Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 121

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Barging Into Enemy Camp Alone At this time, the City of Chaos experienced peace.

After so many years, this was the first time the City of Chaos felt such peace, it was quite ironic considering the name.

For the last two weeks, the entire City of Chaos, including Ye Feng and his two disciples, were working hard to rebuild the city.

Their relationship with the residents of the City of Chaos also improved greatly, after all, the fastest way to improve one’s relationship was to experience difficulties together.

There was nothing more connecting than fighting in life-and-death battles together.

“Heh… To think that I would end up forging tools one day.

” Ye Feng forged a two meter long shovel as he joked: “Ever seen a stage two shovel?” In the past, he had either made weapons or defensive equipment, he even made high tier mechanical armor and beasts.

But to speak the truth, this was the first time he was making common tools.

“Teacher, I’ve actually had.

” Blake who was also forging coughed lightly, saying lightly: “Even though it is not a tool, I have seen a stage two shovel before, it has offensive power so it is considered a weapon.

” .



The world was huge, all kinds of weapons existed.

Even all those special and weird weapons were usable by people, not to mention the relatively normal shovel.

And truthfully, other than its function and appearance, this was quite a good weapon.

“You speak too much.

” Ye Feng stared at his talkative disciple and said: “I will go and take revenge on those damned beastmen eventually.

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COM No matter what reason the beastmen had in attacking the City of Chaos, since they attacked, they had to prepare themselves and face revenge.

“Those dwarves too.

” Blake reminded him: “Many people noticed that many dwarves showed up in the vicinity, we recognized people from the Iron Hammer tribe and Heavenly Forging tribe, but we could not differentiate the rest.

” After the battle started, no dwarf appeared.

However, they were too outstanding in appearance, it was too hard to miss them.

“It must be that Iron Hammer tribe, or maybe that Heavenly Forging tribe.

” Ye Feng did not even need to think about it before putting the blame on these two tribes, it was only natural.

The other tribes did not have as much hatred with Ye Feng and the City of Chaos than them.

Earlier, they were the first ones to attack the Yoruk tribe, Ye Feng had not taken revenge with them yet.

As long as the other tribes were sensible, they would not provoke him now.

Even if those dwarves who appeared earlier were impersonating them, Ye Feng did not want to care about it.

Without clear evidence now, he had to assume it was the Iron Hammer tribe.

“Those beastmen are so strange, can’t they approach us to cooperate, why must they side with those useless people?” Ye Feng tossed his hammer aside and said helplessly: “We had no grudges to begin with, was there a need to pay such a huge price?” “I…” Bam! Blake was about to speak when the door was opened, interrupting him.

“Teacher, the enemies are attacking again!” Claude, who was busy outside, ran in and said while panting heavily: “They are led by the Iron Hammer tribe!” The Iron Hammer tribe was actually attacking now! And there were no other tribes present, they were only attacking with the beastmen! “They are courting death!” Ye Feng stared fiercely and charged out of the Blacksmith Shop without waiting for his disciples.

… After half a month of hard work, the external defense of the City of Chaos was half completed, even though the attackers included the Iron Hammer tribe, it was true that the beast tribes also suffered great losses earlier, their numbers and strength were much lower.

“This time, we just need those who are in better condition and have sufficient strength to fight.

” Blake followed after him and observed the situation while saying: “We are the defensive side, we have the advantage here.

The Iron Hammer tribe is not strong as a whole, while the beast tribes are not sending many members, this battle should not be hard.

Because there were fewer attackers, there was no need to prepare excessively.

As the City of Chaos was in high alert during this period, they found the enemies’ attack at the first moment.

After speaking, he raised his volume and shouted to the entire City of Chaos, everyone could hear him.

“Everyone, fight to the best of your ability! Show them the consequences of infuriating us!” “Kill!” Although he did not use complex words, Blake was able to raise the morale of the City of Chaos.

On one hand, the previous battle had created too much anger in everyone, on the other hand, Blake’s recent performance earned him quite a reputation in the City of Chaos, he was able to lead everyone now.

Seeing this, Ye Feng understood the reason and smiled gladly.

There was not much contribution from him in this aspect.

Undoubtedly, Blake was an excellent leader, it was a pity that he was too stubborn and hard to change.

This was both a good and bad trait, in the event regarding Avril earlier, if Ye Feng did not have a good temper, Blake would have been crippled if not dead.

After all, how could a normal person stand such an annoying situation, not to mention it was over a girl.

‘But now, he is much better…’ Ye Feng thought as he shot out many fireballs.

This time, he used a type of fireball that was explosive in nature.

After all, there were no allies on the other side, this wide range attack was much more effective.

It was also a sight to behold! Hearing the chain of explosions, Ye Feng’s lips curled up into a smile.

It was no wonder that many people enjoyed creating explosives, the feeling was really euphoric.

This battle ended quickly quicker than expected.

Expectedly, the beastmen were different from the Iron Hammer tribe’s dwarves.

Once the Iron Hammer tribe members suffered many casualties, they ran in panic, they did not have the courage of the beastmen.

Not even beastmen, they could not compare to humans in fact.

And this time, the City of Chaos suffered no deaths, after all, the participants were all elites, and because they were prepared and well equipped, even though many got injured, none were severe.

“Hahahaha, are these dwarves here to make us laugh, they are sending themselves to death’s doors?” Someone laughed: “These losers are far inferior to Claude and the rest, are they really qualified to be called dwarves?” Was he praising Claude? Ye Feng turned around and heard the person say: “Blake, you must pass my words to Claude, get him to thank me.

” “Hahaha, wishful thinking!” Blake laughed and pointed at the guy: “I was wondering why you would praise him for no reason!” “Haha…” Ye Feng laughed and shook his head, he observed the direction that the Iron Hammer tribe escaped in.

His anger had not subsided.

He was going to ‘play’ at the Iron Hammer tribe’s territory now.