Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 28

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Fierce Beast Cleaning Plan Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL The next day, Su Chen went to the Martial Hall.

After all, this was the biggest shop in Taichu Base.

Everything could be traded, including the corpses of fierce beasts.

“Honorable Martial Artist, what would you like to buy?” Su Chen often came here to sell materials for fierce beasts.

The shop assistant already knew him.

“Excuse me, do you have the corpses of the power ants here? I want them to be complete.

” Only the complete corpse of a fierce beast could be duplicated.

The shop assistant was stunned for a moment.

“I’ll help you ask.

” Not long after, the female shop assistant came back and said apologetically to Su Chen, “I’m sorry, our Martial Hall doesn’t have the corpse of a power ant.

” .



This was also within his expectations.

The Taichu Base was located in a remote area.

It was only a small base, so it was normal that it didn’t have these fierce beast materials.

“If you have the corpse materials of the power ant, or if you have any relevant information, feel free to contact me.

I’m willing to pay a high price to buy it.

” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM At this time, a Martial Hall martial artist walked over.

“Hello, I’m Zheng Heng, the Martial Hall Deacon.

May I ask if you want the corpse of the power ant?” “I do have an idea.

Do you want to tell me?” Su Chen raised his eyebrows and was immediately interested.

“What idea?” “You should know that the Taichu Base is only a small base.

Recently, the Taichu Base is preparing to open a trade channel with the nearest medium-sized base.

Therefore, we need to clear and kill the fierce beasts on the 140-kilometer journey.

” “Coincidentally, there is a nest of power ants between the two bases.

If you are willing to join the clearing operation, it is not difficult to obtain the corpse of a power ant.

” “Of course, the assistance to clear the fierce beasts is still a medium-sized base.

However, if you participate in it, you will also receive a lot of rewards.

” Zheng Heng said with a smile.

Su Chen was stunned for a moment.

Currently, 90% of Earth’s territory was occupied by the beasts.

Humans could only hide in their bases to survive.

Just a medium-sized base and a small-sized base were like opening up a trade route? Weren’t they afraid of encountering some top-tier beasts and causing a wave of annihilation? However, the two bases were naturally very clear about what Su Chen could think of.

It was probably because there weren’t any terrifying ferocious beasts in this area that the bases had the courage to do so.

Su Chen was only participating in this operation, so there was nothing to be afraid of.

“I agree to join.

” Su Chen nodded and said to Zheng Heng.

After participating in the ferocious beast clearing plan, he only needed to touch the power ant’s position to be able to replicate his talent.

“This is the token.

” Zheng Heng took out an ancient square token from his pocket and handed it to Su Chen.

“In three days, the Lin family headquarters will arrange a mission.

” Su Chen nodded and took the token.

The Lin family was the biggest family in the Taichu Base.

When the Liu family and the other families started a fight, it was the Lin family who settled it.

The Lin family had a total of five great martial artists, and one of them had reached the peak of the great martial artist realm! Su Chen only learned about this after he became a martial artist.

A few days later, Su Chen arrived at the entrance of the Lin family’s headquarters on time.

There were already many martial artists gathered here, more than a hundred of them.

There were many elite martial artists, but not even one of them was a great martial artist.

“There’s actually a familiar face?” Su Chen was stunned for a moment.

He saw someone he knew.

It was a martial artist from the Wind Dragon Hunting Squad that he had met before.

Back when the Wind Dragon Hunting Squad hunted silver ferrets, Su Chen’s elementary speed talent was copied from there.

Speaking of which, his speed talent was very helpful to Su Chen.

It had saved his life countless times.

Su Chen had made up his mind that if the Wind Dragon Hunting Squad was in danger during this mission, he might be able to lend a hand.

Although he recognized the Wind Dragons, the Wind Dragons did not recognize him.

Because in less than a year, Su Chen had changed too much.

His entire person seemed to have matured by a few years.

His entire body emitted a fierce and stern aura, and his height had also increased by a lot.

At that time, the Wind Dragons and Su Chen had only met once.

At that time, Su Chen was only a martial artist.

Now, he had already become an elite martial artist and his strength was already above Wind Dragon’s.

Su Chen stood alone in a corner.

He did not speak to anyone else.

All the martial artists who wanted to befriend him were all politely rejected by him.

These people saw that Su Chen was already a martial artist at such a young age and felt that he would definitely have extraordinary achievements in the future.

If they knew that Su Chen was already an elite martial artist, they would probably be shocked to the extreme.

However, Su Chen restrained his aura.

Unless he was a great martial artist, no one would be able to tell his depth.

As long as Su Chen did not display his strength, he did not have to worry about his cultivation being discovered by others.

The crowd in front suddenly became restless.

Su Chen had heard of this person before.

He seemed to be the eldest young master of the Lin family.

He had just turned thirty years old and was already at the peak of elite martial artists.

It was said that he had the confidence to become a great martial artist within a few years.

Lin Dong only had medium cultivation talent.

In this lifetime, he would at most be at the early stage of the great martial artist realm.

However, the early stage of the great martial artist realm was enough to rule a small place like the Taichu Base.

Even their Lin family only had five great martial artists.

Lin Dong stood at the front of the crowd and shouted.