Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 88

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Strength Unveiled In the following half a month, Ye Feng’s life could be said to be very simple, he spent it all on forging.

After his first successful attempt at making a mechanical armor, Ye Feng became more proficient in his future forging attempts, while he made more armors, he also modified the blueprint of the mechanical armor.

Half a month passed, Ye Feng had four mechanical armors in his possession, although it seemed like his efficiency was low, the truth was, Ye Feng was able to make four of them in this period of time because of his outstanding forging skills.

Even though the mechanical armor was a stage three weapon, the difficulty of forging it was simply unprecedented.

The huge amount of work was the main reason, even for Ye Feng who had high efficiency in forging weapons became quite slower as a result.

If this mechanical armor was given to other Blacksmiths to forge, they might not even be able to make one in half a month.

Precisely so, Ye Feng looked towards his four mechanical armors with great satisfaction, these four armors meant that he had four more Bronze Knights on his side, even though it could not turn the situation around when they fought against the Warwick tribe, he could at least ensure that the casualties would be reduced.

Because the Warwick tribe had also suffered heavy losses earlier when they fought, during this period of time, they had been recuperating and trying to recover as well.

They were truly shocked by the smaller tribe members who fought without regard for their lives, but at this time, it was too late to resolve their grudges amicably.

In the few days after this, the Warwick tribe chose to attack once again.

They came with a forceful attitude, it was obvious that they were extremely confident of winning this battle.

But Ye Feng who had created the mechanical armors felt no fear or worry, during this period, he had not wasted his time, he distributed the mechanical armors that he created to the subordinates with higher strength as they underwent training.

Right now, they had already gotten quite proficient with using their mechanical armors.




Thus, when the battle started, Ye Feng stood at the forefront with everyone while Blake and the rest wearing the mechanical armors followed behind.

These people were the most excited ones, after seeing the power of these mechanical armors, they also had an urge to fight.

They wanted the Warwick tribe to see how powerful they were in battle.

Once the battle started, Ye Feng and his group formed a strong front line while the remaining people only had the deal with the lingering enemies that he and his group missed out.

The truth was, Ye Feng chose to act like this because his side did not have many strong experts in comparison.

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COM If he really wanted to deal a significant blow, Ye Feng would choose to bring his armored Knights and charge into the enemy’s base.

But Ye Feng could only dream of that, he had to stay in the City of Chaos now to guard it.

If he went to attack with his strongest allies, Ye Feng could not assure that these smaller tribes would still be around after he returned.

The amplification of the mechanical armor was felt most evidently by these Warwick tribe members, when they fought, they could tell that Ye Feng’s subordinates had gotten much stronger compared to before.

“How can this be? How can they have so many Bronze Knights out of nowhere!” Facing so many Bronze Knights at once, the Warwick tribe members flustered at once.

They were not ignorant people, the truth was, as the stronger tribe, they had always been sensitive to the strength of Ye Feng’s force, they soon noticed the difference in their strength.

Ye Feng’s terrifying strength was public knowledge to everyone, but in the previous battle, the person that they could not forget was Blake, he had the most outstanding achievements.

The truth was, they had not thought highly of Blake, after all, he had lost an arm already.

But the fact was that he unleashed immense combat strength that changed the situation and outcome.

This time, they had to face four people with Bronze Knight battle strength, it was something that they could not understand.

But as they saw how Ye Feng’s side had gotten much stronger, they started to feel a bit of fear creeping up slowly.

Precisely so, the Warwick tribe that attacked forcefully and confidently started to lose their morale because of their fear towards the unknown, nobody wanted to enter a fight where they could die while having such low morale.

Thus, the Warwick tribe came quickly but left just as soon, they retreated in defeat after a short time.

By the time they retreated to a safe distance, they started to think about why Ye Feng’s side gained such a huge boost in strength this time.

“Clothes, their clothes.

” At this time, many of them had a flash of inspiration and reacted to this matter.

These Bronze Knights wore different clothes from the others, when they were in the battlefield, they thought that those were just simple clothes, but now, it seemed like the peculiar point were their clothes.

After someone expressed this viewpoint, many of them turned silent before they went into a commotion.

At this time, some of them stated their objection: “I think they used some unknown method to raise their strength to the level of Bronze Knight.

” They would rather believe in something like this than the fact that Ye Feng was able to create clothing that could raise one’s strength.

But as more and more people who fought against the armored Knights spoke up, many of them started to believe that the issue was in their clothes.

Such news reached Ye Feng and the whole of the City of Chaos, many of the forces that were not involved in this fight also learned of this fact.

“There are really few fools in this world.

” Ye Feng knew that the Warwick tribe had analyzed the truth behind his armor, he sighed and said that.

However, he played along with this and did not confirm the power of his mechanical armor nor deny the fact that it was the reason for their growth in strength.

But regardless of what they said, at this time, the reputation of the mechanical armor had spread far and wide.