Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 26

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Top-Tier Healing Talent! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL Three months passed very quickly.

Su Chen felt like he had been reborn.

All of his skin had been tempered to the point that it was as hard as steel.

Not even a scratch would be left on his body.

Moreover, his strength had reached the limit of 10,000 jin! The current Su Chen had officially become an elite martial artist.

However, he could not be considered an early-stage elite martial artist because he still needed to temper his blood.

Only by tempering all the blood in his body to a more powerful level could he replenish his body and allow his body to complete another evolution.

Cultivation was a process of evolution! Su Chen had not started to extract the blood, so he needed to first make sufficient internal organs.

Refining the blood was a very troublesome process.

He needed to extract all the impurities in the blood bit by bit, and then refine the pure blood.

This process required a lot of blood.




All kinds of supplies also needed to be followed.

Once the blood in the body was used up, even elite martial artists would die without a doubt.

The best way to replenish the blood, of course, was to take the fierce beast blood.

As the saying went, what was eaten was replenished.

Therefore, the process of extracting the blood required a large amount of fierce beast blood.

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COM If it wasn’t for the cultivation of the big families, at the elite martial artist stage, the speed of growth of strength would be very slow.

In the entire Taichu Base, fierce beast blood was very scarce.

It was since elite martial artists hoarded the vast majority of it.

The fierce beast blood they consumed every day was enough to shock ordinary martial artists.

Fortunately, Su Chen had ten portions of high-grade fierce beast blood that Tang Ling had given him.

Otherwise, it would not have been enough for him to squander.

During these three months, Su Chen did not waste his duplication talent.

In the Taichu Base, he duplicated three intermediate cultivation talents and fused them into his body.

His advanced cultivation had already reached the peak.

If he could fuse another advanced cultivation talent, he should be able to transform! Perhaps he could directly become the legendary top-tier cultivation talent! After another three days, Su Chen was refining his blood.

After the initial refinement was completed, Su Chen had successfully stepped into the early-stage elite martial artist.

His strength had also become 13,000 Jin! With this kind of strength, Su Chen was much more confident in his heart.

He planned to continue heading to the Lake of Death.

The lighthouse jellyfish’s talent was very important to him.

He had to get it! In the forest near the Lake of Death, Su Chen was hiding in a dark shadow.

Although his strength had increased a lot… His cultivation had reached the elite martial artist realm, his blade aura had reached the initial success realm, and his shadowless blade had reached the peak of the great success realm.

However, the danger level of the Lake of Death was much more terrifying than he had imagined.

One had to know that there were top-tier fierce beasts here.

Once one encountered a top-tier fierce beast, even a martial grandmaster would die instantly, let alone an elite martial artist like Su Chen.

Night gradually descended.

The entire world was hidden in the shadows.

At this moment, Su Chen began to move, approaching the lake as fast as he could.

Although his shadow talent would be discovered by high-tier fierce beasts, he could avoid the sight of low-tier fierce beasts and mid-tier fierce beasts.

Su Chen carefully entered the lake.

The lake water was bone-chilling, and there was a gloomy aura everywhere.

If an ordinary person came here, they would probably be scared to the point of fainting.

In the somewhat viscous lake water, Su Chen couldn’t help but shiver.

He was now an elite martial artist, so he could stay in the water for an hour without inhaling.

Therefore, Su Chen only had one hour! He had to find the lighthouse jellyfish, or else he had to quickly go ashore.

It was extremely dark under the water and Su Chen could only see about one meter with his naked eyes.

Fortunately, he still had the ability to duplicate.

After becoming an elite martial artist, Su Chen’s ability to duplicate had been improved, and now he could detect any creature within ten meters.

Soon, an aquatic fierce beast appeared nearby.

Fierce Beast: Tigerhead Fish Bloodline Talent: Intermediate This tigerhead fish was not weak and Su Chen did not want to provoke it.

Relying on his shadow talent, Su Chen carefully avoided it.

Underwater, there were hidden dangers everywhere.

Su Chen even detected a high-level fierce beast.

When he was ten meters away, Su Chen hurriedly stopped.

Fortunately, that high-level fierce beast did not release his spiritual power.

Otherwise, Su Chen would have died here.

After exploring in the water for more than half an hour, Su Chen finally found his target.

In front of him, there was a large group of lighthouse jellyfish! Fierce Beast: Lighthouse Jellyfish Bloodline talent: Elementary “Top-tier Talent!” Su Chen was shocked.

He knew that the lighthouse jellyfish’s healing ability was very strong but he did not expect it to be a top-tier talent! Su Chen was so excited that his hands were trembling.

He followed behind the group of lighthouse jellyfish and calmed down, looking for a good opportunity.

When the lighthouse jellyfish stopped, Su Chen suddenly appeared and touched the tentacles of a jellyfish.

In an instant, Su Chen completed the duplication.

Then he immediately began to escape.

Su Chen’s speed talent was still useful in the water, faster than the lighthouse jellyfish’s swimming.

Su Chen quickly ran out of the lake and sat on the shore, taking a few deep breaths.

The situation just now was very dangerous.

If he was surrounded by the lighthouse jellyfish, or if he provoked other fierce beasts during his escape, he would definitely have died.

Su Chen took a few deep breaths and immediately escaped.

The shore of the Lake of Death was definitely not a good place! Soon, he ran to the small cave he had found and blocked the entrance.