Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 12

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 12

Chapter 12: 1000 Points and Stalactite Milk! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL After advancing for some distance, Su Chen heard the sounds of battle coming from the front.

From the sounds, the battle ahead was very intense.

Could it be that the half-beast great green leaf python was besieged again? Su Chen gradually approached it.

Although it was a half-beast, it was very powerful.

However, there were many martial apprentices at their peaks on the team.

If they besieged the great green leaf python, it should be very easy.

Su Chen increased his speed and arrived at the scene in less than a minute.

However, the situation here was somewhat different from what he had imagined.




More than ten martial apprentices were besieging the great green leaf python.

This great green leaf python was 15 meters long! It had already evolved to the level of a fierce beast! However, it had just become a fierce beast, so its strength was not too strong.

Su Chen looked at it for a while and was puzzled.

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COM How did this great green leaf Python suddenly become a fierce beast? A half-fierce beast was worth 500 points.

But if it was a fierce beast, it was worth 1000 points! This was a beast.

If he killed it, the beast blood in its body could also increase his strength.

Moreover, the beast’s body was full of treasures.

Its skin, teeth, and bones were all very valuable.

It could be said that they were very lucky to be able to encounter this great green leaf python that had just become a beast.

In fact, its strength was not much stronger than a peak-level martial artist.

Su Chen hid in the forest to observe and did not make a move.

He watched the battle for about ten minutes.

The outcome of the battle was about to be decided.

Most of the martial artists who were besieging had retreated with injuries.

Only six people were left.

They were the six geniuses with intermediate cultivation talent from the First Academy.

The six of them were all peak disciples and there were many wounds on their bodies.

However, the great green leaf python’s injuries were even more severe.

Its skin was filled with arrows and there were wounds everywhere.

Even the top of its head had been slashed open.

All of a sudden, the great green leaf python went crazy.

It directly activated its bloodline power and its speed soared to a whole new level.

Its huge body fled into the depths of the forest and soon disappeared.

“F*ck! It ran away again!” Liu Mubai cursed.

It was the same last time.

As long as this great green leaf python realized that it couldn’t beat them, it would run away.

And they couldn’t catch up.

In the dark, Su Chen grinned and his body rapidly flew out, shuttling through the forest.

“This is awesome.

After I activated my speed talent, my speed is even faster than this fierce beast!” Su Chen was very excited.

His speed was above that of the great green leaf python.

Even if he could not beat it, he could still escape.

Soon, Su Chen caught up in a cave.

This place was extremely dark and quiet.

The great green leaf python was already very weak.

It lay on the rock and did not move.

Seeing this, Su Chen did not show any mercy and directly rushed forward with his blade.

Using his speed talent to the maximum, he instantly slashed at the great green leaf python’s head.

Although Su Chen’s strength was only 300 jin, more than ten slashes were enough to kill the great green leaf python.

“I can collect the fierce beast’s blood now!” Su Chen excitedly took out his canteen and cut open the scales of the great green leaf python, stabbing it in the heart.

The great green leaf python had just evolved and there was only the blood in the heart.

It was fierce beast’s blood.

Su Chen only wanted this.

The blood flowing in the heart was just enough to fill a pot.

This pot was equivalent to five portions of low-level fierce beast’s blood.

It was a huge profit! Su Chen continued to size it up.

The skin of the great green leaf python was also very valuable.

However, he couldn’t get it removed in a short period of time.

Liu Mubai and the others would probably catch up soon.

Su Chen had to leave quickly.

Su Chen walked towards the depths of the cave step-by-step.

That great green leaf python wanted to return here no matter what.

Could it be that there was some treasure that attracted it? Walking to the end of the cave, Su Chen’s eyes widened in shock.

There was a small stone pool in front of him.

There was some milky-white liquid gathered inside.

From the rock ceiling above, came some pale white liquid that was condensing and about to drip down a stalactite.

“This is a stalactite?” Su Chen had never seen this thing before.

It was all based on guesses.

He went over and sniffed it.

He could feel the powerful energy contained within.

It must be something good! Su Chen took out another water bottle and took all the stalactite milk away.

Liu Mubai and the others were about to rush over.

Su Chen thought for a moment and directly collapsed the cave entrance.

It covered up the fact that there were treasures here.

According to Su Chen’s guess, since stalactite milk would be born here, there might be something more precious in the rock wall.

He wanted to explore it slowly in the future.

After erasing all traces, Su Chen dug out the eyes of the great green leaf python and left this place.

When more than ten minutes passed after he left, Liu Mubai and the others arrived.

Liu Mubai walked closer to take a look and his expression instantly became gloomy.

They had chased for half a day, and so many people were heavily injured, but the results were actually taken away? The eyes of the great green leaf python were gone, as was the vicious beast blood in its heart.

These were the two most important things! Looking at the mutilated corpse of the great green leaf python, the people of the First Academy were extremely infuriated.

If they were to meet the person who had stolen the vicious beast’s eyes, they would definitely not let him off!