Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 164

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 164

Chapter 164: Meeting At Long Last Since they were from the Miller clan, these three should be sacrificial warriors instead of assassins.

The strange thing was, why did they bring the Miller clan’s emblem with them? Normally speaking, assassins would not bring along anything that could identify them, did they think that killing Ye Feng was an easy thing? Or did they forget? Ye Feng did not understand this, he had thought of the possibility that the Miller clan was getting framed, but in the entire Capital City, he only had one enemy.

Would the Miller clan frame themselves? Or maybe, it was possible that someone did not like him and was petty enough to assassinate him, but they would not know of his grudges with Kevin Miller.

As for it being a coincidence, Ye Feng did not believe that there were such coincidences in the world.

“Forget it, I can’t get an answer anyway.

” He could basically confirm that these people were sent by Kevin Miller.

He did not kill the wrong people.

This was not blind confidence, it was a fact that only the Miller clan would have any reason to send their sacrificial warriors to kill him.

Kevin Miller definitely had a motive to do this.

After dealing with these three corpses, Ye Feng continued his infiltration plan.




The infiltration was much smoother than Ye Feng had expected.

Tiffany’s clan was not as guarded as he thought, there were loopholes no matter how tight the defense was, because of manpower issues, there were definitely gaps where there were no guards.

Ye Feng waited patiently for some time before he finally found a way to sneak in.

During day time, he had already learned of the place where the clan members stayed, he quickly went there.

The following journey was much easier, these guards would not patrol the rooms that were meant for resting, as long as Ye Feng controlled himself to not make noises and restrained his aura, he would not be discovered.

But there was a huge problem ahead of him, how was he going to find Tiffany? Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM He could not look at every person here, it would definitely cause an accident.

Ye Feng had already planned for this, he came at a time where most people had not slept yet.

In that case, he only needed to find Tiffany at the female dorms, he could get her to reveal some information to him since she was still awake.

Although he might not find her, the chances were not low.

But because of the assassination, some time was wasted.

Now that he arrived, most of the rooms had already put out their lamps.

If Tiffany was in one of these rooms, he would have wasted his trip.

BUt right when Ye Feng was thinking, a female servant suddenly entered the female dorms.

“I’ll try my luck, it is better than wasting my time.

” Ye Feng sighed, he developed the intent to kidnap this female servant to ask about Tiffany’s location.

But once this urge emerged, he quickly suppressed it.

He followed her stealthily.

“Missy, I’ve brought your fruits.

” The female servant knocked on the door and said softly.

“Missy?” Ye Feng’s heart jumped, in the clan, there were only a few people who could have such a title.

Tiffany was one of them! “Oh, come in.

” If Ye Feng only felt emerging hope earlier, after hearing the voice, he became extremely excited.

Although this voice was quite soft, he was eighty percent certain that it belonged to Tiffany! To think that his luck was so good! Ye Feng breathed in deeply and held in his excitement, he slowly approached the room.

“I need to be careful, this is her family after all, what if someone has a voice that is close to Tiffany’s?” In his excitement, Ye Feng quickly found a solution.

After the female servant left, he slowly opened the door and hid himself.

There was a sound when the door opened, if the person inside found that it was open, they would need to come out and shut it personally.

“Seriously, she did not shut the door properly.

” Ye Feng stared at the door until a figure appeared before him.

Tiffany! Ye Feng breathed in deeply, he could not help but thank the Great Deity of Forging for the blessing.

Knock knock! This time, Ye Feng knocked on the door without hiding.

“Who is it? Why are there so many issues today?” Tiffany said as she got closer.

She did not mind the fact that the person outside did not speak, she trusted the safety of her clan.

Even though there was no one around, if any commotion arose, a large number of experts would rush in.

Furthermore, nobody would want to assault her.

“Ye…” Once Tiffany said the first word, she quickly covered her own mouth.

Next, she opened the door and dragged Ye Feng into the room without speaking.

“You are too daring, you actually sneaked into the clan.

” Tiffany sat down on her bed as she smiled bitterly.

She could guess that Ye Feng was going to make a move, but to think that he would act so quickly and sneak in to find her.

“Not just tonight, I came here openly in the day.

” Ye Feng sat down without acting polite, he smiled as he said.

“Oh? Why is that?” Tiffany asked curiously.

Ye Feng had just arrived in the Capital City, how could he gain any connection to the clan? “It seems that you don’t know yet.

” Ye Feng shook his head and said smugly: “Today, the stage six Blacksmith of the Blacksmith Guild, Ye Feng, came to your guild for a talk regarding our cooperation.

” “Stage six Blacksmith!” Tiffany’s eyes lit up: “You improved so quickly.

” Under normal circumstances, the time it took for a stage five to become stage six would be at least a few years, or even more than ten years.

She knew that Ye Feng was an outstanding stage five Blacksmith, but she did not expect that he would become stage six in such a short time.

“Don’t you know me?” Ye Feng first praised himself before changing the topic: “What is up with this marriage? After hearing about it in Aden City, I rushed over here.

” “You came really quickly indeed.

” Tiffany was helpless: “When I saw you at the auction, I was shocked.

” “I did not agree to this marriage, but the clan is exerting too much pressure on me, I cannot defy them.

Furthermore, there is also the pressure from the Miller clan.

” As a member of the clan, she had no power to make a decision on such matters.

Ye Feng was silent for a while before he looked at Tiffany’s eyes: “As long as you are unwilling to marry him, I will help you.

” “Thank you, with you here, I can see hope.

” Tiffany smiled gently, confidence was restored in her voice: “The status of a stage six Blacksmith is very high, we may have a chance of success.

” Since Ye Feng wanted to help her, she would not stand on ceremony.

Before this, she had submitted to fate because she was powerless, but now that she had help, she could try to resist.