Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 16

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Shadow Assassin! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL Two days later, Su Chen was cultivating in the forest behind the academy.

All of a sudden, Su Chen’s expression changed as he looked at the shadow under a tree not far away.

By now, he had already formed a habit.

Usually, he would keep his cloning talent open and he would be able to receive the corresponding data for any creature within three meters.

Cultivation Talent: Inferior Shadow Talent: Elementary “There’s actually a person?” Su Chen was stunned for a moment.

He looked at the shadow but he couldn’t see it with his naked eye.

“It seems that this person used his attribute talent to hide.

This person’s strength is probably at the level of a fighter but his talent is only inferior, so his strength shouldn’t be too strong.

” Su Chen quickly deduced the situation in front of him.




It was already very late and he was the only one in this small forest, so Xiao Xuan’s goal could only be him! But this smile contained cold killing intent.

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COM He didn’t know this Xiao Xuan and he hadn’t provoked anyone recently.

Then the answer was very clear.

Su Chen knew that Liu Mubai wouldn’t let him off easily but he thought that the other party would only give him some trouble.

He didn’t expect that the other party would directly hire an assassin to assassinate him.

“I will definitely kill you.

” The current situation was very dangerous.

After all, the other party was a martial artist and he was very experienced in assassination.

However, there were also opportunities in the crisis.

Su Chen’s duplication talent could be used.

The other party had a shadow talent.

This was a good opportunity to increase Su Chen’s strength.

If he could duplicate the shadow talent, Su Chen could go to many places that he couldn’t reach before.

“I must get rid of him!” Just as Xiao Xuan was about to make his move, Su Chen made his move first.

His speed talent was pushed to the limit in an instant.

At this moment, Su Chen’s speed was so fast that even an ordinary martial artist could not keep up with him.

Xiao Xuan hid in the shadows under the tree.

He did not take this mission very seriously.

He was just a martial apprentice.

He was a shadow assassin with the strength of a martial artist.

How could he miss? At this moment, a figure flashed past in front of him.

Xiao Xuan widened his eyes in shock.

The blade in Su Chen’s hand slashed out rapidly.

Su Chen’s speed was very fast but the blade in his hand was even faster! After all, he had an intermediate-grade talent in blade arts.

In the shadows, a smear of fresh blood splattered out.

Xiao Xuan let out a blood-curdling scream and immediately appeared.

A large gash had already appeared on his shoulder.

If Su Chen’s strength had increased a little earlier, his arm would have been chopped off.

Xiao Xuan’s face was gloomy.

He did not expect to be seriously injured when facing a martial artist.

His right hand was useless.

Xiao Xuan held a short blade in his left hand and rushed toward Su Chen.

It was no longer an assassination mission.

He had to take revenge on Su Chen.

In his opinion, he was a martial artist while Su Chen was only a martial apprentice.

There was no reason for him to lose.

But when they seriously fought, he was dumbfounded.

Su Chen’s speed was much faster than his and his blade skills were incomparably exquisite.

Every move was aimed at him at an extremely tricky angle.

Xiao Xuan only had a short blade in his hand, so he couldn’t move his sword at all.

Su Chen found an opportunity and slashed at his chest.

Xiao Xuan snorted coldly.

His body quickly disappeared into the shadows beside him.

He realized that he couldn’t beat Su Chen, so he naturally chose to escape.

However, Su Chen rushed to the grass beside him and slashed at an empty spot.

Xiao Xuan’s body was directly sent flying, covered in blood.

“How did you find my position?” Xiao Xuan’s face was full of shock.

His talent was very unique.

Even elite warriors couldn’t find him with the naked eye.

Unless he was a great warrior who had cultivated spiritual power, only then could he find out his position.

It was also because of his shadow talent that Xiao Xuan dared to kill people in the Taichu Base unscrupulously.

He didn’t expect to fall in the hands of a warrior today! Su Chen didn’t give him the chance to talk nonsense.

He rushed forward and chopped off his head.

If the body was damaged, it was impossible to duplicate the talent.

Therefore, during the fight, Su Chen had already completed the duplication.

And he started to merge on the spot.

Now that his physical fitness was very strong, the pain of merging the talent was also reduced a lot.

In less than ten minutes, the fusion was completed.

Su Chen stretched out his hand and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

This kind of pain was nothing to him.

His talent had increased by one more.

Cultivation Talent: Intermediate Blade Talent: Intermediate Shadow Talent: Elementary There were only four types of talent! Su Chen was very satisfied with his own strength.

No one in the Taichu Base had more talent than him.

He was absolutely invincible in a battle of the same level! Su Chen walked to Xiao Xuan’s side curiously and checked his bag.

Xiao Xuan’s short blade was very good.

It was completely black and extremely sharp! “This seems to be a yuan weapon?” Su Chen waved it twice and felt that it felt very good.

After he became a martial artist, this short blade should be able to display even more power.

He continued to search Xiao Xuan’s body and found a secret manual and a few savings cards.

Su Chen suddenly became excited.

These few savings cards were worth several million yuan! This was the wealth that Xiao Xuan had earned from killing people for many years and all of it fell into Su Chen’s hands!