Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 10

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 10

Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL Su Chen saw that there was still some time to kill before the trial began.

He found a hidden place, behind a big rock, and began to fuse with his medium blade talent.

A sharp pain ran through his entire body.

Su Chen frowned.

After about ten minutes, the pain gradually faded.

Su Chen checked his talent.

“Cultivation Talent: medium.

” “Speed Talent: Elementary.

” “Blade Talent: medium.

” Su Chen picked up the blade and felt something strange.




The blade seemed to grow on his hand and had become a part of his body.

He waved the blade in the air and could calculate the perfect movement, the fastest speed, and how to use the strongest power! Su Chen was a little shocked.

The power of this medium-grade blade technique was actually so impressive.

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COM Even if he didn’t have the talent for speed, with this blade technique, Su Chen could already fight against a martial artist with a strength of five-hundred pounds.

If he learned from some blade technique manuals, he would become even stronger! After practicing, Su Chen quietly returned to the team.

Everyone was filled with determination.

They were all aware that this was a good opportunity to change their fate.

The first place reward was three sets of intermediate beast blood and 100,000 yuan in cash.

The second place reward was one set of intermediate beast blood and 100,000 yuan in cash.

The third place reward was three sets of low-level beast blood and a 50,000 yuan reward.

Lastly, fourth to tenth place was rewarded one low-level savage beast blood.

All rankings were calculated based on points.

As long as the designated parts of the savage beasts were cut off, they could be exchanged for points.

The trial would last three days, and it was as though they would stay in the forest forever, regardless of life or death! “Prepare to enter!” a teacher shouted.

The students of the first academy rushed into the forest first and gradually disappeared from sight.

Next came the second, third, and fifth academy.

After entering the forest, Su Chen observed the terrain.

The trees here were very lush, and the terrain was very complex.

Upon entering, it became very difficult to see other people.

He saw that the forest was very large, and concluded that there could be ferocious beasts hidden anywhere.

He had to be extremely careful.

After walking in the forest for a while, Su Chen suddenly heard the hissing sound of a snake nearby.

“Ferocious green snake!” A two-meter-long green snake looked back at Su Chen.

This kind of snake was not very strong, and ordinary martial artists could deal with it.

However, the green snake had a dangerous aspect.

One should be wary of being entangled by it.

Even a martial artist with a strength of five-hundred pounds would not be able to break free.

The great green snake dashed out and opened its bloody mouth.

Su Chen had the talent of speed, so it would be was very easy for him to dodge, but he did not dodge.

A shining blade light slashed out, and the great green snake instantly froze and fell to the ground with a thump.

Seven inches of the snake had been cut off by Su Chen.

This kind of ordinary fierce beast was too weak for Su Chen.

Su Chen dug out the eyes of the great green snake, which would be designated for the trial.

This pair of eyes was enough to prove that he had killed the green snake and he would be able to exchange it for one point.

The great green snake was the most fierce beast in the area.

He heard that there had once lived a fierce python around these parts.

It had been a powerful fierce beast, before being killed by the combined efforts of martial artists.

The green snakes were all descendants of that fierce python.

Su Chen had roamed in the forest for half a day, and it was almost night time.

Su Chen opened a package and took a look.

The ferocious beast materials inside were equivalent to thirty points.

Su Chen frowned.

He wasn’t being fast enough.

If he compared himself to ordinary students, he wouldn’t feel as bad, but as he was competing for a top place, he knew this was far from enough.

Su Chen settled in a tree.

The only fierce beast that lived in the trees was the green snake.

He just had to be careful and not be attacked by other beasts.

If a green snake approached him, Su Chen was confident that he could kill it instantly.

The night passed very smoothly.

The next morning, Su Chen caught a small deer and had a barbecue.

After eating and drinking, he continued to explore.

He planned to head deeper into the forest.

The strength of the beasts in the depths of the forest would increase, and the points would be worth more.

A powerful beast could be exchanged for five points after being killed.

As Su Chen walked, he suddenly heard a shout coming from the nearby forest.

At the same time, he heard noisy footsteps and wolf howls.

Was it a wolf pack? he asked himself.

Su Chen identified the direction of the shouts and ran towards it.

If there really was an entire wolf pack, they would be worth a lot of points.

Especially the alpha wolf, which was worth ten points.

It was a very precious beast.

Su Chen soon arrived, to find an empty space.

There were many corpses on the ground.

Some were wild wolves, and some were humans.

More than ten wild beasts were attacking five or six students.

It was obvious that they could not hold on much longer.

“Zhang Wen?” Su Chen said, stunned.

Among these people, he had found a familiar face.

Zhang Wen looked in tatters.

Under the siege of the wolf pack, he had fallen into a terrible state.

He was covered in wounds, and blood was all over the ground.

He continued to wave his knife and attacked in all directions.

Su Chen quickly rushed over.

Zhang Wen and the others were not strong enough.

They had not faced this kind of wolf pack before.

Su Chen sighed.

These people had come here for nothing, but he didn’t say that out loud.