Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 186

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 186

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios “Huff… huff…” Ye Feng supported himself with the Wind Spirit Demon Sword as he breathed roughly in a half-kneeling position, in front of him was the demon beast that sprawled on the ground weakly.

Right now, the demon beast was already covered in injuries, it was hanging onto its last breath.

Honestly speaking, Ye Feng had not thought of attacking it, there was a possibility that it was related to Weakling after all.

Furthermore, this demon beast was very strong, Ye Feng and Rasputin would not want to provoke a demon beast of such a level.

At this moment, the demon beast raised its head with difficulty, the insanity in its eyes was gone, its blue crystal-like eyes exerted all of its effort to look into Ye Feng’s pocket.

After noticing that, Ye Feng took out Weakling after a momentary hesitation, it seemed like Weakling was really related to this demon beast.

Weakling was initially quite confused, but it soon had a sensation as it turned to look at the demon beast.

Possibly because it felt close to the demon beast, Weakling moved towards it without hesitation.

Ye Feng saw that the demon beast’s gaze became more gentle now, it was fixed onto Weakling.

“Looks like it is Weakling’s family member… this should be its mother.

” Although Rasputin did not fight head-on earlier, he had expended a lot of energy as well.

After seeing this scene, he smiled relaxedly.




After Weakling moved over, the demon beast lowered its head and touched Weakling’s head softly.

Weakling was very cooperative as it stopped moving, they seemed to be conversing.

After a while, a pale blue light spread out from the demon beast’s body and gathered in Weakling.

“This looks somewhat familiar.

” Rasputin rubbed his chin as he thought.

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COM “Of course it is familiar, didn’t I experience this earlier?” Ye Feng rolled his eyes and said snappily: “But this is clearly different.

Look at how comfortable Weakling looks, it is not feeling any of the pain that I experienced.

” “That’s natural, this is its mother after all, how can she let her child feel pain? In the eyes of that dragon, you are an outsider, it only chose you after it was left with no choice.

” Rasputin chuckled as he said: “Weakling has just been born, so its body cannot endure too much energy flowing in it.

Thus, its mother has to use a gentler method.

” “Forget it, the dragon did not choose you anyway.

” Ye Feng said as he turned serious: “The demon beast is already dead, let’s bring Weakling along and leave now.

” Ye Feng carried the unconscious Weakling as he said softly: “How much combat strength will you gain after waking up? Not bad, this is quite impressive.

” Rasputin took the demon core out, no matter what, he could not leave this valuable item behind for others to take.

The battlefield had already calmed down, although there were still some small scuffles, most of the people had a certain chemistry.

They did not interfere with each other’s opponents unless they were near death, otherwise, that was the same as stealing one’s prey.

But there were those who wanted to take advantage of the situation.

For example, a Magician targeted Ye Feng’s group.

This was a Five Star Magician, he was not weak.

But having seen Ye Feng’s battle earlier, he knew that he was not their match.

Earlier, Ye Feng cast two spells instantly in battle, in the eyes of others, he was just a Knight with a powerful spell casting equipment.

But now, Ye Feng’s group sustained heavy injuries, their combat strength had dwindled.

Meanwhile, the magician had been holding back earlier, he was in peak condition.

But to stay safe, he did not attack immediately.

“Hey, the useless trash over there, how did you spend so much effort against a mere beast? Just look at yourselves.

” The Magician stood in front of Ye Feng and Rasputin as he provoked openly.

“What are you trying to say?” Ye Feng pulled back Rasputin and said coldly: “Do you want a fight? Otherwise, get lost.

” “No, I’m just here to console you, in fact, you guys should be thanking me.

” The Magician took two steps forward and waved his magic staff around, smiling with a sinister expression: “Look at how pathetic you look, do you need my help?” “Seriously, you are too useless, why are you so worthless?” He was not mocking them, he was openly provoking them.

Of course, that was his objective.

Seeing that they were looking at him coldly, the Magician’s smile did not change, he continued to provoke them in an irritating manner.

“I know you are angry and indignant, but do you have the strength to fight me? What’s the point of staring at me, can you stare me to death?” “You guessed right, I can stare you to death indeed.

” Ye Feng suddenly snickered as several earth spikes appeared below the Magician’s feet.

But the Magician was quite vigilant, after sensing traces of magic, he immediately dodged.

But Rasputin, who had good cooperation with Ye Feng, immediately went forward.

Since the Magician was provoking them, they could not let him control the flow of the situation.

Since they were going to fight anyway, the earlier they attacked, the better the effect would be.

But Rasputin was not in a good condition, he was slightly slow.

By the time he reached the Magician, the latter had already completed the incantation of a high tier magic.

Under his intentional control, the blizzard was quite powerful.

At this moment, even Ye Feng and Rasputin felt difficulty in moving, their current stamina was not enough to overcome this spell.

Using the opportunity, the Magician got away from Rasputin and approached Ye Feng, using an offensive spell at the same time.

Ye Feng noticed his attack too but he had no time to retaliate, he could only roll away to dodge the attack.

When in battle, target the weakling.

Right now, Ye Feng was that weakling.

Seeing that Ye Feng dodged the attack, the Magician was not dejected, he continued to unleash low tier magic spells, with his strength, he could use them without incantation.

Ye Feng had difficulty in dodging now, clearly, quantity was more important than quality.

As Ye Feng could not dodge so many attacks, wounds gradually accumulated on his body.

But possibly due to the lowered temperature of the area, while Ye Feng was dodging, Weakling woke up and jumped out.

Its body did not grow larger but there were several sparks of lightning coiling around its body.

This voice was quite similar to the roar that its mother emitted, with a flash of lightning on its body, lightning bolts shot towards the Magician.

This spell was not weaker than the one Ye Feng used.

Without any reminder, Rasputin sprinted towards the Magician at full speed while Ye Feng also used his restraining magic.

However, the lightning was stronger than they thought, or possibly, the Magician was too weak physically.

By the time Rasputin arrived, the Magician had already fallen to the ground.