Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 184

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 184

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios “Mm.

” Ye Feng took the box and looked at it as well.

Although he had gotten it earlier, because of the fighting and escaping, he had not found any time to research it.

This box was about the size of two human heads, it was purple in color and seemed sturdy upon knocking it, there were also quite flowery markings around it.

At the opening area of the box, there was a small formation.

Ye Feng did not dare to damage it.

If the box was not secure, he could still try to destroy by force.

But now, it could not be opened with a small force, while using excessive force would destroy the thing inside, the difficulty was really high.

As for the array formation, it was unknown if it would destroy the thing inside if the formation was broken by force.

He did not want to ruin the thing that he obtained after fighting against thirty people and ending up with injuries.

“We can’t just let it sit here.

” Rasputin was a little speechless: “This thing caused a huge commotion, but we ended up with a useless box?” “If not for the fact that you may destroy the thing inside, brother, you can just shoot a lightning bolt at it.

” “That’s right!” Hearing Rasputin’s words, Ye Feng’s eyes lit up.

While the former looked with a confused expression, Ye Feng held up the box.




He pressed his finger on the formation and started to inject lightning elemental energy.

Once Rasputin mentioned lightning, he remembered that this formation on the box was quite similar to the one that trapped the people earlier.

That formation was able to create lightning out of nowhere.

And because there was lightning markings on this box, there was a high chance that lightning energy was useful in opening it.

“Possession of lightning energy is not a common thing…” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM Once Ye Feng thought of that, he immediately recalled the heart of lightning and the Lightning Whip.

“Hmm, I guess I just share a deep affinity with lightning.

” After a few breaths of time, with a cracking sound, this box opened without any hitch.

Ye Feng’s judgment was not wrong.

“Brother, you are so amazing.

” Rasputin sighed in amazement before looking at the content of the box.

“So this is the thing that everyone was competing over?” Ye Feng held up the egg in the box and said unhappily: “It looks nice but we don’t know how to hatch it, this is useless.

” The size of the egg was a bit smaller than the box, the surface of the egg had a dazzling purple color like a crystal amethyst, there were also green and white lines scattered on it.

This did not affect its beauty in any way, but created a more domineering and elegant aura.

It might have been his imagination, but the moment Ye Feng held the egg, he could feel his hand going slightly numb.

After tossing it around and observing it for some time, Ye Feng placed the egg back into the box.

“Forget it, we’ll leave it at that.

” Ye Feng kicked the box aside and said unhappily: “Let’s treat it as a normal trip.

” His gains were quite considerable already.

“Brother, the egg cracked!” Right at this time, Rasputin suddenly shouted.

Ye Feng got up and went over, he started to mumble: “Don’t tell me it cracked because I kicked it earlier, if that’s the case, it would have been my fault.

” Once he looked at it, he saw a pair of blue jewel-like eyes staring at him lovingly.

The little beast inside climbed out with difficulty, after taking a look at Ye Feng, it started to eat the egg shell.

“It is so cute.

” Rasputin also came over to look at the little beast.

This little beast was snow-white in color, it seemed like a cat from Earth, but there were obvious differences.

Ye Feng did not know much about demon beasts, he could not tell what breed this was.

“If you like it, I’ll give it to you.

” Ye Feng shook his head in disappointment, this demon beast looked too weak.

Although this beast was cute and he could give it to Avril or Tiffany, he was not in the City of Chaos now, he did not feel that it could survive long enough to leave the Demonic Dragon Island.

Unless he stopped taking risks and avoided combat.

“Forget it, this beast seems quite close to you.

” Rasputin rejected him immediately as he laughed and said.

For some reason, maybe because it saw Ye Feng first or because of his elemental energy, the little beast liked Ye Feng a lot.

At this time, the little beast finished eating the egg shell, it stumbled its way to Ye Feng.

“Stop pestering me.

” Ye Feng took a step back and pushed the little beast lightly with his finger, causing the latter to roll away.

But the little beast did not give up, it ran towards Ye Feng again after getting up, growling in a cute voice.

After seeing this, Ye Feng quickly got up.

He ran towards the direction of the cave entrance and vanished in a few steps.

But the little beast did not stop, after getting used to walking, it chased after Ye Feng in the same direction.

“Brother, just keep it, this beast loves you.

” As Ye Feng had actually not left the cave, he was quickly found.

After finding him, Rasputin urged: “It may become very powerful in the future.

Even if it is weak, it can still play with you.

It is better to have a small companion with you on your trips.

” “Sigh…” Ye Feng thought about Avril and Tiffany, he sighed helplessly as he stretched out his hand.

The little beast came to him rapidly, allowing Ye Feng to raise him up.

“Since you are so weak and have no combat strength, I’ll name you Weakling.

” Ye Feng moved Weakling in front of his face and looked at him: “We will be companions from now on.

” After playing for a while, although Ye Feng still thought little of it, his relationship with Weakling had improved slightly.

“Oh right, does it need milk…” Ye Feng suddenly looked towards Rasputin and asked: “Where are we going to find milk for it?” Hearing this, Rasputin showed an awkward expression and said: “I don’t know… I think maybe demon beasts don’t need milk…?” “I can try to find out what breed this demon beast is but I don’t know how to take care of it.

” Rasputin was on the verge of tears under Ye Feng’s gaze, he said helplessly: “Look at how lively it is, let’s feed it some meat.

For these demon beasts, it will be find as long as they are able to eat it.

” The two of them found some meat and fed it to Weakling, after seeing that it was eating happily, they let out a sigh of relief.

After resting for some time, their conditions had returned to the peak state, their combat strength also returned to normal.

Because the mountain did not have many people left, they decided to leave.

Even if some of them stayed to find Ye Feng, there should not be many of them, they could deal with the remaining ones easily.

And the truth was, there was no other living person on the mountain.

Too many corpses in fact.

“Did something else happen here…” Ye Feng felt a vague sense of danger, he started to move more quickly with Rasputin.