Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 89

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Attracted by Reputation Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios After the battle with the Warwick tribe ended, more and more people felt increasingly shocked by Ye Feng’s victory, thereafter, they heard news that Ye Feng had a mysterious weapon of unbound power.

Seeing that rumors were rampant, Ye Feng publicized the name of his mechanical armor, at once, its name spread throughout the whole of the City of Chaos, becoming renowned.

Many forces looked at him greedily, but because of Ye Feng’s strength, they controlled their own desires.

“We have arrived?” The person walking in front said with a lack of confidence, the truth was, the City of Chaos had been experiencing battles and conflict in recent times, but there were no restrictions placed on the people in most situations.

People were able to travel freely in and out of the city, this made the guests stare in disbelief, but soon, they understood that Ye Feng had the confidence to not shutdown the city.

These people were not familiar with the City of Chaos, but they still managed to find their way to Ye Feng’s shop, although the latter was slightly surprised, he still met with these dwarves out of his curiosity towards their objective.

“Hello, I am Ye Feng.

You are my guests, there is no need to feel so restricted.

” Ye Feng said to these dwarves with a warm expression, before these dwarves stated their intention, he was still willing to treat them as guests that he welcomed.

He knew that once word of the power of his mechanical armor got out, many forces would look at him greedily, but Ye Feng himself did not feel fear regarding that, his strength was his basis for living in this world.

Thus, regarding these dwarves that came to him, Ye Feng was filled with curiosity.

Upon seeing this, Claude immediately brought some food to these guests, he also confirmed their identity at this time.




Dwarves were basically most skilled at forging, there were eight tribes in total that were most proficient in this.

Other than Claude’s Divine Forging tribe, and the enemy Iron Hammer tribe, this third tribe that visited this time was called the Yoruk tribe, they were also part of the eight great tribes.

The people from the Yoruk tribe recognized Claude and showed a smile on their faces, receiving his food as they said: “Thank you, friend.

” They started to eat without standing on ceremony, they wolfed down the food rapidly, it was obvious that they had not been getting good food during this period of traveling.

When Ye Feng spoke earlier, he was polite and courteous, but after seeing them gorge on the food, he felt a little amused and also helpless.

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COM Next, he asked Claude to bring more food, but after the Yoruk tribe finished eating, they realized that they had acted rudely, although Ye Feng did not mind it and even felt more relieved upon seeing their actions.

“Sir Ye Feng, let me introduce myself, I am the representative of the Yoruk tribe, we are one of the eight dwarf tribes, we are not here to deceive you.

” After they finished eating, the dwarves started to express their intention in coming here: “After hearing about the mechanical armor that you created, we became quite curious, we would like to inquire about the blueprint.

” Earlier, Claude had already told Ye Feng that they were from the Yoruk tribe, thus, he was not surprised about it, but after hearing their request, Ye Feng frowned.

The Yoruk tribe member spoke at this moment: “We know that it is very rude to request this from you, but we will not let you suffer a loss in this.

We can exchange for it using forging blueprints.

” Ye Feng saw that this person spoke so urgently, it was clear that he knew his request was overboard, but Ye Feng was more curious about what the Yoruk tribe was using to exchange with him, he asked: “What blueprints are you offering?” Forging blueprints were very precious things, the reason why the Yoruk tribe dared to request this was because they were confident that Ye Feng would be interested in the blueprint that they were offering him.

The Yoruk tribe member said with a hint of embarrassment: “You may not know this, but our Yoruk tribe is famous for forging all sorts of peculiar and strange things, we have brought with us our mechanical beast forging blueprint, we hope to exchange it with you.

” Seeing that this Yoruk tribe member was not putting up airs, it was obvious that he truly wanted to exchange for the armor blueprint, Ye Feng had also heard from Claude that the Yoruk tribe was famous for their interest in forging all sorts of strange things.

It seemed like they were truly curious about the mechanical armor.

After hearing about the mechanical beast, Ye Feng was also quite surprised.

The Yoruk tribe had definitely come with great sincerity, they took out something that was considerably valuable, thus, Ye Feng did not mind that they came here so abruptly.

“Everyone, come with me to the forging room.

” Ye Feng did not give a definite answer, but after hearing that Ye Feng was inviting them into his forging room, the weight on their heart was lifted.

Even if Ye Feng rejected them later, they could at least take a look at the mechanical armor and touch it.

But what the Yoruk tribe did not expect was that Ye Feng directly took out the blueprint of the mechanical armor and also one finished product from his forging room as well.

After seeing Ye Feng’s actions, the people of the Yoruk tribe said nothing but took out the blueprint of the mechanical beast: “This is the mechanical beast of our tribe, it can be used by inserting energy crystals, the combat strength is first rate as well.

” Ye Feng looked at the blueprint in a daze, he knew about energy crystals, they were the product of the primordial forest.

The primordial forest was an extremely dangerous place, there were mutated beasts roaming wildly in it, it was like their sanctuary.

The energy crystals were also extremely rare, although the Yoruk tribe used them to fuel the mechanical beasts, most of the time, these energy crystals could be used to help in cultivation, thus, they were very precious.

Ye Feng looked at the mechanical beast blueprint while noticing that the dwarves from the Yoruk tribe had searched in their pocket and took out several energy crystals and quickly handed them to Ye Feng with anticipation in their eyes.

Ye Feng was moved by the Yoruk tribe’s sincerity at this time, although it was not good for the mechanical armor’s blueprint to be leaked, seeing the mechanical beast blueprint that the Yoruk tribe gave to him in exchange, he was sufficiently satisfied.