Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 90

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Success Ye Feng was truly moved by the Yoruk tribe’s sincerity, and because he was quite curious about the strength of the mechanical beast, he could not help but feel an urge when he saw the blueprint, he agreed to their request for a trade.

Even the Yoruk tribe members did not expect that this transaction would go so smoothly, they showed disbelief on their faces which quickly turned into intense joy.

The people from the Yoruk tribe started to research on Ye Feng’s forging blueprint enthusiastically, after a long while, they explained to him that they wanted to leave.

Ye Feng did not mind their departure at all, the City of Chaos was in a sensitive period now, it was a good thing for the Yoruk tribe members to leave while they could.

Ye Feng’s willingness to give the mechanical armor blueprint to the Yoruk tribe was also due to the fact that he wanted to rope them to his side, after getting his mechanical armor, they were definitely not going to side with the Warwick tribe.

Thus, Ye Feng was quite satisfied with their exchange.

Seeing that they were about to leave the City of Chaos, Ye Feng sent Claude to send them off while he went to research on the mechanical beast blueprint himself.

The mechanical beast blueprint was the treasure of the Yoruk tribe, after seeing it, Ye Feng could not help but admit that this design was truly amazing and creative.

After pondering on the blueprint for a while, Ye Feng went to the storage room and found the materials he needed, he prepared to forge a mechanical beast.

But the process was not as smooth as Ye Feng wanted, even he did not think that he would fail in this forging attempt.

After all, having become a stage five Blacksmith, there were very few cases of him failing already.

And he had already failed twice earlier.




At this time, even Ye Feng could not help but curse to himself: “How can I fail again? Is luck toying with me?” Even though it was not unnatural for Blacksmiths to fail occasionally, Ye Feng calmed himself down after two failures and started to look at the forging blueprint carefully.

After looking at it for a long time, with much more intense concentration to search for the reason why he failed, Ye Feng found that there were several areas in which he had not done perfectly earlier.

The forging skills of the dwarves were different from his own, this was not just in terms of techniques but also their understanding towards materials, it was very easy to forget about these subtle differences if he did not pay attention.

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COM And while these differences seemed insignificant at the start, after he started to ponder over them, he realized that these small issues were the reason why he had failed multiple times earlier.

Thus, after realizing this, Ye Feng started to quickly modify his materials and afterwards, he resolved himself and started the third forging attempt.

Ye Feng adjusted his own forging methods, he tried to use the dwarves’ craftsmanship in place of his own techniques, through such modification, he soon found the way to forge the mechanical beast.

After carving the final formation, Ye Feng had in fact completely forged this mechanical beast.

After assembling it, he placed the energy crystal that the Yoruk tribe gave to him onto the body of the mechanical beast as it started to move slightly.

The mechanical beast was completely driven by energy crystals, the cost of using it was very high.

Even though this mechanical beast did not have cognitive abilities, it had very high combat strength.

While forging it, Ye Feng had already known that the mechanical beast’s combat strength was outstanding, but when he tested it, he was still mildly shocked by the power.

Right at this time, he heard the voice of the system ringing in his head — “Ding! Congratulations to the Host for forging the prized treasure of the Yoruk tribe, mechanical beast, you have obtained the Energy Formation chart.

” Energy Formation chart? After hearing about this reward, even Ye Feng could not help but shudder.

The truth was that although the Yoruk tribe’s mechanical beast was very powerful in combat, the energy consumption was also terrifyingly high.

Ye Feng was originally a little apprehensive about the mechanical beast, after all, if he used it extensively, he might go bankrupt.

But with this Energy Formation chart, it meant that he could modify the mechanical beast further and allow it to expend much less energy in the future.

And this Energy Formation could be used in not just the mechanical beast, Ye Feng had already come up with several new ways to use it in his head.

With this new Energy Formation, Ye Feng started to conceptualize the way to carve it onto the mechanical beast, and soon started on the fourth forging attempt of the mechanical beast.

Right after Ye Feng changed the formation on it, he became very satisfied with the final product.

Even though the power of the mechanical beast did not change after swapping formations, its energy consumption became much lower.

But before Ye Feng had time to celebrate, he heard news that the Warwick tribe was attacking the smaller tribes.

Undeniably, the Warwick tribe was very crafty in this matter, because they did not succeed in the two attacks against Ye Feng, they started to change their targets instead.

They aimed at those smaller tribes.

Even if they could not defeat Ye Feng, they could still take down all of those other smaller tribes.

By then, no matter how strong Ye Feng was, he would still be greatly weakened overall.

Ye Feng could obviously tell what the Warwick tribe was planning, at this time, he could not help but show some killing intent, he was very angered by what they had done.

Thus, Ye Feng started to get busy, he looked at those smaller tribes that had fallen into chaos as he declared his plan with a cold expression: “We know about the Warwick tribe’s intention now, thus, I propose that we attack the Warwick tribe ourselves.

” After Ye Feng said that, everyone became quieter, because they had used the mechanical armors to defeat the Warwick tribe earlier, they did not object to his plan.

Seeing that Ye Feng was very confident on the matter, they showed some hesitation on their faces but he continued to speak regardless.

“We cannot stay defensive forever, since they want to attack us by targeting our weaker forces one by one, the best method is to retaliate and make them have no opportunity to do so.

” The smaller tribes were silent for a while, but they chose to believe in Ye Feng in the end.