Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 29

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Team Up! Let’s Go! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL “We’re all here to participate in the beast clearing plan.

Once the trade route is opened, the benefits to the Taichu Base will be unimaginable.

In the future, we’ll be able to buy many treasures that we’ve never seen before.

” “Of course, this operation will be dangerous, but the harvest will also be very bountiful.

All the treasures obtained in the process will belong to you.

If you can not take away the materials for the fierce beasts you have killed, we will also send half of them to you after the operation is over.

As long as you are participating in this operation, each martial artist will be rewarded with 20 portions of fierce beast blood and 2,000,000 yuan.

Elite martial artists will be rewarded with three portions of high-grade fierce beast blood and 10,000,000 yuan.

” Lin Dong’s words instantly caused the surrounding crowd to boil with fervor.

Everyone was extremely excited.

If they survived this trip, they would be rich! Looking at these excited martial artists, Su Chen helplessly shook her head.

These people were too childish.

The Lin family had only made empty promises, yet they had so many free thugs.

No matter how one looked at it, it was a business that was guaranteed to make a profit.

Moreover, if these martial artists were to be sacrificed in the operation, the Lin family would not give a single dollar.

In total, the Lin family would never be at a disadvantage.

“There are 200 martial artists here…” Su Chen looked around and saw that almost everyone had arrived.




Adding on the martial artists that the few large families had stirred up, the total number of people in this operation exceeded 1000! One-third of the Taichu Base’s martial artists had participated in this operation! Not long after, the Lin family pulled out a large pillar.

This was a type of equipment that tested strength, and it was also a piece of elemental energy equipment.

As long as one punched with their fists, it would be able to display the strength of the martial artist.

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COM The martial artists walked forward one by one to test and then were divided into groups.

Su Chen suppressed his own strength.

A punch with a strength of 9,000 jin was also at the late stage of the martial artist realm.

Even so, it still caused everyone to exclaim in surprise.

This was because Su Chen was too young, which meant that he had extremely high talent.

Even Lin Dong wanted to recruit Su Chen but was rejected by him.

From his point of view, Su Chen was probably only an intermediate cultivation talent.

Although he was not weak, it was enough for the Lin family to view him as a treasure.

Next, it was time to divide into groups.

The tasks they needed to complete were different.

Elite martial artists needed to deal with mid-level fierce beasts, while martial artists only needed to clear some low-level fierce beasts.

Su Chen glanced around and saw that the Wind Dragon Hunting Team only had eight people, and was still short of two people.

“Captain Wind Dragon, do you want to form a team?” Wind Dragon hesitated for a moment.

“Little Brother, your talent is very strong.

You can totally join a team that is made up entirely of late-stage martial artists.

I am the only late-stage martial artist on our team.

I might be a burden to you.

” Su Chen waved his hand.

“I have long heard of Captain Wind Dragon’s reputation.

I think you are a good person, so I am willing to team up with you.

If you are not willing, it is fine.

” Wind Dragon smiled and then extended a hand to Su Chen, “You are welcome to join us.

” Soon, another mid-stage martial artist joined the team.

The other teams were also divided one after another.

As the leader of the team, Wind Dragon took out a map that had just been distributed and spread it out in front of everyone.

“Our mission this time is to clear out the fierce beasts in this area.

” Su Chen looked over.

That area was not close, about 40 kilometers away from the Taichu Base.

One of the team members frowned.

“Leader, we have never been to such a far place.

” “We have no choice.

The mission this time is more difficult.

After all, the trade route spans 100 kilometers.

” The danger was unavoidable.

Otherwise, the reward for this operation would not be so high.

After making a simple battle plan, everyone set off.

The 40 kilometers journey was very dangerous.

Ten people were all martial artists, so they chose to go on foot.

If they encountered danger, they could escape faster.

On the way, Su Chen made plans in his mind.

First, he would complete the assigned tasks with the Wind Dragon and then go alone to the place where the power ants were to duplicate their talents.

Soon, Su Chen also became familiar with a few of his teammates.

The name of the Wind Dragon was Yang Feng.

The Wind Dragon was the name of the entire hunting team.

However, after a long time, he was also called the Wind Dragon.

His talent was only at the elementary level.

It was already quite difficult for him to cultivate to the advanced stage of the martial artist realm.

After all, it was only a theoretical matter for elementary cultivation talent to be able to cultivate to the elite martial artist realm.

In fact, it was already very difficult for him to cultivate to the advanced stage of the martial artist realm.

The reason why the Wind Dragon participated in this operation was to obtain some precious materials and try to see if there was a chance for him to breakthrough.

He had been fighting fierce beasts all year round, so he was confident that he could carry out this kind of mission to eliminate fierce beasts.

“Little Brother Su Chen, with such a strong talent, why did you come here?” Wind Dragon asked curiously.

Su Chen only said two words.

After Wind Dragon heard it, he was immediately filled with respect.

It must be known that a genius like Su Chen would not go to the wild alone but would join some big forces.

In large factions, not only were there abundant cultivation resources but if they wanted to come out and temper themselves, there would also be experts from their families protecting them in the dark.

Su Chen had such high cultivation talent, yet he was willing to come out and take risks alone.

Wind Dragon was secretly surprised.

If he was Su Chen, he probably would not be able to do all of this.