Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 91

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Attack Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Ye Feng saw that these smaller tribes had no confidence in himself, he smiled slightly and took out the research results he had obtained these days, the appearance of the mechanical beast shocked many of these tribes.

Ye Feng knew the truth, it was not that they did not trust him, but the fact was that they had no confidence in their own strength.

In actuality, they had lived in this place for a much longer time than Ye Feng, they knew the famous product of the Yoruk tribe, thus, they also knew about the combat strength of the mechanical beast.

This was also the reason why the Yoruk tribe could stay out of this chaos at this point in time.

Right now, seeing such a powerful force on their side, these tribes could not help but feel a surge of heroic courage, they raised no objection towards Ye Feng’s plan.

Thus, Ye Feng let out a sigh of relief in his heart.

When Blake got injured, Ye Feng had already started collecting information of the Warwick tribe, after seeing that these people held no objections regarding the attack on the Warwick tribe, he started to discuss the exact plan.

Ye Feng had very comprehensive information of the Warwick tribe, right now, the various tribes were also contributing their knowledge as the situation became rowdy and loud, they were no longer scared like earlier when Ye Feng first spoke.

At this time, Ye Feng would not hold back, because of Claude’s matter, the Warwick tribe was destined to be his enemies, afterwards, they even went ahead to chop off Blake’s arm.

With the grudges growing between the two sides, Ye Feng also became much angrier towards them, he had not expected the Warwick tribe to be so arrogant and domineering.

If he did not have sufficient strength, Ye Feng simply could not imagine what they would do to him.




After settling on a plan, Ye Feng did not spend much time gathering the tribes, all of them responded quickly and soon, a huge group formed and moved towards the location of the Warwick tribe.

When the members of the Warwick tribe saw them, they felt very shocked.

Even though they had lost to Ye Feng multiple times, the Warwick tribe still held the same attitude towards the smaller tribes, they did not think that these weaklings would get much stronger even over time.

Especially these days when they attacked the smaller tribes with much success, the feeling of satisfaction overwhelmed their fear of losing to Ye Feng multiple times.

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COM “Oh my goodness, these people dare to come to us?” “Are my eyes playing tricks on me, have they not learned their lesson yet?” “Do they really think they have a chance of beating us? Who gave them this confidence?” The Warwick tribe members discussed among themselves, but seeing that Ye Feng’s group had arrived, they quickly assembled into a group.

Except that the nonchalance on their faces proved that they did not think much of this attack, they knew the difference in strength between the two sides after all.

Even though the Warwick tribe knew that this attack was orchestrated by Ye Feng, their recent victories gave them enough confidence to not mind this matter.

Once the two sides fought, however, the Warwick tribe could no longer laugh.

This time, Ye Feng took the lead and brought four Advanced Knights wearing his mechanical armors.

However, they did not move out, instead, several beasts from an unassuming corner jumped out.

As the beasts went into the territory of the Warwick tribe, Ye Feng and the rest started to move.

The Advanced Knights behind him fought against the Warwick tribe without any fear of combat.

As Ye Feng started to fight, fireballs started to descend from the sky.

Even though the Warwick tribe knew about Ye Feng’s abilities, they had to face his fireball that were unleashed instantly with no cast time, they could not help but fluster against them.

First, the mechanical beasts bit, then, Ye Feng’s fireballs flew out with the four Advanced Knights attacking behind, soon, the Warwick tribe got into a disadvantage and showed signs of losing.

The Warwick tribe had no choice but to face enemies from all directions, some of their more experienced members started to take charge and gave instructions.

“The people at the front will face Ye Feng’s attacks while the ones at the back will go kill the rest of those weaklings.

” At this time, everyone subconsciously followed the instructions as their panic slowly faded away.

The Warwick tribe was a large tribe after all, they had gone through countless battles, in terms of fighting, they were truly the best in their region, they had a domineering demeanor.

After a while, the situation was stabilized, but this did not last long as a commotion appeared again: “Damn it, what is that thing, I can’t kill it.

” “They are immune to our attacks.

” “What are those things?” The Warwick tribe thought that it was a beast tide but those were actually the mechanical beasts that Ye Feng created.

Because they appeared abruptly, even the Warwick tribe had no time to see what had barged into their base.

With the mechanical beasts’ attack,Ye Feng felt lower pressure now, even though he had tested the mechanical beast’s attack power earlier, he did not test it fully, after all, there would be too much destruction.

But now, it seemed that he did not lose out in this exchange, the mechanical beasts had extremely high strength, although they could not think, they were able to run around and bite their enemies through instinct.

But such simple attacks had already caused chaos in the Warwick tribe’s camp, they were unable to deal with the chaos.

And because the mechanical beasts attacked of their own initiative, when people tried to kill them, they would react and retaliate against the enemy.

The mechanical beasts did not feel fatigue and could not be damaged, after Ye Feng’s modification, the energy required was also much lower, this was a huge problem to the Warwick tribe after all.

“They are not alive, they are mechanical beasts!” At this time, many of the werewolves in the Warwick tribe realized this, but the truth gave them even more despair.

They knew about the existence of the mechanical beast, it was a famous product of the Yoruk tribe, and precisely because they knew about it, nobody dared to attack the Yoruk tribe.

The Warwick tribe members did not know how to deal with these mechanical beasts, thus, more and more of them fell prey to their mechanical fangs.