Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 160

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 160

Chapter 160: Stage Six Blacksmith After confirming that the forging attempt succeeded, different people had different reactions.

The Vice Guild Master was surprised and overjoyed, although he was confident in Ye Feng from the start, it was a different feeling after seeing actual success.

The entire Blacksmith Guild did not have many stage six Blacksmiths in total, now, Ye Feng was one of them.

Patrick was shocked and furious, but his disdain and hatred vanished instantly.

He knew that the stage six Blacksmith Ye Feng was not a person he could provoke.

Thus, after Ye Feng succeeded in forging the weapon, he left quietly.

As for the Blacksmiths who were present, most of them were happy that the Blacksmith Guild had a new stage six Blacksmith.

They were all members of the guild, the stronger it became, the more benefits they would gain.

Of course, some were petty and extremely jealous at the moment.

How could such a young person become a stage six Blacksmith while they were still stage three or four with no accomplishments in life? Life was too unfair! But these were the minority, no matter how jealous they were of Ye Feng, they could only think about it but do nothing in reality.

Ye Feng was immersed in the feeling of having succeeded in forging a stage six weapon, he did not care about what others felt.




He quickly checked the information of the weapon.

[Wind Spirit Demon Sword] Grade: Stage Six Inferior-grade Special Trait: When attacking, three wind blades will shoot out which cause injuries that are hard to heal.

Due to the material used, the weapon can also be used to cast spells and raise the efficiency of energy transmission by thirty percent.

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COM The first two traits were not important to Ye Feng, but the final one was very powerful.

Raising the efficiency of energy transmission by thirty percent meant that whether he used the sword to unleash offensive skills or magic spells, the energy consumption would fall greatly, the overall power would rise too.

“Good, good.

” Ye Feng looked at the Wind Spirit Demon Sword and smiled in satisfaction.

At the same time, the Vice Guild Master and the three stage five Blacksmiths walked over.

“Can we see the weapon?” The Vice Guild Master asked politely.

“Please go ahead.

” Ye Feng smiled as he handed the sword to them.

This was a natural thing, although he succeeded in forging the weapon, the others could not see the information directly like him.

For a normal Blacksmith, they had to hold the weapon and observe it before testing to confirm the quality and grade, as well as any special traits it might have.

These four Blacksmiths did not waste time, they nodded after inspecting it.

“Indeed, this is a stage six inferior-grade weapon, it is also top tier among other stage six inferior-grade weapons.

” The Vice Guild Master smiled as he returned the weapon to Ye Feng.

The material came from Ye Feng, the product naturally belonged to him.

The Blacksmith Guild would not do something like pocketing the weapon, they had their integrity.

The higher level the Blacksmith, the less frequent such things would occur.

“From now on, Ye Feng is a stage six Blacksmith of our Blacksmith Guild!” He did not speak loudly but the moment his words landed, everyone present started to clap.

Stage six Blacksmiths were quite rare, even in the entire Capital City, there were only a few of them.

“Thank you.

” Ye Feng had the same smile on his face as he kept the Wind Spirit Demon Sword away.

“Since you are now a stage six Blacksmith, why don’t I bring you on a tour of the guild?” The Vice Guild Master suggested: “The certification will take some time, come with me and I will explain what benefits you can get in the guild.

” “Sure.

” This was Ye Feng’s plan to begin with, he immediately agreed.

It was much better to have a guide and run around on his own, not to mention that this was the Vice Guild Master himself.

“This is the archive, there are many forging blueprints here.

” The Vice Guild Master pointed at a room and explained: “With your status, you can take a look at them.

Although these equipment are not high in grade, there are some interesting new ideas, you can make use of them to gain inspiration.

” After Ye Feng nodded in response, he continued to explore deeper into the place.

“This is the forging room, many people come here to forge.

The fees are low, the place is also safe and secure.

Furthermore, be it the furnace or other equipment, they are all of the highest quality.

” The forging room had many smaller compartments, it could be seen that the sound isolation was quite good.

Ye Feng might need to use this place in the future.

“And here, we have… oh, Gabriel?” Ye Feng was listening to the Vice Guild Master’s words, he looked over towards the person upon hearing that.

This person looked quite familiar, he must be quite the person for the Vice Guild Master to react this way.

Ye Feng was quite curious as he observed.

He knew that the Vice Guild Master would explain the situation.

“Gabriel does business, he specializes in those that involve Blacksmiths, thus, he has a good relationship with us.

Our cooperation has a win-win outcome.

” The Vice Guild Master noticed Ye Feng’s gaze and immediately explained.

“Is that so…” Ye Feng thought to himself.

It seemed like this person was worth knowing, he should be helpful in the future.

“Vice Guild Master?” Gabriel heard his name and turned around as well.

After seeing Ye Feng and the Vice Guild Master, he quickly ran over to them.

“This is…” “Let me introduce you.

” The Vice Guild Master had a good relationship with Gabriel, he laughed as he interrupted: “This is Ye Feng, he is the newest stage six Blacksmith of our Blacksmith Guild.

” “Hello, nice to meet you, my name is Gabriel, I am a businessman.

” Gabriel’s eyes lit up as he stretched out his hand.

He did not know that the Vice Guild Master had already introduced him to Ye Feng earlier.

“Hello, I am Ye Feng.

” Ye Feng was not going to embarrass him, he also stretched out his hand while smiling.

“Brother, you sound quite familiar.

” After shaking his hand, Gabriel frowned as he muttered.

“So that’s you!” Ye Feng suddenly remembered, if not for the word ‘brother’, he would not have noticed that Gabriel was the person who sat beside him in the auction earlier, he explained: “We met in the Auction House earlier.

” Although they were sitting together, they were strangers after all.

They could not observe each other carefully, so Ye Feng did not remember his traits.

He could only decipher the voice and body shape.

But the word ‘brother’ was quite iconic in his speech pattern.

“So that’s you!” Gabriel understood immediately as he recalled: “Brother, we share quite the affinity.

” “Haha, that is true.

” After seeing a ‘familiar face’, Ye Feng was quite happy.

“You know each other?” The Vice Guild Master asked curiously.