Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 14

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Increase in Strength! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL “This is the eyeball of the great green leaf python.

It’s actually with you!” The teacher said in surprise, “This material is worth 1,000 points.

Including the previous materials, there will be a total of 1,170 points!” Hearing this, the gazes of everyone present focused on him.

Especially Liu Mubai’s eyes, which were emitting cold killing intent.

“You are truly bold.

You actually dared to snatch my things.

” A lackey beside him came over and whispered, “Brother Liu, this person seems to be from the Fifth Academy.

” Liu Mubai was even more furious.

The Fifth Academy was the weakest one in the Taichu Base.




Liu Mubai had always looked down on the Fifth Academy, thinking that the students there were all trash.

In the end, his prey was snatched away by the trash in his eyes.

He didn’t care about a portion of the fierce beast blood but this incident had made him lose face.

“What do you mean by robbing you? The fierce beasts in the forest are ownerless.

Since I killed them, then the materials are naturally mine.

” Su Chen wasn’t afraid at all as he said with a smile.

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COM As long as he obtained the reward of first place this time, he would be able to rise to the level of a martial artist very quickly.

Moreover, he would be able to replicate the achievements of others in the future.

He would be far above Liu Mubai.

As long as he was in the Taichu Base, Liu Mubai wouldn’t be able to touch him directly.

If he wanted to use his family’s status to suppress him, Su Chen wouldn’t care at all.

As long as his strength rose, he would definitely become a big shot in the Taichu Base in the future.

There were plenty of ways to make Liu Mubai regret it.

Liu Mubai glared at him fiercely.

Just like what Su Chen had said, even if he disliked Su Chen again, there was nothing he could do.

Just as Su Chen had planned, he obtained first place in this trial competition.

Three portions of intermediate beast blood! 100,000 yuan! During these few days, Su Chen did not directly drink the intermediate beast blood.

Instead, he drank the low-level fierce beast blood first to solidify his foundation.

The great green leaf python’s fierce beast blood had all been refined and Su Chen’s strength had also increased to 450 jin.

Now, his strength could be considered mid-level in the five diagrams.

But it was still not enough! Su Chen held a small bottle full of anticipation.

This was the mid-level fierce beast blood that he had obtained from the trial competition.

He didn’t know how much of an improvement it would bring! Su Chen didn’t dare to drink it in one gulp.

He only took a small sip.

Incomparably violent energy entered his body through his throat.

Su Chen felt as if a bomb had exploded within his body.

His entire body was in intense pain.

His internal organs and blood vessels seemed to be on the verge of being destroyed.

The intense pain caused Su Chen’s mind to turn white and his thoughts became chaotic.

Only his muscle memory could help him continue to perform the body tempering technique.

If he could not hold on to his true heart, he would very likely become a lunatic.

This was the danger of using the blood of fierce beasts but, at the same time, the danger also brought huge benefits.

The energy of the blood of fierce beasts was almost exhausted and only then did Su Chen feel better.

He was surprised to find that he had practiced the body tempering technique eight times in a row! This was something that he had never dared to think about before! The improvement brought by the body tempering technique eight times was also very huge.

And this was only a small sip! Feeling the change in his body’s strength, Su Chen smiled in satisfaction.

If he kept using the fierce beast blood, he would be able to become a warrior in about a month’s time! However, the mid-level fierce beast blood was limited, and it was only enough for him to practice for five days.

In these five days, Su Chen was confident that his strength would increase to 600 jin.

With 600 jin of strength, coupled with his speed talent and mid-grade blade technique talent, Su Chen felt that there should be no martial artists who were his match.

Even martial artists who were weaker might not be able to defeat him.

Su Chen suddenly remembered that he still had a pot of stalactite milk that he had not used.

He still didn’t know the function of the stalactite milk, so he needed to inquire about it.

To inquire about the function of the world treasure, he needed a treasure illustrated book.

This was all accumulated from the experience of previous people.

Such a treasure illustrated book cost 1,000 yuan.

If it was in the past, he would definitely be very distressed.

But after receiving the 100,000 yuan reward from the first place winner, he could be considered a bit wealthy now.

That afternoon, Su Chen went to the store and bought a very high-quality treasure illustrated book.

After flipping through half a book, Su Chen finally saw the records of the stalactite milk.

“The stalactite milk is formed after absorbing the Heaven and Earth yuan qi.

It is a very precious cultivation resource.

It can increase one’s cultivation talent and is effective for people with intermediate cultivation talent and below.

There’s a small probability that Earth elemental stones will appear in the place where the stalactite milk is found.

It can help high-level cultivation talent warriors increase their talent.

” Su Chen was immediately shocked.

In this world, there was actually a treasure that could directly increase one’s cultivation talent.

If this kind of thing was sold outside, it was estimated that one set would be worth millions or even tens of millions of yuan.

However, Su Chen understood that people could not reveal their wealth.

Once someone knew that he had such a treasure, he would probably be robbed the next day.

Su Chen thought for a moment and finally understood why the great green leaf python was able to break through to become a fierce beast.

It must have used the stalactite milk in the cave, so its talent had broken through.

However, this kind of thing was not necessary for Su Chen.

He could copy other people’s talent directly and he had an intermediate cultivation talent now.

However, Su Han’s talent was only a low-level cultivation talent, so it was difficult for her to become a warrior.

Why not… give it to his sister?