Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 116

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Forcing the Werewolves to Retreat “I got it.

” Avril nodded before leaving and heading towards the battlefield.

“The situation is not good at all.

” After Avril left, Ye Feng frowned and said: “The entire force of the city should be in the battlefield already.

” Even though he had left Osborne City for a long time, during this time, the city could not have developed to a tremendous level, thus, the current number of troops in the battlefield was basically all that they had.

After including the reinforcements, even if some of them were still waiting, this number was still their limit.

Osborne City definitely had to keep some people for emergency, but Ye Feng was unsure of the number, he believed that Militan and Eric would handle this appropriately.

“Indeed, our Osborne City is just too small.

This time, they are attacking with more members, it seems that they have deployed all their troops as well.

” Eric nodded and smiled as he replied: “Don’t we have your equipment now? Our comprehensive strength will rise by thirty percent, it is enough of an advantage.

” “Furthermore, we can afford to stall for time.

We have reinforcements coming to help us over time, but the werewolves do not.

This is their personal invasion, while our small city is not worth paying a huge price to attack.

” Osborne City was just a tiny location, it was fine to take down in an invasion, but if the attempt failed, investing more troops would not be worth it anymore.




Ye Feng nodded as he looked at the battlefield.

“I should begin to help now.

” Fireballs appeared out of thin air and shot towards the werewolves in the battlefield.

The werewolves that were closer could not endure these huge fireballs, other than the few who managed to dodge, the rest were incinerated and turned into ashes.

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COM Ye Feng found that he was increasingly enjoying the use of fireball on his enemies, it was powerful and simple to use, it also did not create a commotion.

This was simply a great skill! Of course, this method could only be used by him alone.

… Blinton was an Intermediate Knight, he was an extremely ordinary person, having passable strength in this small Osborne City.

He had grown up in Osborne City, although he had ventured out to see the world in the past, he still loved his hometown.

Not long ago, he returned to Osborne City to visit his family, but to think that at this time, the werewolves attacked the city! Blinton did not hesitate at all, he immediately entered the battlefield.

After killing another werewolf, Blinton stood on the spot and breathed roughly.

He saw that weapons were being distributed at the base, but it was too far from him now, he could not rush back in time.

If he tried to return now, he would be in greater danger instead.

Suddenly, he felt a strong gust of wind behind him, the tired Blinton could not react in time, he could only roll away and dodge the assault.

On the battlefield, no action was too embarrassing, saving his life was the most important thing.

Several wounds that were not too deep appeared on his arm.

Blinton immediately got up, charging towards the werewolf that attacked him earlier.

This werewolf was in the same condition as him at his peak, it would be very hard to win in this battle.

Furthermore, Blinton looked to the left and saw another werewolf approaching.

He had to risk his life now.

Bam! With a soft sound, Blinton’s longsword slashed the neck of the werewolf while his left arm was cut off, he gritted his teeth and continued to fight.

Earlier, he lost his left arm as the price to kill one of the two werewolves attacking him.

But that was all he could do, he had no strength to fight the other werewolf.

In his daze, he saw the werewolf’s sword as he smiled bitterly.

Earlier, the previous werewolf did not use a weapon, it caused him to forget this fact, it was over now.

He shut his eyes and let the images of his wife and daughter fade out, when he opened his eyes again, only resolve could be seen.

He wanted to protect his family.

At this time, he felt an intense heat coming from one side, when he turned around, he saw that the werewolf was hit by a fireball.

Even though he did not understand what just happened, he still went up and ended the life of this werewolf immediately.

He turned to look at the direction of the fireball.

Ye Feng who was standing on high ground did not conceal himself, he shot out fireballs arrogantly.

As Blinton was quite far from Ye Feng, even though the fireball managed to hit the werewolf, it did not kill him but only caused heavy injuries.

Ye Feng nodded at Blinton lightly before turning to help out the others.

The werewolf earlier was only an Intermediate Knight, if he was any closer, Ye Feng could end it with just one fireball.

But how could the battlefield be so simple… Ye Feng looked around the entire place.

Eric had already entered the battlefield after wearing mechanical armor, with the help of the weapons and mechanical beasts, Osborne City had already gained the advantage.

The mechanical beasts scared many people when they first appeared.

After all, the mechanical beasts did not look like they were on Osborne City’s side.

After receiving Militan’s notice, and realizing that the mechanical beasts were not attacking them, everyone relaxed and felt a surge in morale, even though they were fewer in numbers, they were actually forcing the werewolves back.

With Ye Feng’s equipment supporting them and together with these mechanical beasts, if they still lost this fight, it would be an embarrassment to Osborne City! At this time, Avril was performing incredibly on the battlefield.

As Ye Feng’s closest person, he naturally did his best to protect her.

Other than top tier weapon and defensive equipment, Avril was also wearing a newly created simplified version of the mechanical armor.

In truth, this was created specially for her by Ye Feng.

It was expensive and did not amplify combat strength by a lot, its only advantage was… suitability! Avril was able to fully display the power of this mechanical armor, it was like her own body, even though it could not amplify her combat strength to a great extent, it was very suitable for a battlefield like this.

Using these equipment that he gave her, even when Avril faced powerful enemies, she was still able to put up a fight! “Aren’t those werewolves retreating yet?” Ye Feng looked at the corpses on the ground and frowned to himself: “If they continue to fight us like this, everyone will end up perishing.

Even though Osborne City will be greatly weakened, these werewolves will also be close to extinction.

” The werewolves did not live in a peaceful environment like the humans.

If they suffered a huge loss, the werewolf tribe would be devoured by other tribes! “Are they finally retreating?” While thinking about it, Ye Feng looked at the battlefield and saw that the werewolves were retreating quickly, they were close to running for their lives.

“Sigh… the losses are too severe.

” Ye Feng shook his head and went to look for Militan, planning to learn more about the details of the aftermath.