Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 141

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Frantically Searching “Sir Ye Feng, please calm down!” This man was likely an employee of the academy, he had no resistance against Ye Feng’s surging aura.

“Calm down?” Ye Feng’s expression was slightly distorted, he said choppily: “I let Avril stay at the academy because I trusted you, but in the end, is this how your academy protects their students?” He was losing his sanity because of his intense rage.

“I am really sorry.

” The messenger was quite apologetic but he soon became solemn and said to Ye Feng in a serious tone: “The most important thing now is to find Avril, now is not the time to rage helplessly.

” Even though he was not a teacher, as a member of the academy, he was very guilty about losing a student like this.

“Huff…” Ye Feng took a few steps back, he sat on the chair weakly and started to scratch his head furiously, it seemed to be the only way to make him feel better.

“How can I calm down!” Ye Feng shut his eyes and said in guilt: “Eric handed his daughter to me, I am supposed to take care of her, in the end… look what happened to her?!” The messenger seemed to have felt Ye Feng’s pain and guilt in his words, he did not know how to react.

He knew that with his identity, nothing he said would sound consoling to Ye Feng.

The two of them lowered their heads, one was seated while the other stood, the Blacksmith Shop fell into a peculiar silence at this moment.




But this silence did not last long, soon, Ye Feng raised his head, his cold expression shocked the messenger.

But it was just a fright, he relaxed and let out a deep breath after seeing Ye Feng’s movement.

“Alright… it is time to head out.

” Ye Feng stood up and said plainly.

He knew that he had to be calm now, but when faced with such a situation, how could he calm down? Ye Feng had always been the same person, after hearing that Avril was kidnapped, it was normal that he could not control his own emotions.

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COM But he did not break down from this, he soon recovered and focused on the most important matter at hand.

“Yes, the academy has already started to search for her.

” The messenger followed Ye Feng out of the Blacksmith Shop: “Since it is the academy’s fault, we will not avoid responsibility.

” There was no way around it, this was their fault for failing to protect her, the academy could not shirk responsibility.

“It is fine.

” Ye Feng was silent for a while before replying to him: “Go back to the academy first, if you get any news of Avril, inform me.

I will use my connections to find her.

” “Alright!” He was initially very angry about this matter, but after calming down, he felt that he could not put all the blame on the academy.

No matter what, the academy was just a school, it was not an organization that specialized in protecting people, and because of the freedom the students had, it could not take care of them that much.

Even if he informed the Knight’s Academy and they increased their protection towards her, it would not be very tight.

After all, this was a place to study, the bodyguards were just going to take note of her at most.

The main reason why Ye Feng let Avril stay at the academy was because she would rarely be alone in this place, if anyone wanted to target her, they would need to mind the surroundings.

But Avril was still kidnapped in such a situation, it meant that the kidnapper was either a powerful force or individual.

The latter possibility was ruled out by Ye Feng, why would an unknown person bother to kidnap Avril? And regarding the force… Ye Feng first thought of the most likely suspect, the Odin clan.

Of course, these two possibilities could be combined, the Odin clan could easily grasp Avril’s whereabouts with their influence, although it was troublesome.

All they needed was another expert skilled in concealment.

“Sigh… I underestimated their lack of morals.

” Ye Feng shook his head, he left the Auction House directly.

To speak the truth, he could find many people for help in Aden City, but they were all over the city, it was too troublesome to approach them.

The most suitable helper was Tiffany.

“What happened?” Tiffany felt strange upon seeing that Ye Feng returned to her after such a short time, but looking at his grim expression, she quickly guessed that something had happened.

Ye Feng definitely came because something huge had happened.

“Avril was kidnapped.

” Ye Feng said in a grim tone.

“Avril was kidnapped?” Tiffany was first stunned before asking immediately: “Did the Odin clan do this?” “Most likely.

” Ye Feng nodded: “Only the Odin clan will have the ability to kidnap Avril from the Knight’s Academy, while also having enmity with both Avril and I.

” “I understand, I will send people to look for her now.

” Tiffany soon understood the severity of this situation, she started to console Ye Feng: “Since they kidnapped Avril, they must have a goal.

She should not be in danger now.

” “I get the logic.

” Ye Feng smiled bitterly: “But now that Avril is in their hands, how can I not feel worried?” “Don’t worry, I have already calmed down, I won’t do anything rash.

” “Mm.

” Hearing this, Tiffany did not say anything else, she left immediately.

Ye Feng was feeling a little lost on what to do, the truth was, he wanted to go look for Avril himself, but he was not familiar with Aden City! With the Knight’s Academy and Tiffany’s help, he was quite redundant.

Combat strength had nothing to do with searching abilities after all.

Tiffany soon returned as Ye Feng smiled bitterly: “Forget it, I’ll return to the Blacksmith Shop first, thinking about it, I can’t help in any way.

” “Hmm… go back first and adjust your mood, don’t let it affect your judgment.

” Tiffany smiled faintly and nodded: “This is better too, we know where to look for you when we obtain news.

” Ye Feng nodded weakly as he left.

He had no mood to forge now, like what Tiffany said, he could only sit on the chair and try to regain his composure.

At the same time, he thought of countermeasures.

Bam bam bam! A series of knocking interrupted Ye Feng’s thoughts.

“Who?” Ye Feng frowned and walked towards the door.

Before he opened the door, he found a letter placed underneath.

Ye Feng picked up the letter while opening the door to look outside.

There was nobody.

Ye Feng opened this letter while frowning, he had a vague guess about what it was.

There were only some words written in the letter.

Sir Ye Feng, Avril is with us now, if you want her to be safe, go outside of the city alone.