Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 34

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 34

Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL The Wind Dragon had heard of a fierce beast like the power ant.

He also knew that there was a nest of power ants in the plan this time.

There were a large number of power ants in it.

This kind of fierce beast was very famous.

Ordinary power ants were low-level fierce beasts.

But they were very strong.

With their enormous strength, most of the martial artists were not their match.

Even if there was only one power ant, it could be considered strong among the low-level fierce beasts.

If it was just that, it would still be fine.

However, these power ants were just like the ordinary ants in his previous life.

They would appear in groups.

There might be thousands or even tens of thousands of power ants in a nest.

If they came together, even if a great martial artist was surrounded, he would probably die here.

This kind of fierce beast had received a gift from God and was a very terrifying existence.




“Wind Dragon, don’t worry.

” Su Chen patted Wind Dragon’s shoulder.

“I have my own plans and I also have life-saving methods.

” Wind Dragon sighed.

He couldn’t persuade Su Chen.

Moreover, Su Chen was an elite martial artist and, in terms of strength, he was far above him.

In the end, he could only let Su Chen leave.

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COM According to the route on the map.

Su Chen rushed toward the nest of the power ants.

The journey wasn’t short.

The destination was about dozens of kilometers away from the Taichu Base.

After leaving the Taichu Base, Su Chen also encountered many high-level fierce beasts.

Each high-level fierce beast was an existence that was comparable to a great martial artist.

Su Chen couldn’t afford to provoke such a high-level fierce beast.

Even his shadow talent would lose its effect in front of this level of fierce beasts.

As long as the high-level fierce beast used his spiritual power to scan, he would be able to find Su Chen’s location.

His life was important, so Su Chen was very careful along the way.

Even some of the stronger mid-level fierce beasts, he tried his best to avoid them.

Along the way, he also met some martial artists from the two bases, who were eliminating fierce beasts.

Su Chen didn’t help them.

At this time, he couldn’t meddle in other people’s business.

He did not know those people and they had nothing to do with him.

Even if he went up to help, others might think that Su Chen wanted to take credit, which would cause misunderstandings and unnecessary trouble.

Just like that, they carefully walked all the way until they finally arrived at the location of the power ant nest.

As soon as they arrived here, Su Chen was shocked.

In front of this small mountain, there were more than a hundred martial artists gathered here.

Many of them had reached the level of elite martial artists and some of them emitted a powerful aura.

If Su Chen guessed correctly, these people should be great martial artists.

With a simple glance, Su Chen saw a familiar face This middle-aged man with a cold expression was Liu Mubai’s father.

After Su Chen had assassinated Liu Mubai, Liu Mo had mobilized his family’s forces to search the entire Taichu Base for the murderer’s whereabouts.

Unfortunately, Su Chen had made ample preparations, so he couldn’t do anything about it.

At this moment, he ran into the Liu family again.

Su Chen narrowed his eyes.

He felt that he had to be more careful.

If his assassination attempt on Liu Mubai was exposed, the entire Liu family would probably go all out to kill him.

At the front of the Liu family’s team, an old man with white hair and beard stood there.

Behind him was the Liu family’s member, who was respectful.

“This should be the Liu family’s old ancestor.

” Su Chen silently shifted his gaze away.

An expert of this level had very developed mental energy.

Even if they did not use mental energy to scan, they would still have very strong sensory abilities.

It was also known as the sixth sense.

If he discovered it, it would be bad.

Even so, a cold snort came from the crowd! “Who is it? In the forest?” Su Chen’s expression changed.

Although he didn’t use his shadow talent, he was very careful along the way.

He hid his body in the shadows of the trees and didn’t make any sound.

Even so, was he still discovered? However, it wasn’t the Liu family’s patriarch who discovered him.

It was a great martial artist that Su Chen thought was unfamiliar.

He was wearing armor that Su Chen had never seen before.

It should be that great martial artist from the medium-sized base.

Everyone present turned around in unison and looked in the direction of Su Chen.

A few elite martial artists instantly arrived by Su Chen’s side at an extremely fast speed.

Su Chen didn’t run away.

He could be considered as one of the members of this fierce beast elimination plan.

Moreover, he was only here for the power ant’s corpse.

He didn’t want to do anything guilty, so there was no need to be afraid.

Su Chen walked out of the forest and was exposed to everyone’s field of vision.

“He seems to be from our Taichu Base.

” Soon, someone recognized Su Chen’s identity.

The big martial artist in armor frowned and asked, “Which family is he from?” The man beside him shook his head.

“He’s not from our Lin family.

” “He’s not from our Mo family.

” “He’s not from our Su family.

” A few people from the big families shook their heads and denied it.

Su Chen could only tell the truth, “I’m not from a big family.

I’m just here to participate in the fierce beast elimination plan.

I’m very curious about the strength of the ants here, so I wanted to take a look.

” At this moment, the young master of the Lin family, Lin Dong, who had previously met Su Chen, stood out.

“He is indeed a martial artist participating in this operation.

I just didn’t expect him to complete the mission so quickly and even come here.

” Lin Dong had a deep impression of Su Chen.

After all, he had tried to recruit Su Chen back then and he had been rejected.

In his opinion, to be able to become a martial artist at such a young age, his talent was very good.

At that time, he had guessed that Su Chen should have intermediate talent.