Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 161

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 161

Chapter 161: Cooperation “Yes, we met earlier during the auction, we had a pleasant talk.

” Ye Feng nodded and replied while smiling.

After the conversation in the Auction House, he had to admit that Gabriel was quite good at talking.

“Brother Ye Feng, since you are the newest stage six Blacksmith in the Blacksmith Guild, for your certification test earlier, you must have used the stage six material that you just obtained?” Gabriel asked curiously.

Earlier, he had some estimations regarding Ye Feng’s forging skills, but he might not be buying the forging material for himself.

Like earlier, Patrick, who competed with Ye Feng, wanted to give it as a present to the higher-ups of the Blacksmith Guild.

But since Ye Feng was a stage six Blacksmith, he had definitely bought the material for personal use.

“Oh? Ye Feng, your material was bought just now?” The Vice Guild Master was surprised.

Most people would not be familiar with the material that they had just bought, the resulting success rate would be much lower as well.

But Ye Feng’s success in his attempt earlier proved that his skills were even better than everyone’s expectations.

“Yes, although I had not used it before, I have some understanding towards this material, so I was sufficiently confident.

” Ye Feng said humbly: “If I did not use this new material, I would have been quite restrained during the forging process due to a lack of materials.

” “So that’s it.

” With sufficient evidence in front of him, the Vice Guild Master did not feel anything wrong.

“Since we’ve met, let me talk to Brother Ye Feng for a while.

” Gabriel winked at the Vice Guild Master, “Help me out in my business.

” As a businessman, he would not give up any chance of expanding his business, although Ye Feng was a single person, he was a stage six Blacksmith who could create huge profits alone.




“Alright, go, go.

” The Vice Guild Master saw that Ye Feng did not reject the idea and said quickly: “We can tour the guild at any time, you guys should go talk first.

” He did not mind this, as the Vice Guild Master, he was quite busy to begin with.

Although these matters were not as important as attending to Ye Feng, he still had to deal with them.

Now that he had time to settle them, he would not mind the opportunity.

“Alright, we’ll leave first.

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COM Ye Feng and Gabriel found a quieter spot to sit as they started to talk.

“Brother Ye Feng, do you want to collaborate?” Gabriel was a businessman after all, he immediately suggested a cooperation between them.

But the two of them did not have much to talk about anyway, they both knew that this conversation was meant to set the basis for their cooperation.

“Of course.

” Ye Feng replied without hesitation, he did not have any background in the Capital City, working with Gabriel was a good thing.

Moreover, Gabriel was a professional businessman in the forging business, he could help to earn more profits.

Nobody would ignore the business companion of a stage six Blacksmith.

The following conversation was much simpler, they talked about the benefits that they could bring to each other as well as some minor details of their collaboration.

“Oh, do you know anything about Tiffany’s clan?” Ye Feng suddenly asked.

They were having a good conversation now, it would be a waste not to ask about it.

Gabriel was a businessman, he definitely had sufficient information.

“That clan… hmm, I only know a bit about them.

” Gabriel did not question why Ye Feng asked this, he answered: “This is not a top tier clan but it is not small either, they are most closely related to the Miller clan.

They seem to have many similar businesses, their relationship is neither close nor distant… wait no, they’ve arranged a marriage alliance.

” Saying so, Gabriel suddenly recalled the interaction between Ye Feng and Kevin Miller during the auction, he seemed to have understood something about Ye Feng’s intention.

“What information do you have regarding this marriage alliance?” Ye Feng continued to ask.

He was not afraid that Gabriel would leak anything, after all, they were business partners now.

In fact, it did not matter if this was exposed, Kevin Miller had already noticed him anyway.

Right now, the more Ye Feng thought about it, the more he felt that the assassination was organized by Kevin Miller.

“I don’t know much about this, it is their clans’ internal affair after all.

” Gabriel expressed his helplessness, although he was a businessman, his businesses only involved the blacksmith industry, even if he knew some unrelated information, it would be limited.

“But such news is truly hard to find, they like to keep secrets after all.

If you only want to find out some small details, the members of both clans should know.

” Gabriel suggested: “Even the servants should be somewhat aware, after all, preparation for the wedding needs to be made.

” Ye Feng had revealed his intent very clearly, there was no need to pretend that he was unsure of what was going on now.

Of course, he could not state certain things outright.

He did not have any intention to expose Ye Feng, he was not allied with the two clans, there was no need to harm his own benefits like this.

Why would he want to offend a stage six Blacksmith? Providing insignificant information in exchange for the other party’s friendship, this was a huge gain for him.

He knew clearly what sort of benefits he would get.

” “I got it.

” Ye Feng nodded as he fell into contemplation.

… “I want a mug of southwood ale.

” Ye Feng sat down at the bar counter and knocked the table.

This ale had a good flavor, he would order it whenever he went to the tavern.

His cooperation with Gabriel went smoothly during this period of time, it was simply a win-win situation.

The more assets that Ye Feng amassed, the more rare forging materials he found.

With the support of Ye Feng’s top tier equipment, Gabriel’s reputation and business grew substantially.

Ye Feng had just finished a forging session, he wanted to relax and think of what to do from now on.

He had gathered information for the last few days, he learned of Tiffany’s attitude towards the wedding from several servants.

As he expected, Tiffany did not agree to it.

But somehow, along the way, she relented and accepted this marriage that her clan arranged for her.

This was all the servants knew.

“I need to find a way to get inside the estate of Tiffany’s clan and try to meet her alone.

” Ye Feng gulped down the beer while feeling a little troubled.

He could not infiltrate them, not only was such a large clan heavily defended, even if he wanted to sneak in, he needed to know the layout of the place.

If he had some understanding of Tiffany’s clan, there would be some hope of sneaking in.

Thus, he had to find a way to visit it?