Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 120

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Battle Concludes “Another one?” Ye Feng frowned, he looked at the tall figure, even though he felt that most werewolves looked the same, his intuition told him that this werewolf was here for a different reason.

But regardless of the reason, since he had a death wish, Ye Feng would satisfy him.

“Since you killed my son, you should prepare yourself to get slaughtered by me.

” The werewolf gritted his teeth, even though he was angry, he did not attack rashly without thinking.

A leader could not be so stupid, Ye Feng was a tough enemy, even though he was not worried about losing, he had to be very serious now.

But he only had one son, no matter how logical he was now, he could not let the killer of his son roam freely on this battlefield.

“We need a boost of morale too.

” The werewolf leader looked at the surroundings and felt the surging morale of the members of the City of Chaos.

This happened after Ye Feng appeared, since he had such a reputation in the city, it was even more necessary to kill him now.

If he did so, it would also be beneficial to the battle situation.




Getting revenge while improving the chances of winning the overall battle, why would he give up such a chance? Even though he was not sure of Ye Feng’s strength, the werewolf leader was confident in himself.

He trusted in his own combat strength, after all, he was one of the strongest experts among Bronze Knights! And Ye Feng was definitely not a Silver Knight, otherwise, this battle would be meaningless.

A Silver Knight could not decide the victory of a large scale battle, but in this battlefield, one Silver Knight would easily decide the outcome.

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COM “Your son?” Ye Feng raised his head and laughed to himself: “I killed many werewolves earlier, which one is your son? Or rather, is your son a werewolf?” “Hmph.

” The werewolf leader did not reply, light flickered on his body as his speed rose greatly! He knew a few simple spells, he was barely considered a One Star Magician, relying on these spells, he managed to defeat opponents of similar strength.

If not for this, with his poor personal relationships in the tribe, he could not have become the leader.

“Oh… I remember now.

” Ye Feng blocked the werewolf leader’s attack as his expression turned serious, however, he did not stop talking: “Is it that werewolf with mental illness? The one who came up and spoke rubbish before dying in vain?” “His suicidal tendency resembles you a lot, it is as expected of your son I guess.

” Ye Feng raised his hand and shot out several fireballs at the werewolf leader.

Even though fireball seemed like a low level spell, that depended on the user.

Ye Feng’s countless fire elemental points were not for show, no matter how weak the fireball spell was originally, after Ye Feng’s amplification, each one could cause huge damage to Bronze Knights.

“Damn it…” Before the werewolf leader finished his words, Ye Feng got closer and interrupted him.


” The werewolf leader had no time to extinguish the fire, he had to endure the pain and attack in a frenzy, trying to kill Ye Feng first.

“You are a mere…” The werewolf leader’s claw slashed towards Ye Feng, at the same time, while he growled, a sharp spear stabbed out from the area near his heart.

This spear was familiar to Ye Feng, it was one of the stage four weapons that he made earlier.

Ye Feng got close to the werewolf leader and said in a low tone: “This is the battlefield.

” Next, he let the werewolf leader fall as he looked towards the beauty who stood behind.

“Sir Ye Feng.

” The beauty nodded before leaving.

She was also a Bronze Knight, within the City of Chaos, her strength was top tier.

She was coincidentally close to Ye Feng earlier, so after seeing this werewolf, she sneaked closer and waited for Ye Feng to create an opportunity for her attack.

“Retreat!” A loud voice called out, it might be because the werewolf leader was dead, but the beastmen were starting to escape from the battlefield.

After all, this werewolf leader had peak Bronze Knight strength.

“Why does this scene look so familiar… I’ve seen this many times already.

” After this intense battle, Ye Feng calmed down a lot, he rubbed his temples to clear up his mind as he turned to the inner area of the City of Chaos and brought along several heavily injured members.

This battlefield was within the City of Chaos itself, but it was not at the central location.

Ye Feng looked at the destroyed buildings and injured people as he sighed to himself along the way.

“Teacher, I’ll help you.

” Blake saw Ye Feng and quickly came to assist with moving the injured.

Ye Feng did not reject his offer, he went into the temporary base with Blake.

“What is the situation?” Ye Feng had said this line many times, he did not want to say it anymore.

Such a short time had passed, but the Yoruk tribe was attacked, Osborne City was assaulted, and now, the City of Chaos was destroyed.

He really had no time to relax at all.

“The situation is quite bad.

” Blake first said with a solemn expression before continuing: “But it is not the worst, the number of injured people is far less than we expected, more of the damage was on the buildings, the City of Chaos’ buildings are almost all in ruins.

” When those beastmen first entered the City of Chaos, they focused on destroying the buildings, some even ignored our retaliation.

“The important thing is that the people are fine…” Ye Feng sighed and shook his head: “We can rebuild buildings but we cannot revive people.

” Looking at the ruins around the place, Ye Feng felt heartache too.

But compared to human lives, there was no doubt which was more important.

“Sir Ye Feng.

” “Master Ye Feng.

” “Sir Ye Feng.

” Ye Feng saw many familiar faces around him.

Some had asked Ye Feng to forge weapons for them, some had assisted him in the Yoruk tribe incident, some had even tested out the mechanical armor for him.

But thankfully, those who could greet him here were mostly fine.

“I will do my best to help the rebuilding of the City of Chaos.

” Ye Feng stood firmly and said to the people: “I understand that I may not be as useful as some specialists in this, but I am still a decent Blacksmith, I should be of help.

” He spoke slowly but seriously.

“Hahaha, Master Ye Feng, don’t joke with us, if you are considered somewhat useful, what are the other Blacksmiths?” “Hahaha, that is right, Sir Ye Feng, don’t be so humble…” Ye Feng understood that they were trying to liven up the atmosphere, but he had already expressed his intention, there was no need to ruin the mood now.