Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 122

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Probing With his current strength, together with the mechanical armor, he could easily deal with one Iron Hammer tribe.

He had developed an idea earlier, he did not think that the Iron Hammer tribe would set a trap for him here… They did not have the intelligence to do so.

Even if there was more than the Iron Hammer tribe waiting, or even if they were prepared for him, there should be no problem with escaping later.

The Iron Hammer tribe had truly angered him, he was going to teach them a lesson that they would not forget.

Because he came here before, Ye Feng soon found the location of the Iron Hammer tribe.

But different from what Ye Feng thought, the current Iron Hammer tribe was not in a nervous state, other than a few people, the rest were acting like they were in normal times.

They were relaxed and not prepared for war, or rather, they were even more carefree than usual.

Did they think that the City of Chaos would be unable to repel them? Or were they not afraid of an attack because they had huge numbers? Ye Feng laughed coldly in his heart, he thought to himself in disdain.

Furthermore, the main combatants were the beast tribe members, the Iron Hammer tribe members were not doing much.

But it was understandable.

Because the City of Chaos was still rebuilding now, even though it was nearly done, it did not have time to find trouble with the Iron Hammer tribe.




They were just unimportant weaklings.

After observing the Iron Hammer tribe’s situation, Ye Feng chose to sneak in.

He could not kill all of the Iron Hammer tribe members and beastmen at one go, he might as well go in to search for information.

If he got discovered, he could still fight, it would not be too late.

The most important thing was to maximize his benefits.

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COM Even though he was very angry now, he had not lost his composure, he knew which was the best method to maximize his advantage.

The patrolling dwarves had an unexpectedly low level of alertness, even someone like Ye Feng who was not trained at concealment managed to get in without detection.

Of course, the patrolling teams were also slacking off.

Regardless, Ye Feng was still a Bronze Knight, he could control himself to not emit any noise and also stay out of people’s vision.

Soon, Ye Feng reached the central area.

Be it the house’s size or location, one thing was screaming out to him: This is the most important place, quickly get in! But this was normal, as a mere dwarf tribe, how could they bother with so many fancy things.

But this was an important location after all, the guards were harder to deal with.

Although they were not guarded in all directions, the house was reinforced and surrounded, beastmen and dwarves were working together to protect the place.

Ye Feng waited for a long time before he found an opportunity, he jumped in his mechanical armor and reached the rooftop in one move.

When Ye Feng landed, although he tried, there was still a soft sound, but it was easily ignored due to the softness.

The people inside the house were speaking loudly, it was clear that they could not hear this small commotion.

Ye Feng did not intend to do anything now, he only stayed on the roof and listened to the conversation inside.

“The City of Chaos is very alert now, your method will definitely fail.

” At this time, a deep voice spoke.

Ye Feng was not familiar with the higher-ups of the Iron Hammer tribe and beastmen, he could not tell who the speaker was.

But it was not an issue, he only needed to know what they were talking about, Ye Feng only wanted results.

No matter who they were, these were all enemies, the only difference was the extent of grudge they had.

“Not necessarily, our earlier attack on them caused no harm, they have really high morale now, their alertness has definitely fallen.

” A calm voice spoke in a softer tone but was filled with greater confidence.

“Hmph, you still have the cheeks to speak.

None of the enemies died while we lost so many comrades… were you sending them to their demise?” The deep voice raised his volume.

“Didn’t my men die too? Sacrifices are necessary at times, this loss is much smaller than our previous battle, as long as it can give us enough benefits, so what if we sacrificed them?” The calm voice did not back down, he explained: “Since we’ve already done it, we should continue with the plan.

” He did not say anything wrong, since those people were sacrificed already, they should let their deaths display the greatest value, right? Right at this time, another voice spoke: “Keep this plan for now, we need to have several backup plans just in case of emergencies.

” “I have another idea.

” A fourth voice spoke, even Ye Feng did not know how many people were in this meeting now.

“What idea?” “I have a group of people specialized in infiltration…” Ye Feng was a Blacksmith, he had immense patience, he stayed on the rooftop and listened to their entire discussion.

“Alright, the meeting will end here.

I’ve prepared some delicious food, we can eat while we rest.

” These words were clearly said by an Iron Hammer tribe member.

“They are so relaxed… but I need to send this information back as well.

” Ye Feng watched as they left the room, he frowned: “Forget it, this is not urgent.

They still need to prepare themselves first, I just need to return before them.

” The guards left after these people dispersed, nobody knew where they went, this was truly a relaxed place with no sense of danger.

After Ye Feng confirmed that there were no threats, he left the place secretly without getting found.

“I can’t leave empty-handed after making this trip.

” Not long after, Ye Feng stood outside the Iron Hammer tribe and smiled to himself: “Let’s see who will be the lucky winner of my ‘gift’!” Even though he was smiling, his tone was cold.

Ye Feng wanted to wait here and see if he could plunder anyone who came.

He could not defeat an entire tribe by himself, but if anyone was ‘alone’, he would be able to strike.

If he did not do this, his anger would not be vented, even though he had calmed down a lot already, he could not return without doing anything.

Ye Feng did not go too far away, he patiently waited outside the Iron Hammer tribe from a close by location.

But he did not need to wait for long, after an hour, someone came in this direction.

And it was a familiar face too.

Or rather, a familiar race.

It was the Vast Eagle tribe who left the Iron Hammer tribe, but these members were not the same ones he knew, the other beastmen seemed to be staying in the tribe for now.

But it made sense, the Vast Eagle tribe was known for speed and agility, it was normal for them to want to return to their tribe, they could be arranging something as well.

“Congratulations to you.

” Ye Feng smiled coldly and followed after them: “You are so lucky today, you’ve won the grand prize!”