Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 114

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Osborne City’s Call For Help! For once, Ye Feng had a relatively peaceful time.

During this period of time, he stayed in the City of Chaos to forge while also going to the Divine Forging tribe and Yoruk tribe occasionally to interact with and teach them his skills.

The two tribes did not hide their information either, he had learned most of their techniques by now.

The mechanical armor, mechanical beast, and Ye Feng’s forging techniques and experience, as well as the elders’ experiences in their lifetime of forging.

Because both sides did not hold back on teaching the other, their forging techniques improved rapidly at an observable rate.

It was a pity, peaceful times might come, but they would not last long normally.

Not long after, Ye Feng received some information from Osborne City.

The werewolves were attacking Osborne City, the situation was not looking good.

After the informant left, Ye Feng called for his disciples with a solemn expression.

“Osborne City is in danger, I need to make a trip there, I’ll leave this place to you.

” “There is no point even if you go with me, the distance is too long, you may as well stay here to develop your tribe or raise your strength.

” .



Blake and Claude were unable to rebuke Ye Feng.

They agreed to his plan as they nodded helplessly.

Ye Feng was speaking the truth, even if they went with him, it would not be helpful to them.

After making some arrangements, Ye Feng rushed towards Osborne City while bringing some mechanical beasts with him.

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COM “Forget about Aden City… Avril is too weak, she can’t be of help in this.

It is also quite dangerous for her, she may as well stay in the academy to raise her strength further.

” After thinking about it, Ye Feng decided not to waste time on Aden City, he went back to Osborne City at full speed.

Even though he missed Avril now, the more important thing was saving Osborne City, that was without a doubt.

He could meet her after the crisis.

But currently, the Knight’s Academy of Aden City was not as peaceful as he thought.

In the huge square, two rows of students were standing, they carried their weapons and had solemn expressions.

At the front, there was the teacher who was in charge of teaching combat skills.

“You are all clear of the upcoming mission, Osborne City was attacked by werewolves, our Aden City cannot watch it happen without doing anything.

The academy has chosen to send you to reinforce them, this is a rare chance to hone your skills in combat.

” “You are all elite students, I don’t want anything to happen to you.

After the mission, I want all twenty of you to return in one piece!” The teacher was a middle-aged man with a chin covered in scruff, he carried a heavy sword and shouted loudly: “Do you hear me?!” He was a former mercenary but underwent a mid-life career change, yet, this did not affect his passion for teaching.

In the few years of teaching in the academy, he found that he truly fell in love with this feeling, he loved his students a lot.

He touched the heavy sword on his back and looked at the students while sighing softly.

“Understood!” The students replied in unison.

Among them, one female voice was loud, clear, and filled with determination.

It was Avril, she was standing straight now with a bright light flickering in her eyes, showing her firm will.

If one observed her closely, they could even see the deep worry in her eyes.

The truth was, she learned of this situation much earlier than Ye Feng, back then, she intended to return immediately, it was her teacher who stopped her.

“It is too prone to accidents if you return alone, wait for some time, the academy will gather a group to reinforce the city.

” Even though Avril was worried about her father’s situation, she calmed down and gave up on returning alone.

Of course, there was the influence of Eric’s letter.

He informed her of the situation and after realizing that her father was safe, she calmed down and waited for the academy’s plan.

At the same time, she expressed her gratitude towards their help.

“Ye Feng should have received the news already… I wonder if he has the time to return and help.

” Avril thought of Ye Feng and showed a faint smile on her face: “If he is coming back, where will he be by now?” The result was that Ye Feng returned to Osborne City first, he went straight for Avril’s house immediately, that was to say, Eric’s house.

“Oh! My beloved son-in-law has returned!” After hearing that Ye Feng was back, Eric came to meet him immediately.

He had already heard of Ye Feng’s situation from Avril.

Ye Feng was not just strong now, forget the rest, just his status as Aden City’s Knight’s Academy’s specially hired teacher was not something that a common person could get.

Only a stage four Blacksmith with top tier skills could receive such a treatment from the academy.

Furthermore, Eric even heard that Ye Feng easily defeated Avril’s suitor, Blake, which meant that he was not any weaker than Eric.

Even though Eric had very high status in Osborne City, he had not given up on raising his own strength, thus, he was only a step away from Bronze Knight now.

“Are you alright?” Ye Feng looked at his father-in-law, even though he was a little pale, on the whole, Eric was looking quite healthy now.

“I expended too much energy.

” Eric shook his head, laughing happily: “Since you are back, let’s celebrate it, I can also explain to you the current situation of Osborne City.

” … “The situation is like this.

” As Eric and Ye Feng drank tea, they discussed the current situation.

Right now, Osborne City was still in a rather good state, although there were many werewolves, for some reason, they only engaged in small scale assaults, they did not engage in full blown war.

It was as if they did not care about reinforcements coming to Osborne City.

But this should not be a distraction to lure certain people away.

Even though Aden City would come and help, only some people would be mobilized.

Other than the ones from the Knight’s Academy, there were few who were coming.

This could not make Aden City any weaker.

While the two were talking, the door was suddenly opened abruptly.

“Father! Ye… Feng?!” Eric and Ye Feng turned around and saw a beauty figure standing by the door.

Avril had returned.

Once she reached Osborne City, she went home straight away.

Her teacher knew of her situation and did not stop her.

“Alright, you two can talk first, I have work to do.

” Eric shook his head as he laughed, he left the room ‘understandingly’.

“Go, let’s go to my room to talk!” Avril was slightly stunned before she went forward to grab Ye Feng’s hand without feeling shy at all.

“It is too rare for us to get together, don’t think of leaving today.

” “Alright!” As the two had been together for a long time, Ye Feng was not going to hold back now, he went along with Avril as they got into the room.