Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 139

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Approached Again “I wonder how Blake is doing now.

” While forging, Ye Feng sighed helplessly to himself.

Blake was not in Aden City now, he would not know about the specific situation until Tiffany informs him later.

Right now, even when Ye Feng was forging, he would think of Blake, more so than Avril.

“Ding! Congratulations to the Host for forging a stage five middle-grade weapon, Lightning Resonance Blade, you have obtained 8000 lightning elemental points, and 3000 fire elemental points.

” During this period of time, he had forged many stage five weapons, they were all handed to the Auction House.

After forging this weapon, Ye Feng sat down on his chair and said in a guilty tone: “I should not have left the Blacksmith Shop then, it is my fault that Blake suffered such severe injuries.

” It was truly a coincidence, he had left the Blacksmith Shop for less than four hours, but during this period of time, both Blake and Lamela came.

If only Blake came, this would not have happened.

If only Lamela came, only the Blacksmith Shop would be thrashed, nothing terrible would have happened.

But because both of them came, Blake ended up heavily injured.

“This is not your fault…” Avril saw that Ye Feng felt so guilty and quickly sat beside him, he held his hand and said: “We can only blame Lamela for being too vicious, he actually came when you were not around and got his henchmen to attack Blake together.

” .



She did not understand the situation that happened, but that did not stop her from consoling Ye Feng.

“Furthermore, didn’t you cripple Lamela already? That is a form of revenge for Blake.

” Avril said gently.

Currently speak, Lamela should be in a more terrible state, after all, Ye Feng had specially crippled him for good.

Even though Blake was heavily injured, if he could recover from this, it would not leave any lingering problems.

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COM “Yes… Tiffany said that Blake’s situation is quite stable, he is also not in any danger of dying.

” Ye Feng placed a hand on top of Avril’s hand and sighed.

It had to be said, having someone else’s consolation was quite effective at times.

“Yeah, don’t worry, nothing will happen to Blake.

” Avril smiled.


” Ye Feng nodded and thought of something, he looked at Avril: “You need to be careful, although that Lamela failed to do anything to me, he might try to target you.

” “Even if he is crippled, he is still supported by the Odin clan, he is capable of doing anything in this state.

” Right now, he did not know about Lamela’s situation, if he woke up, it was likely that he would take revenge on Avril.

“I understand.

” Avril nodded.

At this crucial moment, she would naturally be careful about her own safety.

Right when Ye Feng was about to show a smile, he suddenly stood up and shouted in a cold tone: “Who is it?!” Even though Avril did not know what was happening, she also stood up and looked at the surroundings vigilantly.

The two of them stood quietly for several breaths of time, but nothing happened.

“What is it?” Avril asked softly.

Even though she was uncertain, she did not think that Ye Feng was wrong.

“Someone is nearby.

” Ye Feng replied in a soft voice while indicating to Avril to stay still.

Avril believed in Ye Feng’s strength, she was also afraid of giving him trouble, so she obediently stood on the spot.

Ye Feng controlled his own movements meticulously and got closer to the room door step by step.

Right when he was about to open the door, several figures charged at him.

“Hmph!” Ye Feng who was prepared for this snorted coldly and slashed with his sword.

Because of the door, his sword managed to repel and keep all of the opponents outside.

“You are from the Odin clan?” Ye Feng looked at these people who were wearing black clothing, they seemed specialized to do such things.

These black clothed people did not speak, they attacked Ye Feng again.

“You have good guts.

” Ye Feng shot a fireball towards the closest black clothed person through the small opening of the door.

He was the defensive side of the door now, he naturally had a greater initiative.

Clang! With a soft sound, Ye Feng blocked a black clothed person who wanted to get into the room from above him, he moved his left hand towards the front and shot out another fireball.

This place was too small and restrictive, he could not use his true strength.

“If anyone approaches you, regardless of their strength, you must call out to me!” Ye Feng instructed Avril: “They are not my match, so you need to defend yourself, got it?” He wanted to go outside and fight against these people, he could kill them all if he had room to attack, but he could not bring himself to leave Avril behind like this.

Eventually, Ye Feng chose to believe in Avril’s strength and adaptability.

“I got it.

” Avril nodded and watched as Ye Feng shut the door.

The battle ended very quickly, even though those people were not very strong, they had a great cooperation and Ye Feng was actually unable to kill them.

After those black clothed people left, Ye Feng let out a sigh of relief, there was no way to keep up his guard all the time, Ye Feng was quite afraid of such sneak attacks, even though he was strong enough to defend himself, Avril was not the same.

After returning to the room, he relaxed after seeing that Avril was safe.

It was all thanks to the sturdy materials used to make this Blacksmith Shop, if this was a normal house, those people might have broken in to attack Avril already.

Even though they could break into the Blacksmith Shop by force as well, some time would be needed, it was enough for Ye Feng to save her.

“Are you alright?” In his worry, Ye Feng asked a redundant question.

“Oh, you… don’t worry, I am really fine.

” Avril was caught between laughter and tears as she quickly grabbed Ye Feng’s hand.

“How about this, go back to the academy and stay there for now.

” Ye Feng thought about it and said seriously: “If you stay here, it will be too dangerous.

” Avril was silent for a while, she really did not want to leave Ye Feng, but she also understood the current situation, if she stayed here, it would only be a bother to Ye Feng.

In fact, if she stayed here, she would not feel safe either.

“I understand.

” Avril nodded and agreed to Ye Feng’s suggestion.

“That’s my girl!” Ye Feng held Avril’s face and kissed her.

He was afraid that Avril would not agree to this, if she refused to go, he would not force her.

At most, he would spend some extra effort to protect her, it was not an issue.

Of course, the best scenario was for her to agree, in that case, he could save some effort while her safety was also assured.

Ye Feng did not waste time, after packing up, he sent Avril back to the Knight’s Academy.