Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 15

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Improvement of Little Sister’s Talent! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL After dinner, Su Chen took out a small bottle of milky-white stalactite liquid.

“Su Han, this is a health product I bought in the shop.

You should drink it.

” Su Han took it curiously and tasted it.

It was a little sweet but it tasted good.

As soon as she drank it, Su Han felt warm and comfortable.

“Wow, it’s amazing!” Su Han said in surprise.

She soon remembered that her brother hadn’t drunk it yet.

“Brother, aren’t you going to drink it?” Su Chen smiled and said dotingly, “I’ve drunk it.

This is for you.

” .



His sister nodded and drank all the stalactite milk in one go.

“How do you feel?” Su Chen asked with concern.

Su Han burped as she spoke.

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COM Su Chen smiled and then told his sister seriously, “The thing I gave you today is very precious.

You can’t tell anyone about it outside.

” If others knew about the stalactite milk, they might be killed.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.

” Su Han nodded heavily.

After drinking, they continued eating.

Su Chen activated his duplication talent and observed his sister’s changes.

After a few minutes, Su Han’s situation changed! Cultivation Talent: Elementary Ice Talent: Elementary (not awakened) After about an hour, Su Chen found that his sister’s situation had changed again.

Cultivation Talent: Intermediate Ice Talent: Elementary (not awakened) The effect was so obvious! Su Chen observed for another day, but his sister’s talent did not continue to increase.

This was because the stalactite milk only affected those below intermediate talent.

His sister had already reached the limit and could not continue to increase.

However, with his sister’s intermediate cultivation talent, there was a high chance that she could become a warrior, so Su Chen was relieved.

As his own strength increased, the conditions at home would definitely become better and better.

Su Chen contacted the nearby schools.

He was now very rich, so he chose to send his sister to school.

Staying at home all day, it was very easy for her to become autistic.

His sister was only thirteen years old.

At this age, she should be playing with her peers without any worries.

At first, his younger sister didn’t agree because she knew that her family was very poor.

However, Su Chen told her that he had participated in an activity organized by the school and got a placement and a bonus.

Only then did Su Han nod and agree.

After settling his younger sister’s situation, Su Chen devoted himself to cultivation.

He cultivated for a month in one breath and his strength had broken through to 800 pounds.

Now, he was already an advanced level martial apprentice and was about the same level as a martial artist.

And according to his real combat strength, the average martial artist could only fight him 50-50.

Unfortunately, without the fierce beast blood, the speed of his cultivation slowed down.

According to Su Chen’s estimation, it would still take some time for him to become a martial artist.

At the same time, the Liu family held a celebration banquet.

Because Liu Mubai had been in seclusion for a month, when he came out again, he had already stepped into the level of a martial artist.

He immediately found his servant and began to calculate in a low voice in the room.

“Elder Li, how’s the investigation going?” The old man standing next to him was his servant, Li Zheng.

He was a low-level martial artist who usually helped Liu Mubai with his work.

“Young Master, we have investigated thoroughly.

That Su Chen doesn’t have any background.

His parents were both martial artists but they are both dead.

Only his younger sister lives with him.

” Hearing this, a terrifying killing intent appeared on Liu Mubai’s face.

“I actually allowed this little brat to live until now.

If I wasn’t in seclusion, he would have died long ago.

” “Find someone to kill him.

” Li Zheng’s expression changed drastically when he heard Liu Mubai’s words.

“Young Master, you want to kill him in the base? You can’t do such a thing.

If you’re found out, it will implicate the entire family.

” Liu Mubai snorted coldly.

“That’s because you’re found out.

As long as you’re not found out, everything will be fine.

” “Young Master, what do you mean?” “Hire an assassin organization!” There was indeed such an assassin in the Taichu Base, called the Shadow Assassin.

“But to kill a martial apprentice and spend so much money…” Li Zheng hesitated for a moment.

In his opinion, this deal was not worth it.

Su Chen had already reached the strength of a martial apprentice.

If he wanted to hire an assassin to kill him, he would need at least a million! “Hehe, what do you know?” Liu Mubai laughed.

“Looking at his resume, he has only just turned 15 years old and has already reached the martial apprentice realm.

I reckon that his talent is not weak.

In the future, it is very likely that he will become a martial artist.

” “Killing him now requires a million.

But when he becomes a martial artist, killing him is very likely to cost 10 million yuan! So do you think… it is worth it?” “Young Master, I understand.

” Li Zheng nodded repeatedly.

“I’ll go and contact the assassin organization right away.

” After saying that, Li Zheng left.

Only Liu Mubai remained in the room, thinking about something.

“The Shadow Assassin.

That fellow awakened an attribute talent called shadow.

Although it’s only an elementary talent, it’s still very powerful.

He can hide in any shadow.

Even an elite martial artist would find it hard to find him.

That’s why this guy dared to kill people all over the base.

” According to Liu Mubai’s understanding of the Shadow Assassin, it was impossible for him to fail in assassinating Su Chen.