Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 13

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 13

Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL At that moment, Su Chen was already very far away.

He found another small cave and planned to cultivate there for a period of time.

He already had 1000 points, which was something that others could not catch up to no matter what.

The trial competition had already gone on for one and a half days and there were still one and a half days left, so it was impossible for anyone to surpass him.

Su Chen took out the fierce beast blood and poured it into his mouth.

After drinking it, Su Chen immediately began to use the body tempering technique.

Warm energy gathered in his internal organs.

Su Chen felt his body heating up and his strength constantly rose.

After completing all twenty-three movements, Su Chen clearly felt the fierce beast blood in his body had been used up.

Su Chen checked the increase in his strength and was immediately overjoyed! .



His cultivation speed had increased by five times! Moreover, this was only the low-grade fierce beast blood.

If it was the middle-grade fierce beast blood, the improvement would be even more obvious! No wonder so many people had become martial artists, or even elite martial artists at such a young age.

Su Chen finally understood.

Not only were they talented in cultivation but they had also poured in a large number of resources.

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COM To put it bluntly, many people had piled up the resources.

After Su Chen practiced body tempering ten times in the cave, he found that he was not that tired.

It seemed that he could continue practicing.

After practicing the body tempering technique once again, he found that it was very easy and his body did not suffer any harm.

Su Chen seemed to have understood something.

“Under normal circumstances, a person can only practice body tempering technique ten times a day because the human body had a limit.

But after using the blood of fierce beasts, the blood of fierce beasts can help a martial artist break through the limit and they can practice body tempering technique twenty-three times a day.

” Su Chen immediately became excited.

Like the martial artists in some large families, they had a lot of resources and could use the blood of Fierce Beasts to continue practicing.

Therefore, their strength increased very quickly.

Su Chen felt the strength of his body.

According to this speed, before the end of the trial competition, he should be able to have 400 jin of strength.

While Su Chen was cultivating, the other students had already started fighting.

It wasn’t just the hunting of wild beasts.

Many students were fighting among themselves.

Although they didn’t dare to kill easily, some of the weaker martial artists had all the wild beasts that they had painstakingly hunted taken away.

Three days passed very quickly.

The trial had ended.

“Chen Zhuo, 20 points!” “An Sheng, 15 points!” “Liu Yang, 40 points!” “Wang Dong, 0 points.

” The teacher who was counting the points looked at Wang Dong in surprise.

This unlucky fellow was covered in injuries.

Without guessing, he must have been robbed of all his materials.

The teacher was already used to such things.

This kind of situation would happen every year during the trial competition.

“Wang Yunhai, 210 points!” The surrounding students exclaimed, especially the students of the Second Academy, their faces were full of conceit and pride.

Liu Mubai sneered disdainfully.

A mere 210 points and he was qualified to challenge him? Wang Yunhai looked at Liu Mubai proudly.

His gains were three large backpacks.

However, the next moment, the teacher who counted the points counted Liu Mubai’s gains and came up with a shocking score.

Wang Yunhai’s face was filled with shock.

He didn’t expect Liu Mubai’s score to be so high! “You must have snatched other people’s materials!” He didn’t admit it.

But he didn’t deny it either.

Wang Yunhai’s face flushed red but there was nothing he could do.

“Liu Mubai should be the champion this time.

He has a total of 530 points.

Among the geniuses of the First Academy, he is the strongest!” “Liu Mubai can be considered as the number one disciple of our Taichu Base1! He will definitely be in first place this time.

” “Not necessarily.

Don’t you know that a fierce beast appeared in the forest and escaped after being severely injured by Liu Mubai and the others? I heard that it was picked up by others in the end.

That fierce beast is worth 1000 points!” “There is such a thing? If someone killed that fierce beast, he would probably be in first place.

” “Don’t think that he’s lucky to be able to snatch it from Liu Mubai.

This person is seriously gutsy.

” “If he uses the beast’s eyeballs to exchange for points, the matter will definitely be exposed.

Liu Mubai won’t let him off.

” “So what? The first prize is three portions of intermediate beast blood! If it were me, even if I offended Liu Mubai, I would still exchange for the prize.

” “I guess he still wouldn’t dare.

Liu Mubai’s family is very powerful in the Taichu Base.

Although they can’t directly attack you, they can still make you wish you were dead.

” At this moment, Liu Mubai’s gaze had been locked at the entrance.

He was waiting.

He wanted to see who was courting death and actually dared to steal his things.

Just as the trial competition was about to end, Su Chen whistled as he walked out of the forest.

He was carrying a large backpack and a small backpack.

After placing the large backpack on the table, Su Chen raised his head and said to the teacher, “Teacher, please help me calculate my points.

” After the teacher finished counting, he said, “A total of 170 points.

” This was already quite a lot of points, roughly ranked around 15th place.

However, at the next moment, Su Chen took out the eyeballs of the great green leaf python from the small backpack and placed them on the table.

When the pair of eyes were placed on the table, a thick smell of blood permeated the air.