Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 115

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Start of Battle Actually, the two of them had not been separated for a long time, there was nothing much to say now.

Avril’s life in the academy was as usual, the person who spoke for most of the time was Ye Feng, she only listened to his stories quietly.

The matter regarding Blake, the mechanical armor, the Yoruk tribe’s mechanical beast, the battle against six allied tribes… Ye Feng was not an expert at description, but the true experiences he mentioned tugged at Avril’s heart.

Even though she knew that these were past events, Avril still grabbed onto his hand while feeling nervous as she listened.

The stories only went on for a short while, soon after, they became connected physically as they lay down in bed.

But good times did not last.

A loud and sharp sound woke the two of them from their dazed state.

“The werewolves are attacking!” Ye Feng instantly got up and looked towards Avril.

She had heard the voice as well, she frowned as she got up, tying up her hair and speaking in a tone that was full of grudge.

“Of all times to attack, why did they have to come now, this is so annoying!!” .



Nobody would want to be interrupted in such a situation, but this was an important matter that they could not afford to ignore.

Ye Feng squinted as he smiled, wearing his clothes: “They are annoying indeed, therefore, I’ll let them feel my rage!” He was very unhappy too, more so than Avril.

Even though he did not express it on his face, he made a decision in his mind.

He had to teach these impudent werewolves a lesson! Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM The two went outside together but did not head to the battlefield straightaway, they went to find Eric instead.

As one of the most authoritative people in Osborne City, it was not hard to find Eric in this situation.

Right now, Eric was together with Militan, they were instructing Osborne City’s guards.

“Sir Ye Feng?” Militan saw Ye Feng and his eyes lit up, he quickly approached the latter: “To think that you returned, Eric did not mention this at all.

” As the Osborne City Lord, he had much more comprehensive information than Eric.

His information source was not just Aden City, the truth was, he even had information on the City of Chaos.

Even though the things that happened in the City of Chaos would not affect him, nobody would want to lack intel if they could get it.

Thus, he had a much clearer understanding of Ye Feng’s true strength.

He was a stage four Magician and even likely a stage five Blacksmith! Not just Osborne City, even if he was in Aden City, he would be an important person that even the City Lord would need to beg for help.

Eric looked at Militan’s reaction and smiled in happiness.

Ye Feng was his son-in-law, the stronger he was, the better it would be for the entire family at this point.

“City Lord.

” Ye Feng showed a smile too, his cooperation with Militan was quite successful back then, both sides were quite satisfied with each other.

In fact, after Ye Feng left, Militan still followed their earlier agreement and did not step out of line at all.

Furthermore, in Osborne City’s current situation, Eric’s authority was not lower than Militan.

Be it Eric, Avril, or Ye Feng, they understood that Militan was showing his goodwill.

Ye Feng could not ignore it.

“It is great that you are here, the battle will be much easier now.

” Militan smiled happily, this was his true feeling.

No matter what kind of person he was, at the Osborne City Lord, he was going to live and die with the city.

He would not want Osborne City to face any danger.

“Don’t worry, I’ll do my best.

” Ye Feng nodded solemnly, saying: “No matter what, Osborne City is my home, I will not let it get bullied like this.

” Saying so, Ye Feng waved his hand as a large number of weapons and defensive equipment were taken out.

Before coming, he had already cleared his spatial bag, right now, it was filled with equipment that were useful for battle.

“This is my aid to Osborne City.

” Militan and Eric looked at the pile of equipment and gasped loudly.

They were not like Ye Feng who could tell the grade of the weapon instantly, but they still had a decent amount of knowledge.

Most of these weapons were stage three, there were some stage two or four weapons as well.

Even though there were fewer defensive equipment, they were mostly stage two.

Just these things alone could help Osborne City gain a huge boost in strength! And all these were made by Ye Feng… no, they were made by his disciple.

Militan thought about the information of the City of Chaos that he had.

This was the power of a top tier Blacksmith, Militan sighed internally but he kept a solemn expression on the outside.

“Don’t worry, we will not take these weapons and equipment for free, we will compensate you later on.

” To speak the truth, it was too hard for Osborne City to buy these equipment, Ye Feng knew about this himself.

However, even if it was too hard, they could not take these weapons and equipment without paying anything.

Militan turned around and asked his men to move the weapons, he also showed an expression of heartache.

He would likely need to pay with his own savings, since this was a costly purchase, the distribution of the equipment would also need to be carefully considered.

He did not want to spend his own money to benefit those mercenaries.

It would be too hard to retrieve these weapons later on.

There was also no time to register them all now.

Seeing that Militan was busy with the distribution of weapons, Eric went up and smiled, saying in a low volume: “Being the City Lord is really tough, I’m glad this is not my duty.

” He had quite a good life normally, he held authority but did not have many duties to perform.

Most of the time, Militan handled the affairs.

Of course, Eric’s authority was not stable because of this, if Militan wanted to, he could easily take it from Eric.

But the two of them did not care about this, doing that had no benefits to Militan while Eric simply did not care, he only relied on his own strength.

“He is the City Lord after all… isn’t this much better than that Donjedo?” Ye Feng shook his head: “That guy only knows how to cause internal fighting.

” Eric chuckled and did not speak anymore.

At this time, the person with almost no presence, Avril, spoke.

“I am going to the battlefield.

” Throughout Ye Feng’s conversation, she had been observing the battlefield.

The other students of the Knight’s Academy were there, she came back here to fight as part of her training, she could not watch her classmates fight while she did nothing.

“Go ahead.

” Ye Feng and Eric spoke at the same time, after looking at each other, the latter said: “Be mindful of your safety, the situation is not dangerous yet, but remember that your life is the most important thing.