Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 44

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Contest of Forging Skills Again After a period of seven to eight days, with Ye Feng and Claude forging continuously without rest, Muse brought this batch of weapons and defensive equipment back while feeling like everything was a dream.

“How can they forge so quickly!” “A thousand stage two weapons, more than three hundred stage three weapons and defensive equipment, as well as more than ten stage four weapons.

Ye Feng and his disciple are truly terrifying.

” “In the City of Chaos, there are likely no other Blacksmith Shops that can reach their level!” If he did not inspect these boxes of weapons personally, when Ye Feng told him that they were all done, he might have thought that Ye Feng was joking with him.

Muse sighed in amazement while thinking that Ye Feng’s forging skills were too incredible, he could almost match the entire Divine Forging tribe on his own.

In the Land of Chaos, if there was any force that could take on this huge transaction of the Heavenly Snake tribe, it had to be the Divine Forging tribe.

“Divine Forging tribe!” “It is a pity that they are helping the Vast Eagle tribe, from now on, they will be our enemies forever.

” Muse carried the boxes of weapons back to the Heavenly Snake tribe as the entire tribe went into a commotion.

Heavenly Snake tribe leader personally brought in these boxes of weapons as various Heavenly Snake tribesmen gathered and looked at the high quality weapons with deep desire in their eyes.




The Heavenly Snake tribe was extremely happy.

During this period of time, they had contested with the Vast Eagle tribe, they were forced back the entire time, suffering huge losses.

The Vast Eagle tribe was helped by the Divine Forging tribe’s weapons! “Lads!” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “Warriors of the Heavenly Snake tribe!” “The Vast Eagle tribe’s comprehensive strength is lower than our Heavenly Snake tribe, they are only relying on the Divine Forging tribe’s support of weapons and defensive equipment to suppress us…” “Now, we have Master Ye Feng’s support! Take a look, these are the weapons that Master Ye Feng personally forged, his forging techniques can even awe the Divine Forging tribe, these are weapons of the highest quality among the same grade…” An elder of the Heavenly Snake tribe went up and shouted as he grabbed a stage four Knight’s Greatsword and slashed with it.

Bam! The mountain rock shattered.

With this greatsword, the Bronze Knight Elder’s strength rose by around thirty to fifty percent.

Soon, the other Heavenly Snake tribesmen also went forward to pick their weapons and test their power.

At once, the entire Heavenly Snake tribe was in a mess, traces of sword slashes and cracks could be seen everywhere, the mountain rocks were simply crumbling like tofu against these weapons.

Everyone in the Heavenly Snake tribe were overjoyed, they held their weapons and wore the defensive armor, they were extremely confident in the upcoming battle against the Vast Eagle tribe.

“Lads!” “Let’s move out!” “Come with me, we will head for the headquarters of the Vast Eagle tribe, we will kill their tribe leader, their descendants, and everyone else, kill and plunder…” Heavenly Snake tribe leader shouted.

At that instant, in the Heavenly Snake tribe camp, warriors of the Heavenly Snake tribe responded as they rushed towards the Vast Eagle tribe like a huge tide.

At this moment, the Vast Eagle tribe also moved out with great momentum, after these days of fighting, they were suppressing the Heavenly Snake tribe and had already taken over more than half of their territory.

Only the Heavenly Snake tribe headquarters was left, as well as several tougher to defeat Heavenly Snake tribe camps! In the Vast Eagle tribe headquarters.

The Vast Eagle tribe higher-ups gathered, they were surrounding one tiny figure, this was not their tribe leader but a dwarf instead.

“Hehe!” “Just a mere Heavenly Snake tribe, with the support of your Divine Forging tribe’s weapons, we can easily exterminate them.

” “This is the result! The Heavenly Snake tribe is almost finished! The weapons of your Divine Forging tribe are the best and strongest in the Land of Chaos…” The short figure was a Dwarven Master Blacksmith of the Divine Forging tribe, hearing the praises of the various Vast Eagle tribe elders, he started to laugh smugly.

But right at this time, outside the camp, a Vast Eagle tribe warrior flew up from the sky, he had a look of fear and shock.

He was a sentry guard! He was in charge of flying in the sky and observing the surroundings of the camp! “Tribe leader, the Heavenly Snake tribe has started moving towards us! They are trying to fight to the death with us.

” The sentry guard was extremely scared, he quickly added.

“They are wearing armor and holding weapons, those are all high quality equipment, they are likely the creation of that number one Blacksmith in the City of Chaos…” “What do we do! Tribe leader!” The sentry guard was quickly beaten up by the dwarf, he was shouting angrily as he flew into a rage.

“What number one Blacksmith!” “That fellow dares to call himself the number one Blacksmith when our Divine Forging tribe exists? We, the Divine Forging tribe, are the strongest in forging.

” Vast Eagle tribe leader did not speak, he rushed out of the campsite and looked afar, indeed, countless Heavenly Snake tribesmen could be seen all over the mountain, approaching them rapidly.

However, they were all wearing armor and holding weapons, they looked like an elite troop.

“Kill!” “Today, we will wipe out the Heavenly Snake tribe, we have the weapons and armor of the strongest forging tribe in the Land of Chaos, the Divine Forging tribe!” Vast Eagle tribe leader shouted loudly.

At that instant, the warriors of the Vast Eagle tribe flew out into the sky, charging towards the Heavenly Snake tribesmen to engage in a climactic battle! Unfortunately, the situation was not as the Vast Eagle tribe expected, they did not suppress the Heavenly Snake tribe or beat them to the ground.

“Ah!” “My sword broke!” “Oh heaven! What is that weapon, he broke my weapon and armor in just three hits…” Waves of cries resounded.

In the sky, the bodies of many Vast Eagle tribesmen were pierced by swords or spears, they fell down towards the sky.

This was a terrifying sight.

The ones getting suppressed was not the Heavenly Snake tribe but the Vast Eagle tribe! With the strong physique of the Heavenly Snake tribesmen, Ye Feng’s weapons were even more useful than normal.

They could easily break the enemy’s weapon and even shatter their defensive equipment.

This was the difference between high quality weapons and ordinary weapons! “Master! What is going on? My Vast Eagle tribe spent so many gold coins to hire you to make these weapons, did you give us defective goods?” Vast Eagle tribe leader shouted in anguish and anger.

But it was a pity as the Divine Forging tribe’s Dwarven Blacksmith had already escaped for his life amidst the chaotic battle.

“Hehe!” “Master Ye Feng’s weapons are so useful!” “Vast Eagle tribe leader, where are you going!” At this moment, Heavenly Snake tribe leader snickered as he blocked the Vast Eagle tribe leader while holding the stage four middle-grade Wolf Mace that was resting on his shoulder.