Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 45

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Vast Eagle Tribe’s Extermination The warriors of the Heavenly Snake tribe and Vast Eagle tribe fought together.

As for Heavenly Snake tribe leader, as a peak Bronze Knight, he went to fight Vast Eagle tribe leader.

“Heavenly Snake tribe leader, you want to kill me?” “Hehe!” “We have been fighting for so many years, we are evenly matched, isn’t it laughable to even think of killing me?” Vast Eagle tribe leader smiled coldly.

At the same time, against the Heavenly Snake tribe leader, he took out the weapon that the Divine Forging tribe forged for him.

A dark red greatsword! Stage four superior-grade weapon! “Hehe, if now was the past, I may not be your match.

But I have Master Blacksmith Ye Feng’s weapon in my hands now.

” “Back then, the Heavenly Snake tribe was poor, I had to fight against your empty-handed, it was a huge disadvantage! Now that I have a weapon, why don’t we have a decisive fight now…” Heavenly Snake tribe leader snickered.




Saying so, he charged towards Vast Eagle tribe leader.

Bam! The Wolf Mace was whipped out with a sharp sound.

The terrifying strength of a peak Bronze Knight was displayed in full view.

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COM Vast Eagle tribe leader, after fighting with the Heavenly Snake tribe leader for so many years, knew that they had similar levels of strength.

Now, it would depend on who could last longer and burst out with greater power.

As well as whose weapon was superior! In the air, both tribe leaders clashed constantly, each time they collided, a piece of rock would break apart into smithereens due to their battle.

Nobody dared to get close to the two tribe leaders when they fought, all the warriors and even Bronze Knight elders were afraid of facing the aftermath of their fight! “Our tribe leader will win!” “After all, the Master Blacksmith of the Divine Forging tribe had personally forged a stage four superior-grade weapon for our tribe leader…” The elders of the Vast Eagle tribe were confident in their leader.

A long time passed.

By now, the fighting of the two tribes was almost over, the winner had emerged.

The battle between tribe leaders also concluded.

“Vast Eagle tribe!” “You lost!” “Offensive skill — Roar of the Snake King!” Heavenly Snake tribe leader roared and used his offensive skill, his peak Bronze Knight strength surged and more than doubled, he waved his Wolf Mace around and slammed it towards the Vast Eagle tribe leader.

In the sky, Vast Eagle tribe leader raised his dark red greatsword and wanted to block the attack but this stage four superior-grade greatsword was actually smashed into pieces by the heavy damaged Wolf Mace.

At that instant, Vast Eagle tribe leader lost.

He even spitted out blood as a result, pieces of the internal organs were coughed out along with the blood, he no longer had any battle strength left.

“To think that the Divine Forging tribe’s weapons are so useless, the durability of a stage four superior-grade sword cannot even match your stage four middle-grade Wolf Mace!” “Hehe, I did not lose for no reason!” “That damned Divine Forging tribe has brought ruin to our Vast Eagle tribe!!” Vast Eagle tribe leader smiled pitifully, looking at the battlefield with Vast Eagle tribe warriors that had died because of broken weapons, he felt deep despair.

The Vast Eagle tribe had not lost to the Heavenly Snake tribe, the truth was, the Divine Forging tribe’s forging techniques were inferior and lost to Ye Feng! In terms of weapons, the Vast Eagle tribe lost, this caused the Heavenly Snake tribe to turn the situation around and reverse their predicament, causing them to exterminate their foes.

“Indeed, this is all thanks to Master Ye Feng!” “Hahaha!” Heavenly Snake tribe leader laughed, he publicly cut off the head of Vast Eagle tribe leader who was his mortal enemy in this life.

Next,he raised Vast Eagle tribe leader’s head and shouted.

“Vast Eagle tribe is done for!” “Are the rest of you still going to resist?” With the death of their tribe leader, Vast Eagle tribe’s warriors and elders had shocked expressions, they fell into despair soon as they lost all their courage and motivation to fight.

The remaining members quickly ran for their lives.

Henceforth, the Heavenly Snake tribe obtained complete victory while the Vast Eagle tribe became history in the Land of Chaos, among many other exterminated tribes.

… The battle between the Heavenly Snake tribe and the Vast Eagle tribe created a huge commotion in the Land of Chaos, all the various tribes and forces were also observing.

In their opinion, the battle of the Vast Eagle tribe and Heavenly Snake tribe had to last several months before an outcome could be decided! But with one attack from the Heavenly Snake tribe, they killed the Vast Eagle tribe leader and most of the other elites.

Vast Eagle tribe lost completely.

After this battle, Vast Eagle tribe was completely wiped out by the Heavenly Snake tribe.

In the Land of Chaos, Ye Feng’s name started to spread again! The reason was simply because his weapons were too crucial in this fight.

This caused Ye Feng’s reputation to soar again, gradually, all of the various tribes and forces in the Land of Chaos knew about him! The weapons that the Divine Forging tribe provided were completely useless against Ye Feng’s forged weapons.

In fact, one could say that in this battle between the Heavenly Snake tribe and Vast Eagle tribe, Ye Feng’s weapons and defensive equipment were the key that turned the situation around.

After this battle, Heavenly Snake tribe leader brought all the elders with him as they respectfully went to find Ye Feng in his Blacksmith Shop in the City of Chaos.

“Master Ye Feng, our tribesmen tried to kidnap your disciple back then, I am here to apologize to you!” “From now on, you are our Heavenly Snake tribe’s most honored friend, this is the loot we gained from wiping out the Vast Eagle tribe.

” Heavenly Snake tribe leader came over and apologized for their past deeds towards Ye Feng, they even brought over all the forging materials that they obtained from the Vast Eagle tribe.

At once, outside the Blacksmith Shop, horse carriages carried all sorts of ores and forging materials that piled up into huge mountains of resources.

“This is too much!” “Didn’t we have an agreement that I would take only thirty percent!” After Ye Feng checked out the forging materials, he immediately wanted to reject this huge gift.

However, Heavenly Snake tribe leader was too warm and insisting, even the elders were smiling as they convinced Ye Feng to accept all of the forging materials of the Vast Eagle tribe.

Evidently, after this battle with the Vast Eagle tribe, the Heavenly Snake tribe’s higher-ups had understood the importance of Ye Feng’s forging skills.

Because of that, the Heavenly Snake tribe that was often known as bandits and plunderers was actually generously gifting Ye Feng the resources to befriend him! Ye Feng could not refuse their gift in the end, after all, he needed these forging materials to raise and stabilize his own forging skills as well.

“In that case, I will accept this gift from the Heavenly Snake tribe.

Our past enmity has been completely settled and resolved.

” “In the future, if the Heavenly Snake tribe needs to forge weapons, you can ask Muse to contact me…” Ye Feng said plainly.

After sending off the higher-ups of the Heavenly Snake tribe, Ye Feng started to count and sort out the forging materials of the Vast Eagle tribe along with the excited Claude.

The Divine Forging tribe was the largest forging force in the Land of Chaos, they had no lack of forging materials.

Thus, the Vast Eagle tribe had a lot of forging materials! This was even many times more than what the Heavenly Snake tribe had given to Ye Feng earlier.