Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 140

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 140

Chapter 140: Avril Gets Kidnapped After this assault, Ye Feng had a peaceful time for the next few days, the Odin clan did not seem to have done anything else.

Even though Ye Feng was not afraid, he still let out a breath of relief.

After all, nobody would want to be disturbed all the time.

These days, Avril stayed in the Knight’s Academy and rarely came to find him, because Blake was sent for treatment as well, Ye Feng actually had no one to talk to.

Furthermore, because of the situation with the Odin clan, Tiffany also stopped going to the Blacksmith Shop frequently, most of the time, Ye Feng went to find her at the Auction House instead.

The Odin clan was huge, even if they did not target Ye Feng now, they would still keep an eye on him.

If they saw that Tiffany was close to him, it would be troublesome.

At least, they could not be seen to have a close relationship.

Their cooperation was fine, after all, wasn’t it a normal thing? Tiffany was from the Auction House, she had a neutral position, even if the Odin clan wanted to deal with Ye Feng through her, they would not do anything harmful to her.

But if they really discussed with Tiffany on how to target Ye Feng… Then it would be great news.

“Ding! Congratulations to the Host for forging a stage four superior-grade Bloodthirsty Spike, you have obtained 3000 fire elemental points.

” “Ding! Congratulations to the Host for forging a stage five inferior-grade Blazing Flame Blade, you have obtained 8000 fire elemental points.

” Other than going for classes, Ye Feng rarely went out anymore, he even stopped going to the Auction House and only stayed in his Blacksmith Shop to forge.




After all, the Auction House did not need his help, but Avril needed his protection.

“I need to resolve the matter about the Odin clan as soon as possible, I can’t stay on guard like this all the time.

” Ye Feng lay in bed and felt a small headache: “How can I be so tense all the time, it is simply too tiring.

” During this period of time, his forging speed had also fallen as a result.

But he was safe at least, he was not the match of the entire Odin clan, but if they wanted to kill him, they would need to send a lot of people as well.

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COM After all, they needed sufficient strength to make sure that he could not escape even if he was weaker than them.

But in Aden City, the Odin clan could not send out a huge group to attack him, even if they did, he would have escaped long ago.

If this was outside the city, they would not be able to track Ye Feng’s movements, it would be hard to encircle him.

This was also why the Odin clan had not made a move until now.

Of course, Ye Feng did not leave the city either, but the truth was, it was far safer to be in the city than outside.

“Forget it, I haven’t been to the Auction House for a long time, I’ll go look for Tiffany.

” Ye Feng jumped out of bed and wore his clothes while smiling.

It did not matter if the Odin clan found out that he went to the Auction House, after all, they should know about his cooperation with the Auction House and Tiffany, it was normal for him to go there every few days.

Be it discussing their projects or purchasing forging materials, these were possible objectives.

But this time, Ye Feng was going there to talk to her, the rest were bonuses.

Possibly because the Auction House was too near, or because the Odin clan had temporarily given up on harassing him, but Ye Feng encountered no issues on his trip.

Tiffany was not in her office either, but Ye Feng easily found his way to Tiffany’s room inside the Auction House.

“Oh, you left the Blacksmith Shop?” Tiffany let Ye Feng in while laughing and saying: “I thought that you would not leave the Blacksmith Shop during such a critical timing.

” She knew about the situation between the Odin clan and Ye Feng, seeing that he had not come for several days, she thought that he was hiding in the Blacksmith Shop to avoid their assault.

Even though the Blacksmith Shop was not much safer, it was better than being outside at least.

“It does not matter if I stay home or go out, they can’t do anything to me.

” Ye Feng sat down casually and said in a confident tone: “I avoided going out just for the sake of having less problems.

” “You really aren’t afraid that they will send assassins at you?” Tiffany smiled and asked, she did not know that Ye Feng and Avril were attacked several days ago.

Furthermore, even though Tiffany knew that Ye Feng had some strength, she was unsure of how strong he truly was.

“So what if they attack me?” Ye Feng shook his head in disdain, he said plainly: “If the Odin clan wants to capture or kill me, they will need to send many people.

Let’s not talk about whether they can do this, even if they gather a huge group of experts, will they dare to start a huge battle in Aden City?” “So that’s it…” Tiffany’s eyes shone as she thought to herself: “That is true, if many experts fight in the city, the damage will be huge.

” From Ye Feng’s words, Tiffany learned something about his true strength.

She knew that Ye Feng was not someone who would exaggerate and brag, since he said this confidently, his words could not be far from the truth.

“If too few people come, I don’t mind teaching them a lesson.

” Ye Feng said that with surging killing intent.

In the previous attack, he let them off because he needed to protect Avril in battle, he could not chase after them freely.

“Haha, I believe in you.

” Tiffany winked and thought of something: “That’s right, Blake is doing much better now, he is not in any mortal danger, but we can only confirm his situation after he wakes up.

” “Got it, there is nothing else we can do but wait patiently for news.

” Ye Feng let out a deep sigh and shook his head: “Alright, let’s talk about something else.

” The two of them talked for some time before Ye Feng left in satisfaction.

These days, he had nobody to talk with.

Although it was fine when he was forging, once he took a break, he would feel lonely.

He could not forge non-stop for days right? After the talk, Ye Feng went back to the Blacksmith Shop, seeing that it was still early, he started to forge.

He had nothing else to do after all.

“Sir Ye Feng!” Right when Ye Feng was forging, he heard a panicky voice that seemed to be coming towards the interior of the Blacksmith Shop.

“Which fool is this? Is he here to cause trouble?” Ye Feng frowned, his progress could not be halted now.

Even though this weapon was not very precious, it was still a waste if this attempt failed.

But he did not sound like an Odin clan member.

Soon, the person who barged in arrived before Ye Feng and panted heavily as he opened the door.

“Sir Ye Feng, Lady Avril has been kidnapped!” “What did you say!” Ye Feng threw his hammer aside and rushed up to that person: “What did you say?!”