retreated while waiting for a reply.

However, after sending so many messages, there was no reply.

Wind Dragon’s expression changed.

He was a little angry.

“There must be other teams within ten kilometers of us, but they are not willing to save us.

” Su Chen shook his head.

This was already within his estimation.

In such a dangerous place, everyone only wanted to save their own lives.

Humans were always selfish.

“Captain, there’s no need to call for help anymore.

No one will come to help us,” Su Chen said in a low voice.

The Wind Dragon captain also sighed.

He didn’t expect to die here today.

“I’ll stop these fire-breathing lizards.

You guys run!” The Wind Dragon gnashed his teeth and said.

Whether it was this temporary team or their Wind Dragon Hunting Squad, he was the captain and the most powerful person.

At a time like this, he naturally had to shoulder the responsibility.

He had once promised his brothers’ families that he would let them return home safely.

His resolute aura moved everyone.

These martial artists were also stimulated.

“Team Leader, I’ll stay with you!” A martial artist suddenly shouted.

No one else was cowardly.

There was only one person, the last one to join the team.

He was also the only one who was not a member of the Wind Dragon Hunting Squad.

He was ready to escape.

“Everyone, fight with the fire-breathing lizard.

I’ll leave first!” He rushed into the valley at high speed.

Although the valley was also very dangerous, finding a place to hide was better than sending himself to his death.

The members of the Wind Dragon Hunting Squad cursed angrily.

The Wind Dragon shook his head.

“Let’s leave it at that.

We can’t count on him.

” Then, he looked at Su Chen beside him.

“Little Brother, your talent is so high.

It’s a pity to die here.

Moreover, you’re not from our hunting squad to begin with.

It’s better for you to run away quickly.

” “We’ll be fine as long as we hold the fort here.

” Su Chen smiled slightly after hearing it.

“It’s alright.

It’s just some fire-breathing lizards.

” As soon as Su Chen finished speaking, an extremely powerful aura instantly erupted from his body.

Wind Dragon’s eyes instantly widened.

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Su Chen was only a fifteen or sixteen-year-old child, but he had already become an elite martial artist! This was the goal of all of them in this lifetime! They only had some elementary cultivation talent.

Wanting to become an elite martial artist of the political commissar was too difficult.

It was practically impossible.

But Su Chen was different.

He was already an elite martial artist at such a young age.

Advanced cultivation talent! One had to know that the ancestor of the Lin family was also only an advanced cultivation talent.

If nothing went wrong, he would definitely become a great martial artist in the future! To be able to be in the same team as Su Chen was already a high position for them.

To be able to befriend such a genius was simply their honor! Su Chen lightly took a step forward and his body instantly disappeared without a trace.

Because his speed was too fast! Even the Wind Dragon at the late stage of the martial artist realm was unable to catch Su Chen’s movements with the naked eye.

In just half a minute, ten fire-breathing lizards were all killed by Su Chen’s blade.

Each slash killed one of the fire-breathing lizards! Seeing that the battle was over.

Under the leadership of the Wind Dragon, all the martial artists bowed.

The difference between an elite martial artist and a martial artist was too big! Even though the difference between 9,999 jin and 10,001 jin seemed very small, there was a huge difference in the level of life.

They couldn’t be compared at all.

Previously, they thought that Su Chen was a martial artist.

No matter how talented he was, he could still be called a brother.

However, after knowing that Su Chen was an elite martial artist, they could only be respectful and did not dare to climb up the social ladder.

“There’s no need to be so restrained.

Just call me Su Chen,” Su Chen said with a smile.

“Also, regarding the matter of me being an elite martial artist, I hope that everyone can help me keep it a secret!”