Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 163

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 163

Chapter 163: Obstruction After returning to his home, Ye Feng quickly started to make a plan for infiltration.

In their earlier talk, Olek was not guarded against Ye Feng.

Although he did not bring him inside the interior part of the clan, he told Ye Feng about most of the buildings.

As long as he was vigilant and patient, he should be able to find Tiffany’s room.

In their earlier conversation, he did not show any suspicious intentions, most of the information was given by Olek himself.

Thus, no matter what he wanted to know, all he had to do was to direct the conversation in that area once in a while.

No matter how vigilant someone was, they would not notice any issues because his mannerism and speech were the same as a normal conversation.

He had only changed his questions to those that he cared about.

After the matter of the dwarf tribe, he also learned some infiltration techniques from Aden City’s Knight’s Academy.

Although he was not a professional, with his level of strength, it would not be too hard.

He had no problems with eliminating traces and evidence, this place was not like the dwarf tribe which had no wariness, or alertness, any form of clue left behind would easily lead to a problem.

When he infiltrated the dwarf tribe, he focused on not getting discovered, he did not care about the traces he left along the way.

But those dwarves and beastmen could not make use of the traces with their ‘intelligence’.

Humans were quite different, in fact, aside from the Capital City, even an ordinary city would be able to find him if he left behind obvious clues.

After confirming his infiltration plan, Ye Feng waited for night time to arrive, he was not going to attempt it in the day.




The night was always the best timing for infiltration.

Although suspicious sounds were more easily heard at night, most people could be trained to reduce the sound they made when they moved, thus, the biggest issue was still the eyes.

At night, the eyes were least perceptive, even if people were most alert at night, they could not help but feel tired and unable to concentrate.

“It is about time.

” Ye Feng opened his eyes and wore the pitch-black clothes that he had prepared.

He had always kept a set of such useful clothes, it could not only be worn at night.

If he wanted to do anything illegal, he could wear the black clothes to conceal his identity.

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COM This was simply a necessity for committing crimes.

But once he reached the rooftop, he was assaulted.

“How many times has it been…” Ye Feng sighed as he looked at the three black clothed people.

He could not remember how many times he had been attacked already.

It might be because he was used to it, but he felt no surprise at seeing these three people.

Even though he had not expected to be assaulted now.

These three did not speak, they charged towards him immediately.

Under the illumination of the street lamps, their swords reflected an icy cold light.

“Professional assassins again?” Ye Feng felt some headache, they were not easy to deal with.

He had already understood the pattern, those who talked to him were the subordinates of his enemies.

Those who did not speak were most likely professional assassins or sacrificial pawns nurtured by the various clans.

“I can’t use magic now, it will take some effort to deal with all three of them.

” A dark-gold longsword appeared in Ye Feng’s hand, it was the Wind Spirit Demon Sword.

Trying to use magic in this situation was really asking for trouble.

Unless he wanted to openly fight everyone, he had to fight with only physical methods.

He had to kill all three of them and prevent them from escaping.

Since they were after him, if information that he was sneaking out at night spread, it would be trouble no matter who found out.

Thankfully, these three only intended to kill him, otherwise, one of them would have returned with this information already.

In that situation, he would be forced to use magic to stop them.

Ye Feng caressed the Wind Spirit Demon Sword in his hand before slashing at them, with the sound of cutting wind, several wind blades flew towards the enemies.

The night was the best situation to use wind blades, these nearly transparent blades could barely be seen under the concealment of darkness.

Although the three assassins were initially hit by surprise, with their rich combat experience, they immediately realized what attack was launched at them.

They quickly split up, even on this relatively small roof, they were able to easily move at high speed.

“Heh…” Ye Feng chuckled coldly, he leaped forward and moved towards the assassin in front of him.

Ye Feng’s sword was longer so the assassin could not hit Ye Feng before Ye Feng hit him, and because the assassin would not let Ye Feng hit him, he had to dodge.

But right when he was about to dodge, Ye Feng slashed with his sword as an even stronger wind blade was shot out through the Wind Spirit Demon Sword.

This wind blade was not created by the Wind Spirit Demon Sword, it was unleashed through Ye Feng’s spell.

Although Ye Feng was not skilled at using this attribute, he could still use a simple spell like wind blade.

To maintain his speed, Ye Feng chose to pounce forward, thus, he could only support his body with his left arm while he spun in the air.

After arriving before his enemy, the Wind Spirit Demon Sword easily stabbed into the assassin’s heart.

After a successful hit, Ye Feng pulled out his longsword and rolled away to dodge the attacks of the remaining two assassins.

After flicking his wrist and getting rid of the blood on his sword, Ye Feng charged forward again.

The Wind Spirit Demon Sword was much more useful than he thought, especially when it was used as a medium to cast his spells, it was truly convenient.

Normally, magic could only be used through his hands, now, he could shoot them from his sword.

This was the same as extending the sword’s attack range, if one was caught unguarded, it would be a lethal assault.

Who could expect a Knight’s sword to unleash spells? Furthermore, the spell was even very powerful.

This was the power of being both a Knight and a Magician.

Of course, a suitable weapon like the Wind Spirit Demon Sword was necessary.

The three of them already had some difficulty against Ye Feng, with just two remaining, they were simply not his match.

After ten or so rounds, they were both killed.

“Something is weird…” After putting the three corpses aside, Ye Feng sensed something amiss.

“What if their target was not me?” Because he had often encountered such situations, the moment Ye Feng met the three of them, he immediately fought them.

But this was the Capital City, there were many possible assassination targets, he might not be the one.

“Let’s check their identity…” Ye Feng scratched his head, it did not matter now that he killed them, these assassins who had taken countless innocent lives deserved death.

“Miller clan!” Ye Feng saw an emblem that one of the assassins brought.