Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 11

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 11

Chapter 11: News of the Great Green Leaf Python! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL Su Chen took out the bow on his back and shot an arrow.

The arrow pierced through the wolf’s body and took its life.

The alpha wolf found Su Chen and howled.

Under the command of the alpha wolf, the wolf pack immediately surrounded Su Chen.

“Su Chen, run! You don’t have to save us!” Zhang Wen shouted.

He knew that Su Chen’s strength was about the same as his.

And he had just become a martial artist.

Su Chen felt warmth in his heart when he heard this.

This little fatty didn’t want to drag him down.

He was quite a nice person.




Su Chen thought for a moment.

If he went all out, he would be able to kill all these wild wolves very quickly.

However, his strength would also be exposed.

After thinking for a moment, Su Chen still felt that he should reserve some strength.

The strength of these wild wolves was not weak.

Especially the alpha wolf.

It was able to contend against a martial artist with a strength of 500 jin1.

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COM However, Su Chen was able to completely suppress the wolf in terms of strength by using his blade skills and speed.

He had reserved a certain amount of strength and only used 1.

5 times his speed.

Still, his intermediate talent with blade skills allowed him to slash at the vital parts of the wild wolf with every slash.

The blade sliced through the wild wolves’ necks, directly killing them.

These wild wolves pounced over at the same time.

Su Chen still had a way to dodge their attacks.

With his speed, he was like a fish swimming in the sea—he would not be hit at all.

However, these wild wolves would not be able to dodge Su Chen’s attacks.

Every time he attacked, he would kill one wolf! Not long after, the wild wolves were all killed, including the strongest alpha wolf among them.

Su Chen also had a lot of bloodstains on his body.

Yet they were not his but the wolf pack’s.

He let out a long sigh of relief.

Su Chen sheathed his saber and looked at the dumbfounded Zhang Wen and the others.

“We’re okay…” Zhang Wen said while trembling.

“I killed these wild wolves, so I’ll take their fangs away.

What do you think?” The group of people nodded.

They didn’t dare to fight with Su Chen.

If Su Chen hadn’t came to save them, they would have all died here.

How would they dare to fight with Su Chen? For each wild wolf, Su Chen needed to take away their two big teeth.

There were more than ten wild wolves.

They had a total of 30 big teeth and a big bag full of them was heavy.

Fortunately, Su Chen’s strength was 300 jin, so these things were not a problem for him to carry on his back.

“You guys should hurry up and leave.

It’s still too dangerous for you guys to stay here with your strength.

You can’t throw away your lives just for the sake of the fierce beast blood.

” Su Chen said to Zhang Wen and the others.

Zhang Wen suddenly called out to him, “With your strength, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to get a portion of the fierce beast blood.

But… I have some news that I don’t know if I should tell you…” “Speak.

” Su Chen was a little curious.

“A half-ferocious beast level great green leaf python has appeared in the depths of the area.

The students of the First Academy have gone to hunt it.

It is said to be worth 500 points!” After hearing this, Su Chen’s heart was shaken! A half-ferocious beast worth 500 points! If he were to obtain it, there would be no doubt in obtaining first place in this trial competition.

Zhang Wen solemnly nodded.

“It must be true! When we passed by, we saw that the people from the First Academy were dealing with the great green leaf python.

But we didn’t manage to catch it.

Many people must have rushed over by now.

” “Which direction is it?” Zhang Bao pointed towards the depths of the forest.

After saying that, Su Chen’s speed was pushed to the limit.

His body turned into an afterimage and quickly disappeared from their sight.

Zhang Wen looked in the direction where he had gone and sighed.

“At first, I thought that my strength was about the same as Su Chen’s and wanted to invite him to join our team.

In the end, he hid it so deeply.

Su Chen’s talent is probably middle-tier as well.

In the future, he might be able to become an elite fighter.

” He was very envious.

In this world that emphasized talent, good talent represented a bright future.

“Let’s go back.

” Zhang Wen sighed.

“Are we going back now?” A student beside him asked unwillingly.

“What else? With our strength, we could die at any time in this forest.

In this trial competition, the so-called fierce beast blood had nothing to do with us.

The rewards belonged to geniuses.

Ordinary martial artists like us won’t even care if we die here.

We might as well leave as soon as possible.

” Zhang Wen said with some sadness but he was telling the truth, so the others also fell into silence.

All the martial artists could register for this trial.

But obviously, they were only here to fill in the numbers.

After heading deeper for a while, Su Chen stopped.

He was carrying a big bag of materials.

Although it was not very heavy, it would affect him once he joined the battle.

First, he had to return to the entrance of the valley and hand in these materials.

He could exchange them for a few points.

However, it would take a lot of time to go back and forth, so it was not worth it.

Second, he had to find a place to hide the materials and take them out when he had time.

Su Chen thought about it and decided to choose the second method.

He found a very eye-catching tree, dug a big hole under the tree, and stuffed his backpack into it.

After filling in the hole, he covered it with a layer of leaves as a cover.

The trial competition’s forest was very big, and his hiding place was very hidden, so he should not be discovered.

After everything last night, Su Chen felt very relaxed.

He sped toward the southeast direction to the maximum!