Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 113

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Resting and Reorganizing “Huff… the battle is finally over.

” The dwarves of the Yoruk tribe sat down on the ground, they were on an adrenaline rush during the battle, now that it was over, they felt an intense wave of fatigue that forced them to sit, they could not even stand stably.

Seeing the corpses lying around them, some started to cry.

The losses in this battle were too great, even though they claimed victory this time, the Yoruk tribe sustained immense losses from this fight.

The Yoruk tribe did not have many people to begin with, after the intense battle, they only had half of their combat strength left.

“Sigh… clean up the battlefield.

” Ye Feng shook his head and walked towards the Yoruk tribe: “Blake, I’ll leave the rest to you.

” For example, regarding the people from the City of Chaos who came to help, he could not let them return empty-handed right? They were involved in the fight after all, there were risks in doing so.

“What is the situation?” Ye Feng looked at Claude and the elders of the two tribes.




“We have no issues… even though there are sacrifices, it will not cripple our strength.

” Claude spoke first, the Divine Forging tribe was better equipped than the Yoruk tribe, and because they were reinforcements and not the target of the attack, they did not suffer many fatalities.

“As for us…” The Yoruk tribe elders looked at each other, the one who spoke to Ye Feng earlier sighed and explained:” Because us old timers had the mechanical armor, only one of us died, but regarding the youngsters, too many were sacrificed.

The Yoruk tribe cannot take such a blow again.

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COM The area fell into silence.

Ye Feng’s lips moved slightly but he only said a short phrase in the end: “My condolences.

” “Don’t worry about it, we were prepared for this from the start, since we chose to resist, this was the price to pay.

” The elder smiled like he was relaxed: “Also, we made the right choice, we won in the end.

” “Elders, let our two tribes form an alliance.

” Suddenly, Claude said in a firm tone.

“Alliance? Aren’t we already in an alliance?” The Yoruk tribe elders did not understand him.

If they were not alliance mates, the Divine Forging tribe would not come here to save them, there were no such agreements drawn after all.

“No, another kind of alliance.

” Claude shook his head and explained: “I want to create a true and complete alliance.

” The elders of the Divine Forging tribe behind Claude looked at each other, they chose to keep silent.

The elders of the Yoruk tribe also turned silent.

They understood Claude’s words now, he wanted to fuse the two tribes into one, other than keeping their original names and internal affairs intact, they would become a true unified tribe.

It was not a temporary alliance like the six tribes.

“You are in a weak state now, the reason why we forced them to retreat was because they did not use their full strength.

But in this situation, they do not need their full strength, as long as the ones from earlier return, you will be defeated instantly.

” “We cannot stay here to help you forever.

” For the first time, Ye Feng felt that Claude was quite eloquent.

“Sorry, we need to discuss this first.

” The Yoruk tribe elders stood up and said in a solemn tone.

Next, they left the room together.

Ye Feng looked at the elders behind Claude, they seemed to have known this beforehand.

“I didn’t think you would be so eloquent.

” Ye Feng looked at Claude and praised.

Evidently, the Yoruk tribe elders were convinced by him.

“Hehe, I am only speaking the truth, it came from the bottom of my heart.

” Claude scratched his head, he laughed innocently in embarrassment.

“Actually, this does not need eloquence, after analyzing the situation, the other party can think about it themselves, it is not hard.

” An elder looked at Claude and said plainly: “Otherwise, we would not have let him speak such words.

” Ye Feng was not unhappy with his attitude, he only showed a smile after seeing Claude’s happy expression.

It seemed that Claude’s status in the Divine Forging tribe was stabilized now.

These elders were willing to help him now, in the future, they would be part of his strength.

Not long after, the elders of the Yoruk tribe returned.

“We agree to it.

” It was no surprise, this alliance was beneficial to both sides, the Yoruk tribe elders were not stupid, they had no reason to reject the proposal.


” Claude nodded: “We will discuss the details later.

Let’s reorganize the tribe first, today, my tribesmen will help you out.

” Right now, the Yoruk tribe did not lack accommodation… “No problem.

” The elders nodded immediately: “I’m sure they won’t attack for a while, we should recuperate using this opportunity.

” … After settling the matter, Ye Feng returned to the City of Chaos, he was an outsider when it came to management, there was no need to stay there.

After Ye Feng returned to his shop, he lifted his forging hammer again.

“Ding! Congratulations to the Host for forging a stage four superior-grade Dancing Flame Longsword, you have obtained 5000 fire elemental points.

” Ye Feng placed the weapon that he forged aside and wanted to start on a new one when Blake interrupted him.

“Teacher, people from the Yoruk tribe have come.

” During this time, Blake had been training and raising his strength in the shop while Claude handled the matters of the tribe.

The two of them had switched roles.

“Let them in.

” Ye Feng had already guessed their objective in coming here, after all, they had been frequently visiting him during this period.

But Ye Feng also said a few days ago that he would visit the Yoruk tribe when he was free, thus, fewer people came to find him.

“Sir Ye Feng!” Ye Feng had an impression of the people who came in, they were two elders of the Yoruk tribe but they did not speak much last time.

They came in excitedly and pointed at the blueprint before Ye Feng.

“Look, this is a new modification we invented, if the mechanical beast is modified in such a way, not only would it become more agile, the amount of expended materials will also be much lower!” Ye Feng looked at the blueprint with much interest as he started to discuss the content with the two of them.

“Look, the materials for the legs should be modified like this, otherwise, the burden will be too great.

“…” “It is not worth increasing the biting force, the expenditure is too high, but we can give it a go for now.

” Blake stood before the door and shook his head helplessly, he left the room and closed the door quietly.

After he left, they resumed their discussion…