Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 162

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 162

Chapter 162: Business Negotiation “I need to get inside and take a look at Tiffany’s clan…” Ye Feng did not know what excuse he could use to visit them.

“What can I use to entice them?” Ye Feng thought about it and soon found the most useful identity he had in the Capital City.

He was a stage six Blacksmith of the Blacksmith Guild! He was a true higher-up of the Blacksmith Guild, there were few of such existences in the entire Capital City, no clan would dare to look down on a stage six Blacksmith.

In certain situations, a single stage six Blacksmith had the power to influence the victory of a clash between two large clans.

“In this case, I just need to get someone from the Blacksmith Guild to lead me to them.

” Ye Feng muttered to himself before putting down the mug and leaving.

After confirming his plan, it was time to execute it.

… “Sir Ye Feng, hello.

” A middle-aged man with half-white hair stretched out his arm towards Ye Feng: “Welcome to our clan.

” .



“Sir Olek, good day to you.

” Ye Feng smiled as he shook hands with the other party.

Olek was the person that Tiffany’s clan sent to participate in this negotiation, his status was not low.

Ye Feng came here through the help of the Blacksmith Guild, he was requesting for a cooperation with them as a stage six Blacksmith.

No clan would want to refuse the normal cooperation of a stage six Blacksmith, after hearing of this, they immediately agreed to meet him.

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COM Of course, the details of their cooperation would depend on the outcome of this negotiation.

Ye Feng was not afraid that they would find out his identity.

The earlier hints were quite obvious, since Tiffany did not talk about him to her clan, they did not know of his existence.

Even Kevin Miller was not sure of their relationship, he was only playing it safe and wanted Tiffany to give up on resisting him.

The fact that he learned of Ye Feng was clearly because he was investigating Tiffany, and since there was nothing fishy about their relationship, Kevin Miller was simply too anxious and paranoid about getting Tiffany.

To speak the truth, Kevin Miller did not target the wrong person, his greatest rival was indeed Ye Feng.

“Let’s go in and talk about it?” Olek invited Ye Feng to go in.

They were a large clan, they naturally had well arranged places that were meant for meetings.

“Sorry, I don’t like that kind of atmosphere.

” Ye Feng apologized: “Let’s talk outside, I can take a look at your clan’s beautiful estate as well.

” He said the last part with a nonchalant tone.

“Of course, you don’t have to bring me to any secretive locations, I’ll just have a casual walk.

” Ye Feng added.

He did not want to alert the other party, it was enough to know of the estate’s layout.

“There is no problem with that, I can give you a tour of the place.

” Olek did not object to this, he even added: “With your strength, you can definitely create your own clan as well.

” He did not mind Ye Feng’s request, after all, he was dealing with a Blacksmith now.

The truth was, these types of professionals had their own weird traits, Ye Feng’s request was nowhere near their level of weirdness.

He could even bring Ye Feng on a tour of their clan and display their strength, it would be helpful in making their cooperation go smoother, the clan could even gain an edge in their later negotiation.

Furthermore, the clan’s secrets were kept deep in the estate, these external areas were meant for guests to wander about, so there were no issues with letting Ye Feng have a tour of the place.

“Thank you for the praise.

” Ye Feng smiled, he acted confidently and politely: “Let’s go.

” He was representing the Blacksmith Guild now, to gain the other party’s respect, he needed to show his own value.

His own forging skills were the foundation, while his attitude now symbolized his desire for cooperation.

“Please, follow me.

” Olek had a good impression of Ye Feng, he signaled with his hand as he invited Ye Feng to walk with him.

“Sir Ye Feng, why did you think of cooperating with our clan?” Olek walked in front of Ye Feng and asked.

“It was a coincidence.

” Ye Feng smiled plainly, he knew why Olek asked this.

He was a new stage six Blacksmith, it was weird that he directly went to find their clan.

But they could not find anything with their investigations.

In fact, even if they could link him to Aden City, it would only make them feel more assured.

While observed closely by Olek, Ye Feng started to give the explanation that he had prepared earlier.

“You should know that I am new to the Capital City.

When I had just arrived, the first tavern that I went to belongs to your clan.

Mm, your southwood ale is quite delicious.

” “You know this too, for a cooperation, suitability is all that matters.

In my eyes, all the clans are the same, I may as well choose yours which I feel closer to.

” He did not spend much time on this excuse, after all, it only had to sound logical.

It was true that the tavern was owned by Tiffany’s clan, and he had drunk the southwood ale there.

This was the truth no matter how they saw it, but his inner thoughts and goals were his own secret.

The reason why he chose that tavern was because of this, by going to a place owned by Tiffany’s clan, he could gain more relevant information.

At that time, all he wanted was more information, logically speaking, the tavern owned by the clan would have more information regarding their clan members.

“So that’s it.

” Olek nodded, it did not matter if he believed the answer, but he smiled and replied: “It seems we truly share an affinity.

” No matter what he believed, the cooperation had to be established, there was nothing that could harm the clan anyway.

It was a rare chance to cooperate with a stage six Blacksmith, not to mention that this was a loner who had not interacted with the other clans yet.

It was a huge benefit to them since there were only a few clans which had such a cooperative relationship with a stage six Blacksmith.

They had thought about asking Ye Feng to not cooperate with the other clans, but they knew that this was nearly impossible to achieve.

Or rather, the price to pay was too high.

It was the same as asking Ye Feng to become their personal Blacksmith.

Ye Feng did not mind the cooperation as well, but he would try to come up with excuses to extend the time he could stay here, he had to observe the surrounding environment after all.

Under Ye Feng’s control, the talk went smoothly and they confirmed most of the details, but he left without signing any actual contract with them.

It was not a beneficial thing for him to confirm this cooperation on their first meeting.