Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 27

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Searching for Strength Ants Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL After Su Chen chose to merge, the intense pain penetrated into every single cell in his body.

This was a top-tier healing talent that surpassed all the other talents that he had duplicated before! Every single cell was undergoing drastic changes.

The cells’ DNA was crazily abundant, causing every single cell in Su Chen to be filled with healing factors.

Su Chen seemed to have experienced a rebirth and the pain was more painful than any previous fusion! It was unknown how much time had passed before Su Chen slowly opened his eyes.

Cultivation Talent: Advanced Blade talent: Intermediate .



Shadow Talent: Elementary Su Chen was a little curious as to how strong the top-tier healing talent was.

He took out a small knife and gently cut open a wound on his arm.

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COM What shocked him happened.

The blood that had just started to flow instantly froze.

Under Su Chen’s gaze, the wound healed in less than a second.

Su Chen sucked in a breath of cold air.

This healing speed was too shocking! As long as it wasn’t a fatal injury, Su Chen could almost complete the healing in an instant.

Right now, if he wanted to be killed, unless he was instantly killed by an incomparably powerful attack, it wouldn’t be easy for him to die.

However, this kind of healing also required energy.

If the energy in his body disappeared completely, he wouldn’t be able to continue healing.

In front of a powerful opponent, he would only be able to endure for a period of time.

If he wanted to truly become stronger, he still needed to raise his cultivation.

Cultivation was the true principle! Su Chen waited in the cave until the next morning before rushing back to the Taichu Base.

Then, for half a month, Su Chen hunted fierce beasts everywhere.

With his current strength, hunting ordinary fierce beasts was too easy.

His efficiency had increased a lot compared to before.

Su Chen used the money from hunting fierce beasts to buy a small truck.

It was the latest model of an essence-powered car.

Only martial artists were qualified to buy it.

This car had cost a total of one million yuan.

But this money was nothing to the current Su Chen.

He had the talent of healing.

Even if it was a medium-sized fierce beast, it wouldn’t be able to kill him.

On the contrary, Su Chen was able to use his speed and saber techniques to forcefully exhaust it to death.

In just half a month, Su Chen had paid off the 10 million yuan loan and saved 5 million yuan.

His family also had a lot of mid-level fierce beast blood.

After having these resources, Su Chen could rest assured and cultivate boldly.

Su Chen’s current strength was less than 20,000 jin.

And the peak of an elite martial artist could reach a strength of 100,000 Jin! Therefore, Su Chen still had a long way to go.

Su Chen was summarizing the experiences he had gained from cultivating for such a long time.

Although he had many talents, they were basically all support-type talents, but none of them could be used for offense.

“Next time, I’ll look for an offensive-type talent!” Su Chen thought for a while.

He didn’t plan on becoming a martial artist of the Taichu Base.

There were a total of 300,000 people and there were very few people who could become martial artists.

There were even fewer people who had talent in attributes.

Su Chen’s goal was still to become a fierce beast.

Among fierce beasts, many had talent in attributes.

Once one locked onto a fierce beast, one could search for it purposefully.

It was much better than aimlessly trying one’s luck in a crowd.

Su Chen trained at home for half a month in one go.

He trained crazily every day, cultivating the vital qi body tempering technique non-stop.

If it was someone else doing this, their body would have been crippled long ago.

However, Su Chen now had top-notch healing talent.

He did not have to worry at all.

The injuries to his body could be healed in an instant.

As for the energy used for healing, it was all replenished by the Beast’s blood.

His cultivation speed instantly soared.

In just half a month’s time, Su Chen’s strength had increased to 30,000 jin! This was the result that he could only achieve in a few months under normal conditions.

Su Chen went to the martial arts hall again.

This time, he bought a detailed fierce beast illustrated handbook.

“Huge strength bear, an intermediate fierce beast.

It has twice the strength of an ordinary fierce beast.

It should have a strength talent.

” Su Chen shook his head after reading it.

The strength talent of this huge strength bear wasn’t high.

It should be a low or low grade beast.

If Su Chen wanted to increase his attack power, he would need at least an intermediate talent.

“Flaming bird, an intermediate beast.

It can spit high-temperature flames.

” Su Chen estimated that the flaming bird’s fire talent should only be at the low grade.

After flipping through a few pages, Su Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Su Chen suddenly saw a suitable target.

Su Chen looked at the introduction in the illustrated handbook.

Strength ants were only low-level fierce beasts.

Su Chen could easily kill them.

However, these strength ants usually appeared in groups, and there were tens of thousands of them.

Even a great martial artist would definitely die if they continued to fight with them.

The strength of the strength ants was definitely not weak.

As a low-level fierce beast, their strength could surpass most of the middle-level fierce beasts.

Even an ordinary ant’s strength was a hundred times heavier than its body weight.

Not to mention the fierce beast ants after the world’s upheaval.

According to Su Chen’s estimation, this kind of strength ant’s strength talent was at least middle-level or even higher! Su Chen scratched his head.

Although he had a target.

But there were no such terrifying beasts near the Taichu Base.

If there was a nest of strength ants near the Taichu Base, the entire base would have been destroyed long ago.

“That’s not right.

” Su Chen suddenly scratched his head.

He seemed to have fallen into a logical error.

Why was he looking for the strength ant? As long as he found the complete corpse of the strength ant, he could obtain the strength talent.