Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 185

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 185

Chapter 185: Powerful Demon Beast Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios The closer they got to the foot of the mountain, the louder the commotion they could hear, it sounded like a battle.

From the noise, they could tell that this was a huge battle, at least, Ye Feng had not seen a battle of such a scale after coming to the Demonic Dragon Island until now.

He was still some distance from the foot of the mountain, but the sound of demon beasts and humans could be heard in waves.

“It seems that the humans are not fighting over treasure this time.

” Ye Feng could not help but quip.

After some time, they finally arrived at the foot of the mountain.

“It seems that everyone on the mountain has been blocked here, I guess some of those who did not climb the mountain are also trapped.

” Ye Feng looked at this tragic battlefield and sighed to himself: “Is this beast tide caused by the golden light from earlier?” He did not know why this egg could cause the mountain top to shine golden.

Was it possible that this formation could inspect the maturity level of the egg and release the golden light to attract people when it was about to hatch? “What a huge commotion.

” Rasputin said in amazement: “Brother, are we joining the fight?” This battle was quite intense.




“Of course we have to, otherwise, we can’t escape.

” Ye Feng took out his weapon, the demon beasts had not noticed them yet, there was still time for them to chit-chat.

They were still some distance away from the battlefield.

“Furthermore, killing them benefits us as well.

” Ye Feng looked at the demon beasts and said with a smile: “Be it the materials on their bodies or the demon cores in their brain, they are very useful to us.

” The demon cores could be used when forging equipment, some were even able to give certain equipment special abilities.

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COM “Alright, let’s go… Don’t get too far away from me, we should look out for each other.

” The two stopped wasting time as they quickly charged into battle.

“Oh? This is a fire essence beast?” Ye Feng who had just dug out a demon core noticed a demon beast that was covered in red flame.

Although this demon beast was small, it was not weak at all.

It was among the strongest ones of its level.

Although it could only attack using simple fire elements, its fire was much denser than the rest.

That was to say, if both sides had equal strength, not only would its fire be hard to extinguish, it could even suppress the fire of others.

If Ye Feng was able to unleash fireballs made with such fire elements, his combat strength would rise sharply.

It was a pity that this was unlikely.

However, if he were to add the fire essence beast’s demon core into the forging process, he could potentially give a weapon the ability of this fire essence beast.

That was the say, its demon core could forge a weapon with the strongest fire attribute among all weapons of the same grade.

Ye Feng looked at Rasputin who was nearby and touched Weakling who was inside his pocket before rushing towards the fire essence beast.

Since his fire was weaker than the opponent, he would not use fire this time.

After dodging the flame that the fire essence beast spit out, the Wind Spirit Demon Sword slashed as several wind blades shot towards it.

This could not hurt the fire essence beast of course, but Ye Feng’s goal was to get closer to it.

The fire essence beast was like a human Magician but with stronger physique and without the need to chant incantations.

Of course, it had its own flaws, it lacked the variety of spells like Magicians and its intelligence was also low.

But this was not a problem for Ye Feng, after all, he surpassed this fire essence beast in all aspects, he got closer only to end this fight more quickly.

“Traction of the wind!” Ye Feng unleashed his spell again, preventing the fire essence beast from escaping.

In this chaotic battle, Ye Feng did not intend to use too many spells, just two were enough.

After all, he could pretend that his spells were cast through the Wind Spirit Demon Sword.

As long as he did not use spells too frequently, most people would not be able to tell that he was a multi-element Magician.

The fact that he did not need incantations was his best concealment.

After all, spells cast through equipment did not need incantation most of the time.

His only worry was that during the battle earlier, he used two fire spells and two earth spells, others might have gotten suspicious.

“Nobody should have noticed it at that time…” Ye Feng ignored these random thoughts as he quickly killed the fire essence beast.

Although the fire essence beast was capable of fighting in close range, that was only against normal Magicians.

How could it match Ye Feng? Before Ye Feng dug out the demon core, a loud roar could be heard near him at the side.

A huge purple beast emerged from the forest, with just the roar alone, Ye Feng understood its strength.

Among all the demon beasts that Ye Feng knew, other than the giant dragon, none could match this one.

But currently, it was not in a good condition.

Its blue eyes were bloodshot, the beautiful hair on its body was also in knots due to dried blood.

Honestly speaking, if this demon beast was in its peak condition, Ye Feng would immediately run away.

But now, he was only staying alert against it.

“Brother, doesn’t this beast look like Weakling?” Rasputin arrived behind him.

The roar earlier was too threatening, Rasputin immediately came to find Ye Feng after hearing it.

“Indeed…” Ye Feng could see the similarities as well, he rubbed Weakling’s head as he pondered.

This demon beast did not seem to be in the right state of mind, it only stared at them without making any movement.

“Grr…” Weakling seemed to have sensed the tense atmosphere as it moved its head out to take a look.

“Is this your mother?” Ye Feng asked Weakling as he looked down.

Before Weakling reacted, the huge demon beast went into a frenzy first, it charged towards Ye Feng after seeing Weakling.

In just a moment, it arrived before them.

Ye Feng and Rasputin dodged in two directions, while the former turned around and threw two fireballs.

This demon beast saw that its attack failed as lightning suddenly sparked on its body, at the next moment, the surroundings turned into a lightning plasma field.

Ye Feng and Rasputin were both hit by lightning, but because the latter was quite far away, he quickly escaped from the range of the attack.

As for Ye Feng, he was not so lucky and had to bear the brunt of the attack.

Even if it was heavily injured, the demon beast was still too strong! The lightning did not affect the demon beast at all, after turning around, it pounced towards Ye Feng.

“Don’t even think about it!” Rasputin jumped towards the beast and punched with all his strength.

At the same time, he slashed his sword upwards and left a mark on the demon beast’s stomach.

In just a short time, Ye Feng recovered and charged towards the demon beast.

Waving his sword, he clashed with the demon beast’s claw.

At the same time, Rasputin took a few steps back.

He believed that Ye Feng had sufficient strength to deal with this, he only needed to help out at the side.

He could not afford to take a hit from this demon beast.