Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 9

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Medium Knife Skill Talent! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL After all the students got on the bus, they slowly drove towards the wild area outside the base.

It was their first time leaving the city, so many people felt a little flustered.

After all, they had been taught in their youth that fierce beasts were dangerous! They could take their lives in an instant.

Once they left the Great Beginning Base, it was very likely that they would encounter fierce beasts.

The teacher smiled.

“Don’t worry.

” All the great martial artists had checked the area within a radius of five kilometers, and so there were no fierce beasts left.

The venue of the trial was very close, and it was likely that there wouldn’t be any danger.

After the teacher explained this, many students appeared more at ease.

There were more than ten teachers in the car.

All of them had the cultivation skill of martial artists.

Even if there were fierce beasts, they wouldn’t be so blind as to come forward.

After driving for twenty minutes, they arrived at a valley.




This was the venue of the trial competition.

After getting off the bus, Su Chen noticed that there were many buses from other academies around.

“The fifth academy is also here?” Su Chen heard, “Hahaha, their academy is the trashiest one in the Great Beginning Base.

Why are they here to participate?” “They probably haven’t even seen a single ferocious beast before.

They’re not like our academy, where our teachers catch weak ferocious beasts for us to kill and practice with.

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COM “When the time comes to see the ferocious beasts, the people from the fifth academy will probably be scared silly.

They will all be so scared that they will wet their pants.

” The people who were ridiculing were all from the first academy.

In the Great Beginning Base, besides the first academy, the other force academies were all very weak.

The students from the fifth academy gnashed their teeth.

“Damn it.

” However, they did not dare to fight back because the students from the first academy were much stronger than them.

After getting out of the bus, Su Chen looked at the students from the first academy as if he was staring at a group of prey.

The students of the first academy definitely had geniuses.

Su Chen could use his duplication ability again.

Perhaps he would be able to duplicate another decent talent.

Everyone gathered at the entrance of the valley.

In half an hour, the trial match would begin.

Su Chen seemed to be leisurely walking among the crowd when in reality, he was using his duplication ability to check the talents of others.

His main target was the students of the first academy.

Su Chen walked around the crowd and frowned.

It seemed that most of the students of the first academy only had elementary talents.

Due to the strict requirements of the first academy, the number of students was relatively small.

Only about 40 people had come.

There are still six people left! Su Chen thought to himself.

Su Chen calmly walked towards the remaining six people.

When he was three meters away from them, Su Chen checked their talents one by one.

They were all medium cultivation talents! Su Chen was a little surprised.

It seemed that the students of the first academy were indeed a little more powerful.

They had reached the peak of the martial artist realm and were only one step away from becoming a martial artist.

He knew it was useless to copy any intermediate talents.

It would be great if they had other elemental talents.

He walked around and only saw a few weak and inferior elemental talents.

However, they could not be awakened before becoming a martial artist.

Suddenly, there was a commotion in the crowd.

“Liu Mubai, I want to challenge you!” A young man, with medium cultivation talent, suddenly appeared in front of the six students, holding a knife.

The young man pointed his knife at a student called Liu Mubai.

Su Chen stood nearby and looked at him in surprise.

The young man, who had come from the second academy, had actually dared to challenge the students from the first academy? Moreover, Liu Mubai had medium cultivation talent and had already reached the peak of martial arts.

“Wang Yunhai, you know the best saber technique in the second academy! But your saber technique is very good, and it can’t make up for the gap between our strengths.

I have the strength of nine-hundred-and-fifty pounds, and you only have a strength of two-hundred pounds.

What right do you have to fight with me?” “I actually have the strength of three-hundred pounds!” Upon hearing Wang Yunhai’s words, Liu Mubai burst into laughter.

“Really? What difference does it make to me?” Beside him, the five middle-tier cultivation academics looked at Wang Yunhai with disdain.

Wang Yunhai’s cultivation talent wasn’t high enough, and his strength was only so-so in this lifetime.

He would never be able to compete with them.

Upon hearing those words, Wang Yunhai felt indignant.

With a swoosh, he pulled out his saber.

A teacher shouted, “The trial tournament hasn’t started yet, so you can’t use force!” Only then did Wang Yunhai obey the order.

He silently walked to the side.

His cultivation talent wasn’t strong, so this trial tournament was a good opportunity.

If he could obtain more beast blood, he would have a chance to become a fighter.

After he left, Su Chen followed him.

“Brother, your knife skills are pretty good.

Can you make friends?” Wang Yunhai turned and saw the unfamiliar-looking Su Chen.

He was a little confused.

However, the two still shook hands.

“My name is Su Chen.

We will be friends from now on.

” After Su Chen chatted with him for a while, he left, leaving Wang Yunhai standing there in a daze.

Wang Yunhai’s talent appeared in Su Chen’s mind.

“Human: Wang Yunhai.

” “Cultivation Talent: level.

” “Blade Talent: medium.

” Blade talent was the same as cultivation talent.

Both were born with it and could be copied.

Wang Yunhai’s cultivation talent was not high, but his blade talent was very good! Su Chen immediately chose to copy and obtained medium blade talent.